Top 25 Marketing Internship Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Marketing Internship Interview Questions and Answers

So, now is the time for you to apply for an internship. Are you ready to be part of the marketing warzone? Have you prepared yourself to strive to be a marketing personnel? Allow us to guide you through some top interview questions and answers so that you can nail the interview session.

1. Why Do You Choose Marketing?

I choose marketing as a career because, for me, marketing is the heart of a company. I learn that marketing is a fast-paced and exciting industry, especially for a creative person. I am a creative person. I can create new unique ideas for promotional items. I am also a people person, and I like connecting with many people. Adding to the fact that I am a people person, I am also a good communicator. Being a people person and also a good communicator are essential skills to have as marketing personnel because we are meeting with people every day and convincing them to buy the product.

2. What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Sales?

Many people are unable to differentiate between marketing and sales, although it has distinct differences between those two. A simple way to distinguish those two is by understanding their job scope. Marketing is the process of introducing the brand to the audience and potential customers. Basically, they will bring the product from the company to the market. In comparison, sales are the ones who turn those potential customers and audiences into real ones.

3. What Is Your Favorite Campaign?

My favorite campaign is Dove, the campaign for natural beauty. I can still remember that the campaign was a thing and exploded back in 2004. That campaign makes us revisit the standard of beauty and how we should look at ourselves because it seems that only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful. That campaign has become a series of videos on how women look at themselves. It has also turned into commercials and advertisements.

4. Name All The Social Media That You Are Familiar With.

I am familiar with all the primary social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and recently TikTok. In my first year in college, I managed our Marketing Faculty’s social media. I posted twice a day daily on Facebook and Instagram. I also did and edited short videos for our social media and made a more extended version for YouTube. I increased followers by 20% in the first month I managed the social media. The audience and followers keep on increasing positively until today.

5. Describe Your Style When Posting On Social Media?

I have different styles for each social media. For example:

  • Facebook – I wrote a medium-length blog post-like post. I shared my journey in marketing school and my daily routine.
  • Instagram and reels – I captured aesthetic pictures daily, and the caption was not too long. There were times that I added motivational quotes to my photographs. I also make short reels with those quotes.
  • LinkedIn – here, I shared easy-to-understand marketing strategies and shared what I learned from engaging campaigns.
  • YouTube – I found that a video that is more than 5 minutes is not favorable to many. Therefore, I created videos of me cooking and preparing bento.
  • Twitter – tweet about my take on any campaigns
  • TikTok – as an everyday vlog and diary.

6. Why Keyword Placement Is Important?

Keyword placement is important because when the keyword is strategically placed throughout the website, the search engine will index the site with that keyword. The keyword should be set at:

  • Meta description
  • SEO title tag
  • Article title
  • Within the first 200 words
  • Throughout the article
  • In the last 200words
  • In image Alt Text tags
  • URL

7. When You Are Given A New Task, What Would You Do If You Are Not Sure How To Do It?

I am a believer when it comes to lifetime learning. Therefore, firstly, I will try to understand the task to know where to start. I will start searching and reading about what needs to be done to complete the tasks. Of course, reading alone will not be enough because there are usually hidden tips and tricks or a faster way to do things. These can be obtained through experience. So, who will I go to then? I will go to my seniors or supervisors to get their guidance and how to do the task correctly.

8. Would You Be Able To Give A Presentation To The Clients?

Yes, I can comfortably present in front of clients. This is because I had been giving presentations every two weeks in the classroom in front of my friends and lecturer. I also presented a lot during the club meeting. I am confident and have a clear voice so that people can understand me throughout the presentation. Most importantly, with your guidance and support, I will deliver the presentation the best I can.

9. How Do You Contribute In A Group Project?

I am known as someone who is very organized. Therefore, whenever I am in a group project, my group members will get me to create the timeline and manage the whole group. They see me as a person with good project management and people skills. I can persuade and get all the members to complete their tasks on time. Apart from that, they also let me be the presenter, and I gladly do so because I love being able to talk to others and make them understand our project, specifically.

10. What Are Your Goals As Marketing Intern?

When I complete the internship, I am hoping that I will gain a lot of employable skills such as communication skills, negotiation skills, and stress management skills. I hope to get real experience as a marketing personnel so I can improve myself in the future and contribute valuable skills to the company. I would also like to contribute my creativity in making a digital campaign.

11. If You Encounter A Problem In A Project, How Do You Handle It?

One thing I know is that not all projects will run smoothly. Problems will be there once in a while. The first thing I will do is to identify the problem. I will gather my team and try to find the root cause and the solutions to the problem. We will also make and update the risk assessments to ensure that the same problem will not happen again.

12. How Do You Manage A Product Launch?

Firstly, for any product launch project, I will gather a team. I will then create a timeline and schedule until the launching date. I will have a checklist to coordinate the resources, materials, and costs needed to launch the project successfully. I will ensure all the documentation is in place and push the team to complete the product launch on time without any issues.

13. How Do You Up To Date With Marketing Trends?

Marketing trends are evolving, and we can see the changes every year. Therefore, to keep up, I read marketing blogs and subscribed to marketing newsletters such as HubSpot. Whenever I know there is an exhibition; I will spend some time there. This is because, in the exhibition, we can see many major companies presenting their product, and we can learn how they do the marketing, starting from the ideas, presentation, and materials used for the exhibition.

14. What Set You Apart From Other Candidates?

I am a creative person. I can design good, creative, and unique digital marketing content. I believe this skill is valuable for junior marketing personnel. I also have good communication, project management, and people skills. In addition to the skills I have, I have good presentation skills too. I can use this skill confidently in front of customers and let them know about our products.

15. How Familiar Are You With Our Target Market?

As a marketer, I always do my research, and I can immediately recognize what your target market is. From my research and observation, your primary target market is young women aged between 18 to 30 years old. I can also see that you engaged with social media influencers in the same age cohort to get more audience for your products. That was a good move.

16. Where Will You Be In Five Years?

The internship will be my first experience as a marketing personnel. By saying that, I know that I have a lot to learn. I need to gain experience and polishing on my skills to be a professional. I will learn to understand my working style and which marketing segment I can contribute to the most. Once I get everything sorted out, and I have good knowledge about the company business, I would like to move to a senior position after five years of working. I want to be able to lead a team and manage my own campaign. Till then, I will continue to learn and work hard to upgrade myself.

17. What Publications Do You Read?

I read a lot of marketing books such as Generation Brand by Irina Soriano, The Practice of Management by Peter Drucker, and The Social Organism: A Radical Understanding of Social Media to Transform Your Business and Life by Oliver Luckett and Michael J. Casey. I am particularly interested in digital marketing, and I have read many blogs and e-books. Although books are all about theories, I am excited to show what I have learned from those books and contribute to this company.

18. What Brands Do You Follow?

I followed big brands such as Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and other small startup brands. The reason why I love following these startup brands is that they can do outstanding marketing with a minimal budget. I can learn a lot from them. And of course, a prominent and known company such as Mercedes Benz that has a larger budget can produce the best marketing advertisement. Mercedes Benz had also put their product as social status because not everybody can own one.

19. What Marketing Software Are You, Familiar, With?

I am familiar with a few marketing software which are:

  • Customer Relationship Management Software (CRMS) – I can track and monitor customers’ relationships with this software. Furthermore, it has popular tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, and Zoho CRM.
  • Video conference – I can collaborate and have virtual face-to-face meetings with this software.
  • Analytics and Data Visualization – I can see who visits my website and how they interact with it using this software. It will show the performance of my market effort.
  • Content Management – I use this to create and publish content easily on the website. The tools that I am used to are WordPress and Drupal.

20. What Is Target Audience?

A target audience is a group that might want to buy the product. The target audience can be grouped into age, gender, locality, or interests. Once I have determined the specific group target audience, I will create a campaign that is suitable for them. For example, if the product is for acne-prone skin, the target audience will be young group people from the age of 12 to 20 years old.

21. What Is The Relationship Between Social Media And Seo?

SEO is search engine optimization where it helps people or users to find our products when they search online using Google and other search engines. But it is not easy to depend on SEO alone because we will not get visitors if we do not have any product exposure. This is where social media comes in. Since now is the era of social media, many people are on that platform. Therefore, creating engaging content on social media about that product will create exposure to the people on the same social media platform. Eventually, the same people will start to search about the product online, and SEO will help them find our product, specifically.

22. What Components Make Up An Effective Digital Campaign?

Five significant components make a digital campaign effective which are”

  • Mobile consideration is because 90% of transactions are done through mobile. Therefore, marketing content and user experience when buying online should be considered.
  • Organic search – customers want to get information about the product through various methods. Some are more comfortable getting information from the website, and some from social media. Therefore, we need to prepare the website for this group of people.
  • Content is extremely important because that is how the product introduction will attract the target audience.
  • Social media – now, since many of us are active in social media, it is an excellent move to post content and market through all social media platforms. The best part about social media is that the content can be reachable from all over the world.

23. Can You List Three Essential Skills For A Marketer?

Three essential skills or must-have skills for a marketer are:

  • Good communication skills – this is important because, as a marketer, we convey the products’ ideas to the audience.
  • Creativity – a marketer needs to be creative and able to think outside of the box so that we can deliver the message to our audience. It needs to be unique and catchy to get the audience to remember the campaign. For example, the ‘Just Do It tagline and how they create their campaign. When hearing those, we can immediately associate that with Nike.
  • Social media marketing – since social media has been on the rise, it is crucial for marketers to have skills associated with social media because social media can be a significant contribution reaching to more target groups from all over the world.

24. What Are The Trends On Social Media In The Past Few Years?

The trends on social media for the past few years and even now are short videos; for example, TikTok, which has shifted the users from regular boring post writing and picture taking to short creative videos. Business owners can use the short videos to introduce their brand, do behind the scene content, or any information-related content. The next trend is a story-telling trend where the content creator will tell a story, for example, their journey in the business, and at the end, they will add a few sentences of their product. This is one psychological way to make people say, “ah, I need to try that!”

25. How Do You Motivate Yourself?

Working can be very stressful. Therefore, I will ensure I have time to do my daily hobby to motivate myself. I love to paint. I will allocate at least 30 minutes for painting even after a stressful day at work or even after I come back home late at night. This is because painting is my dose of stress reliever that can motivate me to wake up and do my best the following day.


We have compiled 25 questions and answers for you. Make sure you prepare yourself for your first interview. Good luck!

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