Top 25 Planet Fitness Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Planet Fitness Interview Questions and Answers

Planet Fitness is one of the biggest franchisors in the United States, with over 2000 clubs. It also operates several fitness centers, given its investment in general wellness. It would be a good place to consider if you are looking for a career change or advancement, given its success over the years.

This article will cover some questions you should be prepared to answer in your planet fitness interview. Take a look at the following and rehearse before your upcoming interview:

1. Why Are You Interested In This Job?

I am passionate about fitness and general wellness, just like this entity. I’d love to apply all my skills and experience as an aerobics instructor to help your clientele in their fitness quest. I also love your business environment, which is generally judgment-free. I believe I will thrive here, personally, and in my career life if granted this opportunity.

2. What Do You Know About Us?

As your regular customer, I know a lot about you. You are a franchise operating fitness centers in Mexico, Panama, the United States, Dominican Republic, and Canada. Your founders, Marc and Michael Grondahl acquired a struggling gym in 1992, which became the start of this empire. You are a judgment-free zone and therefore suited for beginners and all types of people. Lastly, your main focus is on occasional or first-time health club members, not the more experienced ones.

3. Why Should We Give You This Chance?

I believe my passion for fitness and general wellness, which will come in handy in this job, should be a primary reason. I have worked in gyms as a gym instructor and an aerobics teacher, helping hundreds achieve their health and weight goals. Therefore, I know what it takes to work in such a setting and serve different clients. I also have excellent interpersonal skills that will help me get through to your customers and build their loyalty.

4. Mention Some Of Our Competitors. Want Do We Do Differently From Them?

You have several competitors, given that people are becoming more and more vicious about their health and body wellness. The biggest include 24 Hour Fitness, ClubCorp, Equinox Holding, LA Fitness, and Life Time. Despite the growing number of fitness investors, you have managed to maintain your position in the market, mainly because you are a judgment-free zone focused on occasional or first-time health club members. You also have friendlier prices compared to most of your competitors.

5. How Would You Deal With A Difficult Gym Member?

I have learned several things from working in the gym, so I am always prepared for different types of customers. In such an instance, I will listen to the gym member while showing them that I care and then try to solve their problem. I am also ready to ask for help or get someone to help solve their problem if I’m not in a position to do so. However, if they are becoming a nuisance and disturbing the peace of other members, I may ask them to leave.

6. What Do You Love About Planet Fitness?

What’s not to love about planet fitness? I am a regular member of one of your fitness centers, and it’s indeed true that you are a judgment-free zone. I got all the help I needed when I started working out, never getting ridiculed, as most gyms had previously done. I had all the needed support to reach my weight and health goals. Also, your membership fees are affordable to beginners, which explains why your gyms have a higher membership record. I am sure that I will have a good time working here.

7. What Got You Interested In Fitness?

I focused on fitness when I lost one of my best friends to obesity in high school. I decided to change my lifestyle as a sign of being wary of my health. Shortly after, I joined the school’s rugby team, which allowed me unrestricted access to the gym. I fell in love with weightlifting and changed my diet, cutting off junk. Even though it was difficult initially, I must admit that the results kept me going. I am happy with what I have achieved this far.

8. How Do You Normally Keep Updated In This Career?

As a fitness instructor, I must keep my fitness knowledge up to date, given that different forms of fitness and workout methods keep coming up. I usually follow several professional and renowned fitness influencers to learn about new fitness techniques, workout methods, and safe practices. YouTube has also been helpful as new videos keep coming up. I also interact with other fitness instructors from different regions and learn a few tricks from them.

9. What’s Your Take On Veganism?

Even though I am not a vegan, I believe that veganism is an amazing culture and practice, given that plant-based foods have several benefits. It is one of the most popular means of staying healthy for several people as it completely does away with any food derived from animals. I have seen a number of clients switch to meat substitutes after meeting their fitness goals, and from observation, it seems to work just fine. I am prepared to work with vegan clients, just as I have always done in my former workplaces. I am positive that we can work together to develop good diets that support their workouts.

10. Why Do You Think You Are A Good Fitness Trainer?

Well, I normally have my customers’ interests at all times. I generally listen to all my clients and give them my undivided attention. Whenever a new one comes in, I take time to understand their goals and ask as many questions as possible to obtain adequate information that would come in handy in their fitness journey. I also have vast experience working in different fitness centers and with all types of clients. I am capable of helping even the most stubborn client to work towards meeting their goals.

11. Are You Happy About Your Sales Records?

Yes. I don’t usually struggle with winning over and maintaining a client. Most fitness centers I worked in had targets for all instructors and trainers, which I gladly smashed. I have excellent interpersonal and people skills that help me get through to clients and maintain future relationships. I am also generally interested in the betterment of everyone who takes a bold step to attain their fitness goals. I’m sure I will meet or surpass any targets this establishment may have if given a chance.

12. Briefly Mention Your Experience

I am a trained and certified personal trainer and gum instructor. I have worked in several fitness centers as an aerobics and overall gym instructor. I have worked with hundreds of clients, helping 90% achieve their weight, health, and body goals. I am also a professional boxer with active boxing classes. I am ready to apply everything I have learned as a fitness instructor to benefit this entity.

13. How Do You Normally Ensure That The Gym Environment Is Safe?

If left unchecked, the gym environment can be quite dangerous. Therefore, I don’t usually take safety for granted while at the gym. First, I normally ensure that any unused weights are reracked and not left to lie around carelessly. I am also generally aware of my surrounding, keeping an eye out for anyone who may need help. Additionally, I usually ascertain that all the machines in the gym are in proper working conditions to prevent accidents or dangerous malfunctions. Lastly, I took first aid classes, which have been helpful in different situations. I am confident that I will make your working environment safe.

14. How Do You Deal With Pressure?

Having worked in several gym environments, I understand the pressure that may come with this job. I am therefore prepared to respond to such situations, which took a huge toll on me at the beginning of my career. One of the best ways of handling pressure when working in a gym is to multitask without compromising on quality. I can direct two or three clients simultaneously while ensuring that all of them are gaining to the maximum. I occasionally liaise and even ask for help from other trainers if I have a lot on my plate.

15. Why Do You Believe You Are The Most Suited For This Role?

Apart from the experience I have as a fitness operator, I have also been your loyal customer for quite some time. Therefore, I have built a rapport with most of your trainers in this fitness center, so blending in won’t be a task. Additionally, I am a hardworking and diligent employee, passionate about improving every gym-goer. I am therefore well suited to work with your clients and help them work towards meeting their health goals.

16. How Will You Keep Clients Motivated?

One of the best ways of keeping gym clients motivated is by being creative with the exercises. Subjecting people to the same training techniques and exercises daily can be boring and demotivating. Therefore, I usually mix up the exercises and come up with unique ones that they would enjoy. I also tell them a little about these exercises before our sessions, which is quite helpful. When handling an aerobics class, I have learned that keeping the music upbeat and fun is important. Lastly, I normally use motivating language, which keeps the energy positive, motivating the class to challenge themselves.

17. Do You Have Any Customer Service Experience?

Yes. I have worked in several settings requiring me to interact directly with customers. For instance, I once worked in a restaurant where I set up tables, took customer orders, and ensured that they were well attended to. This experience taught me the importance of patience and customer feedback. I have also worked as a customer service attendant in a retail store, where I acquired many interpersonal and customer service skills. I am happy that my customer service experiences have come in handy in this job.

18. Is There Anything Extra That You Will Bring To Our Team?

Your team will pick a few things from me, which I look forward to. I normally ensure that my fitness knowledge and techniques are updated, which will greatly benefit the team. I also have lots of customer service experience, having dealt with some of the most difficult clients in my workplace, which I will impart to them. You can also stay assured that I’ll consistently and constantly work towards your team’s betterment if given a chance.

19. What’s Your Take On Nutrition?

It’s scientifically proven that nutrition goes hand in hand with working out for anyone who wants to meet their fitness, body or weight goals. I, therefore, believe that nutrition is important as it cements the gains one makes in the gym or fitness centers. I normally suggest a better diet for my trainees to help them improve their fitness goals. For instance, I have convinced most of my clients to drop junk food and cut off unnecessary wheat from their diet to meet their health goals, which always works.

20. How Would You Get An Averagely Built Guy To Sign Up For Classes?

As I mentioned, I don’t generally have a problem attracting clients or getting people to sign up for my classes. I would approach the person, greet them in a friendly manner and help them with their workouts, after which I’d make a move. Before recommending my class, I’d first congratulate them on the good work to build a rapport. After the recommendation, I would tell them why I believe the class would be helpful by mentioning everything they stand to gain before answering any questions they may have. If done well, such a pitch can’t fail.

21. Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

I will have advanced in my career in the next five years, given that I love progress. I intend to be a better fitness instructor and team player here. I also love learning about new things and getting more certifications; therefore, I intend to take up a few courses next year. Lastly, I have always wanted to be an aerobics instructor or a martial arts teacher, and therefore, I’ll take the next couple of years of learning either or both to be a professional in the next five years.

22. Do You Have Any Fitness Goals?

Even though I have met most of my fitness goals, I am still working on some and keep coming up with new ones. I intend to reduce my body fat percentage by seven percent, which I will soon achieve if I keep working hard. I am also taking yoga classes to become a yoga expert, fulfilling one of my goals. Lastly, I want to be able to bench twice the weight I am capable of now, which I will achieve like every other goal I have managed to meet.

23. What’s Your Biggest Strength?

My biggest strength among all my positive qualities and attributes is my determination. I normally work extra hard and do everything possible once I set my eyes on something. I have met and exceeded most of my health goals due to my determination. I believe that the fastest way of meeting any goal we have in life is by being determined and persistent, which I have always been in life. I will ensure that I inspire my class to be as determined as I am.

24. Can You Work Well In A Team Setting?

I am an avid team player, an attribute honed by my experience working in different teams. I know how to blend in well with new colleagues and transition from one team to the next. In fact, I have already built a rapport with most of your employees, and therefore, I won’t have to over-exert myself to fit in if given a chance to work here. I am always ready to do my part and inspire the team to always be at their best.

25. Why Planet Fitness?

I chose Planet Fitness for several reasons. First, you are widely known for your non-judgmental environment, which has helped several people from all walks of life to achieve their body goals and better their health. I will be happy working in a place where everyone feels free. Second, this establishment is beginner-friendly, demography I normally love working with. Your main focus is on starters and occasional gym-goers, which fits my preferred profile. Lastly, Plenty Fitness will help me advance in my career, given that I will meet and conquer new challenges, which I look forward to when I get this job.


You should expect these 25 questions in your upcoming Planet Fitness Interview. Remember, most of them will focus on fitness; therefore, it is advisable to sharpen your fitness knowledge. We wish you all the best and don’t forget to give the interviewers a good impression when you step into the interviewing room.