Top 25 Mail Sorter Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Mail Sorter Interview Questions and Answers

Preparing for an interview can be demanding and stressful. However, you will need to prepare for it to increase your chances of getting your dream job. If you are preparing for a mail sorter interview, consider the following 25 mail sorter interview questions and their answers. They will help you get a snapshot of what to expect in your upcoming interview.

1. Kindly Introduce Yourself To Us. 

My name is Andrea, a former student of St. Augustine High School. I have a high school diploma and a GED certificate. Previously, I have worked in two companies and I was very successful in my roles. In total, I have three years of experience in the mail sorting job. I’m an expert when it comes to receiving, reviewing, sorting, and processing mails for distribution. Besides, I am a dedicated, detail-oriented,self-driven, and mechanically minded person. With my skills and expertise in mail sorting, I believe I have what it takes to perform this role effectively.

2. Why Do You Want To Be A Mail Sorter?

My dad has been a mail sorter. I used to admire his profession as I was growing up. My passion for this role increased after I completed my high school education. I, therefore, enrolled in computer packages classes. Since then I have been into internships in many mailrooms. I have therefore gained a lot of skills and experience handling mails and preparing them for distribution. I applied for this position because I feel that I have the necessary skills and experience to do this job.  It will also be an opportunity to fulfill my passion.

3. Highlight The Roles Of A Mail Sorter.

The responsibilities of a mail sorter include the following:

  • Reviewing barcodes, addresses, dates, and other different postage information for all outbound mail.
  • Inspecting mail for suspicious, damage, and tampering contents
  • Uploading mail bins as well as sorting mails for processing
  •  Sorting and categorizing emails manually as well as operating postage meters and processing machines
  • Labeling and distributing mail correctly
  • Redirecting illegible and mislabeled mail for returns
  • Making sure equipment and machines that process mails are well maintained
  • Updating mail database and scanning packages for logging and tracking
  • Reporting any mechanical issues associated with machinery or mails to the supervisor
  • Taking care of the mailroom inventories and reporting when they get low

4. What Will Be Your Daily Routine Should You Get This Job?

After reporting for work, I will begin checking my emails and voice messages to see whether there is anything that requires my urgent intervention. Thereafter, I will engage in my usual duties such as:

  • Organizing and processing the inbounding and out bounding mails
  • Receive the incoming mails
  • Inspecting packages
  • Preparing mails for distribution
  • Managing the supplies of the mailroom
  • Operating the mail processing machine
  • Redirecting illegible and mislabeled mail for returns
  • Reviewing barcodes, addresses, dates, and other different postage  information

5. Do You Have Any Experience In The Role You Are Seeking?

I have been performing a similar role for three years now. During this time I have gained a lot of experience in operating the mail processing machinery and lifting heavy mails bins. I have also been receiving the incoming mails, inspecting them, sorting them, labeling them, and preparing them for distribution.

In the course of performing my roles, I have developed and improved on many skills such as communication, organization, time management, and computer skills. These skills and my work experience make me a good fit for this role. Should you hire me for this role, I will use my experience and skills to make a success in this role. I will be careful to observe all the rules and regulations set by your organization to ensure that you remain above the curve in your services.

6. What Are The Qualities Necessary For This Role?

An effective mail sorter needs to have excellent recordkeeping, verbal and written communication skills, and be attentive to details. He or she must also have solid organizational, reporting, and time management skills. Besides, being manual dexter, he needs to be a physically fit person with the stamina to stand for long hours, lift heavy mail bins as well as operate mail processing machinery.

7. Why Should You Hire You?

I believe that I have the skills, experience, education, and personal traits that you are looking for from a candidate. I am very good at keeping records, managing time, and being meticulous about details. I am an excellent communicator and team player, and I relate well with other co-workers. My strong communication and interpersonal help me to interact well with customers as well as my workmates. I also have solid organizational and planning skills that enable me to stay on track and meet all my deadlines.

Besides, I have been performing a similar role for two years now. I can effectively receive mails, inspect, sort, and label them for distribution. I also have the stamina to lift heavy mail bins and operate mail processing machines. Should you hire me for this role, I promise to work with enthusiasm and determination to ensure that the success of this role is achieved.

8. What Is Your Proudest Moment In Relation To The Role You Have Applied For?

My greatest achievement is emerging as the employee of the year in two consecutive years. These two awards have acted as evidence that my service as a mail sorter is recognized. I believe that one should be faithful in the roles he or she has been entrusted with and perform them as if there is no tomorrow. This way, we can have a safe and clean society where everybody is treated with respect and dignity. I am now working to retain this award even in the coming years. Should also hire me, I will embrace the same spirit of striving to be the best in whatever task I put myself into.

9. How Will You Handle Priorities In Your Work As A Mail Sorter?

I have very strong organizational skills that help me to stay focused and meet deadlines. Whenever I have multiple tasks to work on. I create a list that includes all the tasks on my laptop that are backed up on a cloud server.  Following the list that I have created, I give quick attention to the tasks that are more important and urgent. In addition, I keep updating my list to avoid losing track. However, I am adaptable and flexible so I can switch tasks quickly depending on their priority. To avoid missing out on a deadline, I put in extra effort to work additional hours to ensure that all tasks are completed on time.

10. In Case You Get A Job Here, Do You Think There Is Anything You Will Lose If You Quit From Your Current Employer?

 I will be excited to get a chance to work here. It has my greatest desire to become part of your team to contribute towards ensuring that you achieve your objectives as far as this role is concerned. However, I believe I will miss the good working relationship we have had with my amazing supervisor and workmates. Nonetheless, I am sure these are things I can also find here.

11. What  Gives You Morale In Your Work?

I love what I do and this makes me always encourage myself to perform my duties well. I also surround myself with like-minded people who are passionate about their roles. This has enabled me to promote a positive atmosphere where I enjoy being. In addition, the desire to achieve my goals helps me to remain focused as I also concentrate on my potential career growth.

12. What Is The Biggest Lesson You Have Learnt In Your Career As A Mail Sorter?

I have learned to be the best version of myself. I know my value. I know that I am not yet there but I strive to produce the best in any given role.  I have also learned that patience and hard work can take someone to a high level in the workforce. I do not ignore humble beginnings because they can be a ladder to greatness. Finally, I have realized that it is wise to take advantage of the relationships in somebody’s life. It can prepare you to become a person of influence in the future.

13. This Job Require You To Stand For Long Periods. Do You Think You Can Meet That Requirement?

Yes, I can comfortably meet that requirement. I do not have any problem standing for long periods. While I was going through the descriptions for this role, I found that standing for long hours is a requirement for this role. I acknowledge that requirement and I can comfortably satisfy it. I am a person who wears well-fitting shoes with low heels, stays hydrated as well as maintains a good posture. I also do a lot of exercises in the morning before reporting for work and in the evening as well. This enables me to remain comfortable while performing my duties.

14. If I Ask Your Former Boss About Who You Are, What Do You Think He Will Say?

I think he will refer to me as a persistent person. I am not a person who gives up easily. I keep pursuing until I receive what I want. I believe that everything is possible and that is why I keep on trying something out until I get results. This has helped me to analyze my work after every successful role I undertake.

15. What Are Your Goals In The Next Five Years From Now?

Throughout my entire career, I have been working toward taking on more supervisory responsibilities and I hope to solidify this goal in the next five years. It will give me the joy to work at the management level of this corporation. It will also enable me to demonstrate my leadership abilities.

16. When Mails Get Into The Post Office, What Process Do They Go Through Before They Are Distributed?

The processing takes five steps including:

Step 1: At the mail processing machine, mails are separated by size and shape. The machine also orient mails with their addresses right side up as they face the same direction. Every mail is then given a postmark and the machines put canceling lines on the postage stamps to ensure they don’t get reused.

Step 2: A unique barcode is printed at the back of every piece of mail. A barcode scanner is then used to scan the address and after that, a bar code having a specific address is put on the front of the mail envelope.

Step 3: The processing machines direct the mails into mail bins depending on their zip codes. The mail sorters then sort the letters as they put them into trays based on their zip code and they are then distributed to the next processing.

Step 4: Here, the processing machines read the barcode of each mail and sort them by carrier putting each mail according to the delivery order for that carrier.

Step 5:The mails are delivered to individual post offices. At this point, the carrier loads the trays on the individual cars for the final delivery.

17. What Is A Barcode?

A barcode refers to a series of parallel white and black bars that represent zip codes and delivery addresses. The majority of postal services make use of automated equipment such as mail scanners to read the barcode for efficient sorting of mails. The bar code indicates where to deliver each mail.

18. Why Is A Barcode Important?

A bar code is very important for it tells where to deliver mail. Barcode enhances accuracy which is likely to be affected while manual operations occur. Due to the speed at which emails are processed, real-time delivery is enhanced. Additionally, the use of barcodes is not complicated hence training on how to use them is easy. Generating barcodes is also quick and simple.

19. Explain The Classes Of Mails That You Know

I am familiar with the following emails;

  • Priority mail: This includes anything mailable, invoices, bills, merchandise, etc
  • Priority mail express: this includes anything mailable, merchandise, letters, etc
  • Periodicals: This includes emails that require authorization such as magazines and newspapers
  • First-class mail: This includes anything mailable, personal correspondence, merchandise, invoices, bills, etc
  •  Package services and retail ground: This includes catalogs, merchandise, computer media, and printed material
  • Marketing Mail: This includes small parcels, newsletters, merchandise, advertisements, and circulars

20.  What Is The Difference Between Priority Mail And Regular Mail?

Priority mail allows a customer to send mail based on its dimension and weight. It’s considered affordable and one of the fastest ways of sending mail. In most cases, delivery through priority mail is done within one to three days. Regular mail refers to the normal mails sent to the post offices without considering their delivery speed.

21. Why Are There Returned Mail?

Mails are returned if the addressee does not reside at the address indicated on the piece of mail. The mail can also be returned to the postal office if the secondary information such as suite number, or apartment is missing or invalid.

21. What Happens When Mail Is Returned To Post Office?

If the mail is not deliverable to the address indicated on the envelope, the return address on the envelope of that mail is used to return the mail to its sender. However, if the mail lacks a return address and is incorrectly addressed on the mail piece, it is likely sent to the mail recovery center (MRC) or it can be handled by the local post office.

22. Explain What It Means When A Mail Is Endorsed With Attempted Not Known

This means that the mail was delivered to the address indicated on the mail’s envelope. However, it was returned since the recipient did not match the one who is residing at the address indicated.

23. Basic Computer Skills Are Very Essential In This Role. How Would You Rate Your Computer Skills?

I’m proficient with the Microsoft suite and I can comfortably work with it. Previously, I have studied an advanced course in Microsoft excel. These skills help me to also keep track of my work schedules to ensure that I do not run behind deadlines. This way, I am always on top of things. I am also a quick learner should the job requires me to learn using new software.

24. Kindly Take Me Through Your Work Ethic.

 I am an energetic, positive, and proactive person who is dedicated to working with professionalism. I am always willing to go the extra mile to finish the required tasks.

25. How Do You Handle Work pressure At Work?

I thrive while working under pressure. I am more focused and I achieve positive results when working under pressure. My ability to multitask helps to maintain balance while working in stressful situations. I understand that I need to keep a level head to achieve positive results. Additionally, I can balance work and personal life to ensure that I work effectively.


Having gone through the above questions along with their answers, you can figure out any other question that you will be asked during the interview. Remember to dress well for the occasion to create a good impression before the interviewer.