Top 25 Panel Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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top 25 panal interview questions and answers

Are you preparing for an upcoming panel interview? Do you have what it takes to appear before a set of interviewers? Panel interviews can be intimidating, so you only need the right preparation and confidence-building techniques.

You should know what it takes to wow a panel and anticipate some questions the panel members are likely to ask. Only then will you be confident enough to face five or more interviewers. We have decided to simplify your preparation process for you by looking at some of the most common questions asked in interviews. Take a look at the following:

1. Describe Yourself

I am an experienced and professional XYZ (role). I am hardworking and a go-getter, qualities that have played a huge role in my success in this field. I also love working with others and collaborating on different projects. I am always eager to learn and fast to adapt to changes. Lastly, I am a patient, kind, honest and reliable person who always sees the good in others.

2. Why Should We Give You This Chance?

I have met all the set thresholds in your job description. I have five years of experience in this field and have served in several teams in my career. I am also proficient in all the tools listed, which will come in handy for my success in this job. I also have several qualities that are necessary for such a position. I have excellent communication, organization, and time management skills. Lastly, I am hardworking and highly reliable.

3. Why Do You Believe You Are The Most Qualified Out Of All The Candidates?

This is my tenth year in this industry, meaning I have extensive experience in this field. I have worked with different entities and served in various positions throughout my career. I know how to blend in well in team settings and manage change, which is critical when beginning a new job. I can also easily motivate my team members to achieve great results, positively reflecting on the company.

4. Why Do You Want To Join Our Team?

It’s always been my dream to come back here and serve. I interned in this company fifteen years ago and got the foundation I needed to succeed. I have therefore been looking forward to returning and serving in a higher position. Also, given the importance you place on employee training and mentorship, you are known for having some of the most competent employees. Working here will allow me to serve the company and improve myself.

5. What Would Your Colleagues Say About You?

I normally ensure that I blend in well with the team. My former company valued teamwork, making us close team members. Therefore, my team and colleagues would describe me as a hardworking, diligent and honest employee. From the interactions we had, they would unanimously agree that I am a reliable, kind, and self-motivated problem-solver. I tried as much as possible to avoid conflicts with any of them; therefore, most of the descriptions would be positive.

6. Have You Ever Had To Deal With A Difficult Client? What Did You Do?

While working as a store manager, a client walked in with a faulty device he had purchased from us two years ago and demanded free repair, given that it had a warranty. The warranty was specific and only covered the software, not hardware. Only explaining to him that the warranty didn’t cover the body or screen of his device, he became infuriated and claimed that he knew how warranties worked. I calmed him down after letting him rant and then explained what software and hardware components were. I managed to get him a discount, and he walked out of the store happily.

7. Have You Ever Disagreed With Your Boss?

Yes. I have disagreed with my boss once. He asked me to do something that did not align with the entity’s policies. I tried to explain that I couldn’t, but she did not want to hear any of it. I stood my ground and stuck with my morals. Even though I was made to work night shifts for the rest of the week after the altercation, I am glad I stood my ground and chose my principles over greed.

8. Walk Us Through Your Resume

After my master in Economics and Business Administration, I joined ABC company as a business development assistant, where I improved communication with the marketing department, greatly benefitted the company, increased customer satisfaction by a great percentage, and oversaw the implementation of a continuity plan. After three years, I joined DEF company as a business development manager, expanded their loyal client base, managed multi-million projects, and devised new marketing and sales plans. By the time I was leaving, the company was making twice the revenue it registered when I joined.

9. Define Your Preferred Work Environment

I have been lucky enough to experience different work environments given my years in this field. However, I prefer working in institutions that value, promote and uphold teamwork. I believe in collaboration as I have seen its benefits and results. Therefore, I adapt well to places where employees work in teams. I also love supportive management that values and listens to their employees’ concerns. From what I have learned and seen, you embody everything I need in a work environment.

10. Why Did You Join This Field?

I have always been intrigued by technology. I grew up in a household of engineers and developers, which influenced me to join this field. In our house, someone was always typing something on the home computer or discussing a coding project. I taught myself how to code when I came of age and haven’t looked back ever since. Therefore, I joined this field out of passion and interest, which have helped me succeed.

11. What Do You Know About Us?

I took the time to learn more about this company before this interview. I know that you are the biggest recruitment company in the region, having helped over seventy organizations build their workforce. You also have values you strictly follow, which explains your success over the years. All your employees are required to work towards your missions and visions and exhibit high levels of professionalism, which I am ready to do. You also reward hard work and diligence, making you one of the best workplaces in this region.

12. Why Are You Interested In This Position?

This position has everything I want in my career at the moment. I am looking for new challenges and a chance to advance in my career, which I will get with this position. I would love to work with a new team and learn from your highly trained and experienced workforce. I have also wanted to be a manager for some time now, a dream that this position can fulfill. I am confident that I will put my best foot forward for excellent results if given a chance, which I look forward to.

13. Mention A Challenge That You Overcame In Your Last Job

As the head of operations in my former company, I discovered that most systems were outdated and therefore did not function well. Even though they had already drafted and approved the yearly budget when I joined the company, I knew that something had to be done. I organized a sit-down with the top management and explained how improved systems would benefit the workplace processes. I even had to pull out some of my past audits. Even though most were adamant, given that the budget had been approved, I managed to win the heart and trust of the CEO, who pushed for funding. The organization greatly benefitted afterward.

14. What Is Your Greatest Strength?

My greatest strength lies in my ability to communicate clearly and convincingly in speech and writing. I have excellent communication skills that I have acquired over the years. Thanks to my extensive communication skills, I can convey information clearly, manage expectations and motivate people. These skills have also come in handy in my teamwork experiences. I am confident that they will also play a great role here.

15. What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

Even though I have achieved several things in my career, my greatest achievement comes from my personal life. We started a movement in our local community with a few friends, catering to the needs of orphans and the needy. We managed to grow it and got a few sponsors that believed in our vision. I took a step further when I was appointed chairman and decided to make it a national movement. I contacted different entities, local governments, brands, and potential sponsors, explaining what we were doing and why it was necessary. Most of them responded, and we managed to enroll 5000 needy children and orphans in school in my two years as the chairman, which I do not take for granted.

16. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

My last job shaped my career. I learned a lot of important lessons about this field and obtained valuable experience that guides my interactions and how I solve problems. However, after three years of serving in the same position, I needed a new environment and fresh challenges. I, therefore, left for new challenges and career advancement. It is also worth adding that I left on good terms and am still in communication with my former colleagues.

17. How Would Your Former Boss Describe You?

I was close to my former boss, given he was my mentor when I joined the company five years ago. I was still fresh and therefore needed someone to hold my hands and teach me a few things about the entity. He was a lower cadre manager when I joined the institution, and we managed to stay close until he became the chief manager for the sales and marketing department. Therefore, he can accurately describe me and would tell you that I am confident, eager to learn, and honest. I also showed enthusiasm in all our interactions, which he also noted. I am confident that he has lots of things to say.

18. Do You Have Any Relevant Experience For This Job?

Yes. I have successfully managed different teams and projects in my former roles, which has equipped me with the relevant experience to succeed in this management position. I have honed my leadership skills and prowess over the years, and therefore, I am convinced I will do a good job.

19. How Will You Positively Impact Our Current Team?

I normally strive to contribute positively to my team; therefore, your current team will not be an exception. I plan to bring all the experiences and skills I have acquired over the years and use them for the team’s benefit. I will share everything I have learned and learn from them, which I believe will greatly impact our operations. I also love motivating those around me so the team will have someone who reminds them to be at their best.

20. What Do You Think About Our Culture?

I had to find out more about your workplace culture before applying for this job, and from what I discovered, it heavily resonates with my practices as a person. You are built on professionalism, teamwork, and service to others, which highly resonate with me. I love serving others, regardless of my position, as I believe service is the best thing one can do for another person. As for professionalism, I always strive to be as professional as possible when dealing with issues since such an approach guarantees better results. Lastly, I love collaborating with others on projects in my personal and professional life.

21. How Will You Deal With The Pressure That Comes With This Job?

I am confident that my experience in this field has shaped me to handle any amounts of pressure I will experience in my undertakings. I am generally a good planer which helps me avoid last-minute rushes and pile work which are the number one causes of work pressure. I also have extensive multitasking skills that will come in handy in such situations. I will handle small roles simultaneously without compromising on the quality of my work, which will definitely come in handy in reducing pressure.

22. Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

I prefer living in the moment and doing everything possible to improve my current position. Therefore, I can’t say I have taken the time to think extensively about the next five years. However, since I love career improvements and advancement, I am confident that I will not be where I currently am in my career. I will have gained new skills and better working techniques to propel me to greater heights. I also plan to take at least three courses related to my career, which will make me more efficient.

23. What Would You Do Differently Here If You Had The Chance?

I am a great believer in teamwork. Even though your company values, promotes, and upholds teamwork, I believe more can be done. I would start by changing your office layout from closed to open to make workers physically closer for improved teamwork. An open office layout also means that the employees won’t waste too much time moving from one office to another in search of help. I would also expand the service desk at the entrance for improved customer satisfaction.

24. How Will You Get Along With Your Managers And Supervisors?

I believe in maintaining good relationships with everyone at the workplace, so I normally ensure that I am on good terms with my supervisors, managers, and colleagues. I plan to heed instructions and respect the workplace policies, which is one of the surest ways to stay in the good books. I will also respect boundaries and meet all my deadlines. Lastly, I plan to use all the skills I have acquired in this job to manage expectations and meet all the set targets.

25. What Is The Main Challenge That You Foresee In This Role?

I have always wanted to work with this company because of your reputation and amazing workplace policies. However, this will be my first experience working in the retail industry, given that I have spent all my career life in this hospitality industry. I will therefore have to adjust faster to avoid getting left behind. However, fortunately, I can easily adapt to change. I am also a first learner, and therefore, it won’t take me long to get the hang of your operations. I am looking forward to serving here.


These are some of the questions you should expect when appearing before an interview panel. Ensure that you think of the best answers to give the interviewers and increase your chances of getting the job. Do not forget to groom yourself properly and strive to give a good first impression to the interviewers, as it will influence your interview results. We wish you all the best!