Top 25 Macy’s Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Macy's Interview Questions and Answers

Do you want to work at a retail or departmental store? Well, look no further. Macy’s is one of the oldest department stores in the United States. Founded in 1858, it has managed to grow over the years and currently has over 500 stores.

We want to turn your dream of working at Macy’s into reality by looking at some of the questions you should expect in your upcoming interview. Remember, department stores require certain employee skills and attributes; therefore, expect thorough grilling. Here are our recommendations:

1. What Do You Know About Us?

On top of being your regular customer, I took some time to learn more about this institution. You are one of the oldest chains of American Department stores, having been incorporated in 1858. You currently have over 500 stores headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. You are a subsidiary of Macy’s Inc, owned and founded by Ronald Macy.

2. Why Do You Want To Work Here?

Given your amazing range of products and services, I have always wanted to work at Macy’s. I have been your loyal customer for fifteen years, so I know a lot about your stores. I believe you are better than your competitors, given your amazing prices and better customer service. I will be happy and motivated to work here given a chance.

3. Why Are You Interested In This Particular Job?

My experience and skillset fit the job description. This is my tenth year in the retail industry, which makes me highly experienced. I have worked in different settings and stores and therefore acquired lots of insight and skills that will come in handy if I get this job. I have also served several clients, working hard to ensure they are satisfied. I am confident I will do my job well. Lastly, this job will expose me to new challenges I need now.

4. How Do You Define Excellent Customer Service?

I believe that excellent customer service exists in both actions and words. It is a culmination of many things, but mostly a friendly staff ready to go all out to help customers. It also means not keeping customers in checkout lines for long and being well-positioned to offer help easily. Lastly, I have learned from experience that excellent customer service also extends to store presentation and general hygiene. Having been in this industry for quite some time, I understand the importance of excellent customer service. Therefore, I am willing and ready to go above and beyond to serve your customers.

5. Do You Think You Deserve This Chance?

I do. I am a hard worker who met all the targets in my former workplace. I normally give my all to my job, which has helped me to get this far. I also understand the importance of excellent customer service, which is the cornerstone of every institution or establishment. I will use my interpersonal and people skills to help your customers around the store. I am confident in my abilities and skills, which I intend to use to better this workplace.

6. In Your Opinion, What’s The Best Way To Handle An Upset Customer?

I have served several customers before in my career, so I know how to handle an upset customer. I normally give them time to rant or explain their issue while listening empathetically, without pointing fingers. After understanding their issue and seeking clarification, I look for ways of solving them or people who can. It’s worth mentioning that I am always willing to go above and beyond to ensure customers walk out of the store with happy faces.

7. Are You A Team Player?

 Yes. I am a team player, a skill I have significantly improved based on my experience working in team settings. I know how to manage expectations and motivate all my team members to give their all. I have excellent interpersonal and people skills that will help me blend well with your existing team, which I am willing to use. I am ready and able to work with your team to benefit this establishment.

8. Do You Know Our Offerings?

I have been a regular shopper at Macy’s for ten years and understand your catalog well. I have enjoyed many outstanding apparel deals that have saved me tons of money. You mainly sell children, women and men clothing; which are of excellent quality. You also sell different types of housewares, cosmetics, home decor, gifts, jewelry, hair and nail care, and designer handbags. I have also obtained shoes and activewear from a number of your stores.

9. Why Do You Like Most About Us?

Apart from your amazing products, I am a fan of your Believe campaigns which build and celebrate the communities around you. You donate $1 for every believer of Santa Claus who sends a message, granting millions of children their wishes. You have donated more than $122 million since 2013, granting over 14000 kinds their Christmas wishes. I will be glad to be part of such an institution that touches the lives of thousands of kids all over America. I am prepared for anything that may come my way if given a chance.

10. We Mostly Sell Clothing Apparel For Men And Women. Kindly Tell Us How You Will Help A Customer Make The Right Purchase Decision?

I love fashion; therefore, I can automatically know what would look good on someone by just glancing at them. I have worked in several fashion stores over the years and helped many shoppers in a dilemma make the right purchase decision- experiences that I believe will come in handy when I start my job at Macy’s. I will ask the customer what they love, including their preferred colors and shades, and depending on their answer, get them an array of clothes to choose from.

11. Can You Go Above And Beyond For Our Customers?

Yes. I am ready to go above and beyond for your customers, something I have done in all the years I have worked in retail stores. I believe that customer satisfaction is mandatory; therefore, I usually try my best to ensure that everyone who walks into the store leaves with a smile on their face. At one point, I let a customer borrow my phone to make a call to the wife seeking clarification on her size and preferred dress. I get all the satisfaction that I need from such acts of service.

12. We Highly Value Customer Service. Why Do You Think So?

Having worked in several institutions, I understand why entities value excellent customer service and strive to extend it to all their clients. Excellent customer service ensures customer loyalty, which is the epitome of success for any business. Loyal customers generally refer their friends and families, generating more profit for the business. Good customer service is also a sign that the business values its customers and thus shows appreciation. I am willing to use all the skills I have acquired in this field to serve your customers and ensure that they are satisfied.

13. What Would You Do If You Caught A Customer Or Employee Stealing From The Store?

I believe that Macy’s has policies regarding store theft and general conduct, which I have yet to read. I’ll follow what’s captured in the store’s policies to the latter, ensuring that justice is served. I have no tolerance for theft and other unscrupulous behaviors in the workplace, given that I am a person of high integrity. I will also inform security in case of a theft in progress so that they intervene. All in all, I will be invested in ensuring that your inventory is safe.

14. What Intrigues You About Fashion

One of the facts about fashion that I find interesting is that it is personal, meaning that what one finds amazing may not be the same for another. Someone can easily come up with or wear pieces that they find fashionable, and it will be acceptable. Therefore, when helping people make purchases in this store, I usually advise them to go for clothes that they find comfortable and appealing. Provided you pair your pieces well and stay clean; you will be fashionable in your own way.

15. How Will You Motivate Your Team Members To Give Their All?

I believe that employee motivation is fundamental for every organization’s success. Motivated employees are normally hardworking and determined, which puts them in the right position to meet all the set targets and goals. I intend to motivate my team members by leading by example. I have learned that others are always willing and ready to follow when someone sets the pace. I will also work closely with them, offering help and words of encouragement whenever needed, which is a good way to motivate others. I am confident that I will succeed, given that I have done the same in several places I have worked.

16. Can You Lead A Team?

Yes. I have extensive experience working in team settings that I believe will be useful when leading a team. I know what every team needs to succeed and how to ensure that team members are always motivated. My experience has also taught me how to delegate tasks appropriately, a skill needed for highly functional teams. Therefore, I am confident I can lead a team well if given a chance. In such instances, my leadership skills will come in handy.

17. How Do You Normally Handle Pressure?

After working for several years in the retail industry, I understand how difficult it can get, especially when the pressure starts piling up. Fortunately, I know what to do during such instances. I usually ensure that I am in the right mind to handle huge workloads, after which I plan my work accordingly, ensuring everything is factored in. I can also multitask well without giving up on quality, a skill that has always come in handy in this job. I am confident I will do an excellent job if allowed to work here.

18. What’s Your Preferred Management Style?

I have led several teams and held a few management positions in my career, experiences that have allowed me to try different management styles. However, I have discovered that the best style is to focus on being a leader rather than a boss. A leader inspires subordinates to meet set goals and objectives while a boss shouts orders and expects them to be followed. Therefore, whenever I hold a leadership position, I normally strive to lead by example, give people a chance to own their craft and achievements, and motivate my colleagues to be at their best.

19. Can You Mention Your Ideal Working Environment?

I have had the chance to work in many places and gather lots of experiences. However, I would rank my last workplace the best for several reasons that made it conducive. First, an ideal environment motivates employees to give their best while keeping them on their toes through targets and performance assessments. Such an environment also ensures that employees are heard and, if possible, allowed to participate in things that affect them. An ideal workplace also allows career advancement, which positively influences employee loyalty.

20. How Would You Handle A Difficult Customer?

I believe that everyone who walks in the store deserves to be treated well, whether they are difficult or cooperative. Having dealt with such customers before, I know better than to agitate them more. I usually give them time to rant while giving a listening ear and showing interest in what they have to say. I may also offer an apology without pointing fingers depending on the situation and then embark on finding a solution. I have also referred such customers to my supervisors or managers several times. I normally ensure that even the most difficult customers get the help they need at the end of the day.

21. How Would You Deal With A Rowdy Customer?

I always have a general rule that every customer deserves to be respected and served well the moment they step into the store. However, I normally draw a line if they become a nuisance or endanger other shoppers. In such an instance, I would try to calm the customer and urge them to respect other shoppers. However, if I cannot, I will call security, who are well equipped to handle such matters. I once called the police to come to arrest a customer trying to fight other shoppers.

22. Tell Us About Your Customer Service Experience

I have worked in the retail setting from my college days till now in different positions. I can confidently say that I have over fifteen years of experience. I started as a customer care attendant, welcoming people to the retail store and helping them locate products before working at the cash register. When I finished college, I became an accountant in one of the biggest departmental stores in the region, which gave me lots of insights into this field. I have worked hard over the years, rising in ranks and trying different positions while dealing with customers directly and indirectly. I am confident that my extensive customer service experience will come in handy here.

23. What’s Your Preferred Shift? 

I have worked day and night shifts and had a feeling of both. I came to accept that I am not much of a night person and would choose day shifts since I am always more active during the day. However, I can also occasionally work night shifts with enough preparation. I am sure that we will find a way of going about it.

24. Mention Two Strategies That One Needs To Succeed In This Role

Working in the retail industry can be easy or hard. One strategy that has kept me successful and practically alive in this industry is ensuring that everything I do aims at customer satisfaction. I never let a customer I have interacted with walk out of the store without getting the help they need. Second, coming up with a strategy for handling pressure is also vital since this industry can change anytime. I am willing to share these strategies with my colleagues 

25. In Your Opinion, What’s The Best Way To Ensure Customers Are Satisfied?

Customer satisfaction is important as it breeds customer loyalty, which every institution needs in order to stay profitable. I am normally ready to go above and beyond to ensure that customers are satisfied. I think the main way of doing that is by listening to them and attending to their needs. They have to feel valued and respected, which can only happen if they are given an ear. A customer should not walk out of the store with pending queries.


This marks the end of our top 25 Macy’s Interview questions and answers article, which we hope has been insightful. We also ask you to give a good first impression in your upcoming interview as it will influence the interview results. We wish you all the best!

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