Top 25 MIT Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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MIT Interview Questions and Answers

Like Harvard, MIT is an Ivy League School. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and only admits the best brains in the United States and the entire world. This institution was established in 1861 and has contributed to modern science and technological advancement for more than one century.

It is lauded for having one of the best interview processes worldwide. You will be asked lots of questions that need thoughtful and intelligent answers. In case you are eyeing a slot at MIT, here are some of the questions you should expect in your interview:

1. Your Application Says That You Have Always Wanted To Study At MIT. Can You Mention A Few Facts About Our Institution?

Fully known as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT is one of the top universities in the world. You have heavily contributed to the development of modern science and technology. This institution was established shortly after the industrialization of the United States, mainly focusing on applied science and engineering. It took up a European polytechnic university model, explaining why it is referred to as an institute of technology.

2. Now That You Are Here, What Do You Think About MIT?

MIT is prettier than I thought. Your campus is big, which is an added advantage given that I am passionate about large spaces. I also love your style of architecture. I expected to find people in lab coats walking around hastily but was impressed to see pretty laid-back students. I am honestly excited to be at MIT at the moment. From the look of things, I will have a good time studying here.

3. What’s The Best Book You Have Read?

I grew up reading Ben Carson’s book. He inspired me to dream big and give my all to everything I set out to do in life. Beating all the odds and becoming one of the best neurosurgeons in America is a blessing. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself more and explore my potential after reading Gifted Hands, which remains my best book. I even brought a copy with me.

4. Why Do You Want To Study At MIT?

MIT is one of the best engineering schools in the world. I have always dreamt of learning in an Ivy League school and, therefore, toiled extra hard in school with only one thought: to pursue my degree in Telecommunication Engineering here. This institution will allow me to meet some of the sharpest brains globally and in the United States and learn from them. I will also have access to better opportunities afterward to start fending for my family as soon as possible.

5. Describe Yourself.

I am a quiet, laid-back person. I prefer to listen and watch more than to talk. However, that doesn’t mean that I am not social. I love hanging out with my friends and having meaningful discussions. I also enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. I even studied French in senior high school to learn a new language. I am sure that MIT will allow me to meet new people and learn new things.

6. What’s Your Personality?

As I mentioned, I am a quiet and laid-back person. I love pursuing what I find interesting. I am approachable, humble, friendly, and slow to anger-attributes that have helped me create worthy networks and make many new friends. I am also not afraid of trying new things and going all out for those who matter to me. My personality has also helped me reach where I am, making me positive that it will also help me thrive at MIT.

7. What Are You Interested In?

I love pursuing my interests. I am passionate about music and spend lots of my free time playing instruments, composing songs, and sharpening my singing and dancing skills. I enjoy reading. I have a small library at home stacked with books I have read and others I am yet to explore. I am also a familiar face in my local library. Additionally, I am interested in climate change and plan to be part of several global warming mitigation initiatives soon. I am taking up interests as time passes and hope that I will have varied interests by the time I graduate.

8. What Was Your Perception Of MIT?

Being one of the world’s best engineering and applied sciences schools, I expected a super busy environment. I anticipated finding students in labs conducting experiments or in workshops working on projects. I was, therefore, a bit shocked to find them having fun and others riding bicycles around the school. On the bright side, I felt a sigh of relief. I am sure that I will fit in well in this environment, being an all-rounded student. I am looking forward to studying here.

9. Do You Believe That You Are Unique?

Yes. I believe that I am unique. First, I am open-minded. I love to explore new things and accommodate new perspectives. There is no cap to learning; therefore, most of my days are spent trying new things. I always want to know about different cultures, religions, places, and experiences. I believe that this attribute is often fueled by my curiosity and willingness to learn. I also have many gifts that I am aware of. I can play seven instruments and fluently speak six languages. I have played chess and badminton up to the national levels.

10. At MIT, We Encourage Teamwork. Are You A Good Team Player?

Yes. I am a good team player who can fit well in any team setting. I took time to acquire great interpersonal and communication skills from my high school and outside life interactions. I have created many friendships in my life, which I believe wouldn’t have happened without my impressive interpersonal skills. I am also hardworking, empathetic, and open-minded, which are needed in team settings. Therefore, I am confident I will get along well with my classmates and collaborate on different projects.

11. Mention Your Strengths

I have taken the time to learn and identify my strengths and weaknesses. I would say that my greatest strength is my resilience. I don’t easily give up once I decide to pursue something, regardless of the challenges I face. Due to my resilience, I have managed to get out of situations I thought were impossible. I am also hardworking, disciplined, and open-minded. Other strengths are creativity, ability to thrive under pressure, determination, and problem-solving skills.

12. Who Is Your Mentor?

I have two mentors in life-my dad and mum. They have had the biggest influence in my life, helping me get where I am. Being college professor, they have always challenged me in life. I am interested in pursuing higher education to stack up as many degrees as my parents and also positively impact the world just as they have. They have also taught me the importance of resilience, discipline, humility, and hard work. I am always in awe of everything they have gone through to be where they are. I will make them proud to appreciate all they have done for me since I was born.

13. Did You Go Through Our Website? What’s Your Honest Opinion?

I applied for this chance directly from your website. I used to check it daily before you opened the application window. As a coder and software development enthusiast, I find it amazing. It is a simple website that is easy to navigate. I obtained important information about your courses and programs and even saw some of the college’s architectural designs. However, I still believe it should be more and offer more information about the campus and some extra-curricular activities that someone can explore.

14. What Is Your Greatest Achievement This Far?

My greatest achievement is representing my school in the national high school chess competition the previous year and winning all possible titles. I was even approached by a grand master who happened to have attended the occasion and was impressed by my tactics. We talked for a while and exchanged contacts. We have been in communication ever since. Passing my SAT exams and qualifying for MIT was also a significant achievement. that with determination, hard work, and consistency, I have always achieved everything I do.

15. Are You Proud Of Yourself?

Yes. Even though I am a humble person, I hold myself in high regard. I am proud of the odds I have conquered to be where I am. I come from a low-income neighborhood and have seen my parents struggle to take me through school. I had never seen them as happy as they were when I passed my SAT exams and got a chance to study at MIT. Whenever I relieve the smile and happiness on their faces, I feel extremely proud of myself.

16. Mention Two Things You Love About Yourself

I love my resilience. I normally believe that giving up is not an option in my life. Therefore, I constantly push myself regardless of the odds. I have escaped situations I never knew I could manage and got opportunities I only dreamt of. I also love my patients. I am always ready to wait and persevere through situations as I believe that the best is always on the other side. These two attributes have helped me in my academic journey. I wouldn’t have got a chance to attend this interview were it not for my patience and resilience.

17. What Do You Do Outside Class?

I am an all-rounded student. I have hobbies and interests that I pursue outside class. I love sportsand even captained my former school’s rugby team. It is worth mentioning that I am a member of the local rugby union and even participate in matches. I also love singing; therefore, whenever I have time to myself, you will find me sharpening my singing skills. I believe in having a balanced life, so after a day of reading and solving tough equations, good music and some rugby work the magic.

16. Why Do You Think That MIT Is The Best Institution For You?

MIT admits the best of the best, which makes it highly competitive. It is the best choice, given my passion for a competitive environment. I love meeting new challenges and encountering them; a chance MIT will offer. I also want to meet some of the best minds globally and have meaningful interactions. Lastly, everyone knows that MIT is one of the best universities for software and telecommunication engineering courses, which I intend to venture into in my undergraduate program. My heart is in MIT.

19. What Don’t You Like About Yourself And Would Love To Work On?

 I have weaknesses that I am constantly working on. Even though I am patient with life processes, I am not as patient when dealing with people. I love keeping everyone around me on their toes, which some perceive as controlling. I am extremely strict when it comes to deadlines and time management. However, I am continuously learning that people are different and that I should be more empathetic when dealing with them. I am glad about the progress I have been making this far.

20. What Are You Planning To Major On?

It is common knowledge that MIT is the best institution for engineering and applied for sciences courses. I intend to pursue software engineering, which I was introduced to early. My eldest sister is a software engineer, and since I stayed with her most of the time, I grew up watching her code. On joining high school, I became interested in coding, which I do brilliantly. I want to learn everything that I don’t know yet and be as good as her or even better. I am prepared to give all it takes to walk out of MIT with a software engineering degree.

21. Since We Admit Students From All Walks Of Life, What Can You Tell Us Of Diversity?

I believe that we should all embrace diversity as a society. I am glad I got to interact with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and religions in my high school, which taught me the beauty of embracing diversity. We can all learn from one another since each of us has something unique to share.

I look forward to learning more about other people’s cultures and beliefs and sharing my personal experiences.

22. Do You Have Any Long-Term Goals?

Yes. I am a highly ambitious individual. If possible, I would love to walk out of MIT with first-class honors and work for some of the renowned Fortune 500 companies such as Google before starting my own company. I believe that software engineering, which I want to pursue, is a lucrative career that will propel me to greater heights. I also plan to start a free mentorship program to inspire kids from low-income neighborhoods like me to believe that everything is possible. My ultimate goal is to impact people and organizations, which I am sure I will achieve.

23. Tell Us About Your Family Background

I come from a big family. My father is a doctor, and my mother is a lawyer. I am the last born out of five siblings, three of which pursued telecommunications. We live in a small town outside Kansas as a close-knit and quiet family. My parents raised us to be disciplined children, reminding us of the importance of respecting everyone we interact with and helping those in need. I also learned the art of making calculative moves from my father, who doubles up as my biggest mentor in life. I am glad for the guidance my family has given me.

24. You Mentioned That You Can Code. Mention A Project You Are Proud Of In Your Life

I am an excellent coder, thanks to the guidance of my eldest sister, a software engineer. Once I was confident in my coding ability and skills, I built my school its first website, which I am still proud of to date. It also improved the overall school’s admission as people from far and wide could obtain as much information as they needed before making a decision. It remains one of my best projects even though I have also built many applications.

25. How Do You Stay Informed About Current Events?

It is easy to stay informed on current events in a world where the internet is easily accessible. I have subscribed to many online newsletters that update me about current happenings. I also follow the right handles on Twitter, which give me information about current events. Lastly, I read newspapers and watch television programs and documentaries. I am always knowledgeable about what is happening currently.


These are some of the questions you should expect at MIT. Note that you will rarely be asked academic-related questions. Take time and think about the best answers to increase your chances of studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Also, make sure that you are confident when answering the questions. We wish you all the best!