Top 20 McDonald’s Interview Questions & Answers 2023

McDonald's Interview Questions & Answers

McDonald’s is a leading fast food restaurant with branches in different places in the world. This article will look at a few questions that you should expect if you have a scheduled interview at any of the branches. Take note of the following:

1. Why McDonald’s?

There are lots of fast-food restaurants offering the same position that you are interviewing for. The interviewers, therefore, assume the existence of something outstanding about McDonald’s that makes you want to be part of it. It would be best to convince them that you understand the McDonalds brand and hold the franchise in high esteem.

Sample Answer

I have always wanted to work here. You are a big company that has been operating for a long time, and therefore, I can get some good insights working here. I was also looking for a fast-paced environment to expose me to new challenges, and McDonald’s offers just that.

2. What Do You Know about McDonald’s?

This is a common question in different types of interviews. Do you know about the company, or did you apply because you came across a job listing? We always advise interviewees to research extensively about an establishment before appearing for interviews so that they can tackle such questions well. Ensure that whatever you mention is factual and can be proven.

Sample Answer

McDonald’s is a global brand with over 36000 restaurants in more than 100 countries. It offers several healthy options ranging from fruits to vegetarian meals. You constantly update your menu to be as inclusive as ever, which explains why most people love you. ( You can also include the founders, year of establishment, or any facts that come to mind. You are not limited)

3. What Hours Will You be Available for Shifts?

All restaurants or stores will ask you about your availability and intentions for a particular role. Your answer will help the interviewer ensure that the establishment is adequately staffed at all times. This is a chance to show how flexible you are. MAke sure that you are honest to prevent any future disappointment.

Sample Answer

I have morning classes every day from 8 am to 11 am. I am therefore available for the afternoon, evening, or night shifts. I do not have engagements during the weekend and can work if called upon. ( Or you can tell the interviewer that you prefer working overnight and would therefore be available for night shifts)

4. We Highly Value Good Customer Service. How Would You Greet Customers When they Enter the Restaurant?

Restaurants, stores, and generally most businesses value customer service since it is the only way they can get repeat and loyal customers. It would help if you convinced the interviewer that you could uphold high standards of customer service and make everyone e feel appreciated in the workplace. Remember, a smile is mandatory, and if you have ever been to McDonald’s, this is the time to draw from how you were greeted.

Sample Answer

I will welcome the customer with a smile and greet them warmly, ensuring that the greeting matches the time of the day. I will then ask how I may help them while maintaining a friendly tone. I also appreciate the role of body language when greeting customers and will maintain a welcoming one.

5. Are You Looking for Full-Time or Part-Time Engagement?

This is an equally important question as it helps in staffing. You should be clear with the interviewer on the type of engagement you are looking for. If this is a part-time gig, then evening or night shifts may suit you. However, if you want something long-term, then day shifts will come in handy. Just make sure that you are telling the truth.

Sample Answer

I am currently looking for a part-time position since I am still in school. However, I can maintain flexible hours so that I am available whenever I am needed.


I want to dedicate all my energy to this job, and I am in for a full-time position. I am highly flexible and can work during the weekends.

6. Where Do You See Yourself in the Next Two Years?

It is advisable to be ambitious. However, remember that employers want long-term employees given the cost of the recruitment process. Therefore, if possible, ensure that your three-year ambitions will still find you working in this particular company unless you make it clear that you will be here for a short time. Do not also intimidate a panel member with your answer.

Sample Answer

I want to advance and get into a management position in three years. I have worked in the hospitality industry for seven years now, which has prepared me for new challenges such as management. However, at the moment, I am still focused on gaining more experience and expertise.

7. You Will Come across Angry Customers. How Will You Deal with Them?

Do you have people skills, or can you handle complaints well? Remember, the customer is always right, which means that you should never try to argue with one. Do not lose your cool when dealing with angry or condescending customers. Show the interviewer that you can stay professional when facing different situations.

Sample Answer

I have handled such customers before. I will maintain my calmness and talk to them politely. The key is giving them time to vent before asking for clarifications and finally fixing whatever problems they have. If it is about a given order, I will apologize and make the right changes.

8. How Do You Plan to Handle Such a Fast-Paced Environment?

You should keep in mind that Mcdonald’s offers a fast-paced environment. Being a leading fast food restaurant, it is constantly swelling with customers in need of different services. Therefore, it would be best to have a well-laid down plan on how you intend to work in such a place. Show the interviewer that you are prepared for the challenges that come with a fast-paced environment.

Sample Answer

One of the reasons why I would like to work here is because of the fast-paced environment. I enjoy challenges and will organize my work well to meet all the workplace demands and make timely deliveries.

9. What Do You Think Makes Great Customer Service

This is an important question, especially in the hospitality industry. Given the rising number of fast-food restaurants, you need to make customers feel appreciated if you want them to be loyal to your brand. McDonald’s must therefore find out what you think of excellent customer service and whether your definition fits what the organization needs. Mention some of the critical things that make customer service outstanding.

Sample Answer

I believe that excellent customer service lies in how one interacts with the customers. Interacting in a friendly way and being at their beck and call is necessary. One should also be timely and make the customers feel respected.

10. Why Should We Hire You?

You have definitely come across this question if you’ve been going for interviews. It gives you a chance to sell yourself. Why do you think you deserve a chance? This is where you mention your skills, qualities, and anything outstanding that you may contribute to the workplace. Convince the interviewer that you are a good choice for Mcdonald’s.

Sample Answer

I have been in the hospitality industry for seven years and earned a great deal of experience that I can apply here. I am also a fast learner who loves new challenges. Working at Mcdonald’s will expose me to a fast-paced environment and bring the best out of me. ( Alternatively, you can mention that you love McDonald’s values, environment, and work culture and are willing to do everything possible to ensure that you fit in and uphold them)

11. In Your Opinion, What Is the Importance of Teamwork in the Hospitality Industry?

You will not t work alone at McDonald’s. It would help if you were prepared to work with others and form a great team. Can you tell the importance of such units in a restaurant setting and why you would prefer being in one? Use your experience working in team settings to answer this question. Explain why you believe hospitality industry players should uphold teamwork

Sample Answer

I have been part of several teams, given that this is my fifteenth year in the hospitality industry. I believe that teamwork offers an effective to run businesses smoothly. I personally think that I can accomplish more if I work with a team. It also provides a level of versatility as it brings together people with different personalities and abilities.

12. Mention Some of Your Communications Skills that Will Help You in This Job

Excellent Customer service is all about good communication. Do you have the right skills to put across messages and interact with different people in the restaurant? Mention some of the skills that have brought you this far. Remember, there are many things you can list, such as your friendly tone or welcoming gesture.

Sample Answer

I have quite a number of communication skills that have helped me build an incredible career. Some of these include my strong memory, which allows me to communicate items on the menu and answer questions correctly, a friendly, welcoming tone and voice, and the ability to use plain, clear, and simple language regardless of the demographics of people I am speaking to.

13. What Would You Do if You Caught Someone Stealing?

The interviewer is testing your integrity. Can you do the right thing in such a situation, or will you assume and let them get away with the theft? You should convince the interviewers that they can trust you, and therefore, planning to deal with such situations actively will increase your chances of landing the job.

Sample Answer

I take great pride in my integrity. Therefore if I catch somebody stealing, I will stop them and note their physical appearance before reporting to the nearest manager or supervisor for action.

14. What is Your Greatest Achievement?

This is a common question in interviews that attempts to find out an experience or occurrence you hold dear, be it in your life or work. What achievement will you always be proud of? Remember, the interviewer may also use your answer to describe how you perceive success. Therefore, be careful.

Sample Answer

 My most outstanding achievement in life was getting through college with the money I obtained working here. I was a part-time customer service attendant fifteen years ago in this establishment while pursuing my course in hotel management. The money I earned helped me get through college and pay part of my student loan.

15. What Is Your Favorite Item on Our Menu?

Your answer will tell the interviewer if you are a fan of Mcdonald’s and whether you understand what is on their menu. Your response will also prove whether you can easily communicate ten establishment’s products to customers. Give a reason for your choice.

Sample Answer

I love your burgers, especially the Big Mac because it tastes exceedingly well. It is also always fresh whenever I order it. (You can then go ahead and list the ingredients and what you may know about the particular choice. Ensure that you make it look enticing)

16. Can You Mention Some of Our Missions?

Just how much do you know about McDonald’s? I hope you now understand why we advise people to find out as much information as possible about their potential employers. Mentioning the correct missions will tell the interviewer that you did your homework well and are interested in working for Mcdonald’s. Take a look at the mission and visions statement before expanding for the interview.

Sample Answer

From your mission statement, McDonald’s strives to offer customers an excellent customer experience, show commitment, ensure ethical operation, give back to the community, constantly improve and grow profitably.

17. What Is Your Greatest Strength?

Do you have a few skills that correlate with the job you are interviewing for? If yes, mention one of them. You should review the job description and convince the interviewer that you have the right experience and skills for the job. Remember, this is a chance to sell yourself. Therefore, please do not mess it up.

Sample Answer

I know how to communicate with people. I can get through to them, sustain fruitful conversations, and make them feel appreciated. I can also read their body language and help them solve whatever problems they have. I believe that this is essential, especially in the hospitality industry. ( Or you can say that you are a patient person who can deal with all types of customers. Just make sure that you can correlate whatever you mention to the job at hand)

18. How Do You Envision a Typical Day Here at McDonald’s?

The answer to this question is dependent on the job you are interviewing for. What are some of the daily roles you will handle in your new workplace? Make sure that your answer paints a picture of a busy day. Also, ensure that you only include the relevant stuff. Avoid mentioning roles such as vacuuming your house or dropping your child at school.

Sample Answer

I imagine that my day will be pretty packed, given that this is a fast-paced environment. I will get to the workplace, count the money in the cash register, and attend to customers as they come. There will be short breaks in between for lunch and coffee, but mainly I will dealing with customers till the end of my shift.

19. What Did You Leave Your Former Job?

Nobody wants an incompetent employee who fled their last job because they couldn’t keep up. Your reason for quitting your previous job should not, therefore, have anything to do with your inability to perform. Do not also badmouth your former employer since it is a big turnoff in interviews.

Sample Answer

My last job was terrific. It helped me grow and perfected some of my skills. However, after five years, I wanted new challenges and a chance to develop further. I, therefore, found it wise to give someone else a chance and try a new workplace.

20. What Makes You Better than Other Candidates?

What sets you apart from all the other candidates? Do you have anything outstanding that you can offer that makes you the perfect choice? This is yet another chance to sell yourself and convince the interviewer to give you the job. Do not mention the everyday things that other candidates have but instead focus on unique ones.

Sample Answer

I interned here shortly after college. I am also a regular customer and conversant with some of your processes. I do not, therefore, need a lot of time to adapt to this workplace.


These are some of the commonest McDonalds Interview questions regardless of the position. Ensure that you find out as much information as possible about McDonald’s before appearing for an interview.

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