Top 25 Lube Technician Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Lube Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Lube technicians mostly work in garages and car service centers. They prepare detailed vehicle service reports, change motor oils, replace vehicle wiper blades and car batteries, and clean vehicle interiors.

If you are eyeing a lube technician job, you are in the right place. This article will cover some of the most asked questions in a lube technician interview. However, remember that you need more than the right answers to pass an interview, so remember to also work on your grooming and confidence.

Take a look at the following questions:

1. Why Are You Interested In This Job?

I have always wanted to work in this car dealership owing to your reputation. I believe that my experience and skills will be better utilized here. I am also looking for newer challenges in this career, which I am positive this car dealership will give me. I am ready to work extra hard to fit into this workplace.

2. Mention The Roles Of A Lube Technician

Lube technicians work in car dealerships or automotive repair shops. Their responsibilities include preparing vehicle service reports, changing motor oil, performing maintenance and servicing tasks, replacing vehicle wiper blades, and performing engine clean-ups to protect against rust. Other roles include recommending additional servicing to vehicle owners, performing tire rotations, and general inspections.

3. What Are The Qualities That A Lube Technician Needs To Be Successful?

A lube technician requires good dexterity and hand-eye coordination due to their workplace responsibilities. They should also be detail-oriented and good time managers. Other qualities are excellent problem-solving skills, effective communication skills, great customer service skills, and experience in vehicle maintenance and repair. Some car dealerships and automotive repair shops may require specific years of experience.

4. What Was The Main Challenge That You Faced In Your Last Role? How Did You Manage It?

I worked for a new car dealership at the heart of a busy town in my last role. We were severely understaffed during the first months, given that the entity had not existed for long. We had several service requests which we worked extra hard to meet. Seeing that we were constantly burning out, I made a few referrals to the manager and offered to bring in a few apprentices, which the establishment agreed to. I personally took charge of the apprentices and benefitted both the company and the apprentices. Other colleagues were also relieved.

5. Mention Your Daily Routine

Automotive service centers and car dealerships are busy environments, and therefore, my day is always packed. It revolves around preparing detailed vehicle service reports, replacing vehicle wiper blades and car batteries, changing motor oil, lubricating wheel bearing to prevent excessive pressure on wheels, cleaning engines to avoid rusting, performing tire rotations for even tire wear, inspecting vehicles for oil leaks and notifying the service advisor in case maintenance or servicing operation cannot be completed in time.

6. Briefly Describe Your Experience

This is my tenth year as a lube technician. I have worked in several establishments and automotive repair centers, servicing and maintaining different car brands. I have vast experience working in team settings. I have also serviced race cars in my career, which I found thrilling. Besides car servicing and maintenance, I am also a mechanic who can diagnose and repair different car faults. I am sure that the latter will come in handy while working in this establishment. I am sure that my experience will greatly help me deliver while working in this establishment.

7. Mention A Strategy And Mindset Required For This Role

Working and thriving as a lube technician is not as easy as most people view it, and therefore, one needs a proper strategy and mindset. A strategy that has always helped me be at the top of the game is observing a level of thoroughness and keenness when inspecting vehicles or going about my work. I leave nothing to chance whenever a customer brings their car in for maintenance or servicing, which explains why I have always thrived in this field. I am ready to do the same in this establishment given a chance. As for the second part of the question, I have observed that one needs a productive mindset to thrive in this field, given the amount of work involved.

8. What Is The Main Challenge That You Foresee In This Role?

I have experienced my fair share of challenges as a lube technician, which have fortunately prepared me for this role. I expect a higher work volume in this establishment, given that this is a big establishment. However, I am good at multitasking and prioritizing work, which will definitely come in handy whenever I am swamped with work. I also value teamwork and will therefore collaborate with fellow employees.

9. How Do You Stay Motivated In This Role?

It is important to find a source of motivation since this job can get highly demanding. I don’t generally struggle with motivation, given my love for cars. I grew up in a family of mechanics, which taught me a lot about cars at a relatively younger age. I also spent a lot of my teenage years in the family-owned garage, and by the time I was through elementary school, I knew I was getting into vehicle service and maintenance. However, I should also add that I normally look back at my past projects whenever I feel demotivated.

10. Mention A Time That You Failed In This Role. What Did You Learn?

I once failed to recommend additional servicing after seeing check engine lights in a customer’s car as he had specifically come for tire rotation and oil replacement. The engine gave up a few kilometers after leaving, and the car had to be towed back for servicing, which proved extremely costly. This experience taught me not to take anything for granted and recommend additional servicing immediately after realizing something amiss.

11. Why Do You Believe That You Are The Most Suited Candidate For This Role?

I grew up around cars and therefore learned quite a lot about them at a relatively younger age. My dad was a mechanic while my brother raced. I knew about tire rotations, cabin replacement, oil filters, and a horde of other information even before training for this particular role. I believe that this background, coupled with my experience in this field, puts me ahead of other candidates. I also have exceptional customer care and teamwork skills that will definitely play a big role in this job.

12. What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

I worked for a Toyota outlet at a relatively younger age for some time. I was the youngest lube technician on my team but went ahead to win the employee of the year twice in a row owing to my enthusiasm, dedication, and love for cars. I have also had the chance to work on some of the rarest vehicle models, including my dream cars, which I do not take for granted. I have definitely had a rewarding career.

13. When Would You Recommend To A Client To Replace Their Vehicle’s, Air Filter?

As a lube technician, I normally encounter several cars with outdated air filters or those needing replacement. Generally, air filters should be replaced in case of any damage, but other reasons necessitate their replacement. Common signs include check engine lights, weak fuel economy, dirty or discolored filters, black smoke from the exhaust, and a generally poor-performing vehicle. We normally advise people to change their air filters every 12,0000 to 15,000 miles for a high-performing car. I am glad that most customers find the advice sane.

14. What Would You Do To Convince An Unknowledgeable Customer Who Does Not Want Their Engine Cleaned?

I have dealt with such customers before and realized that most of them refuse to get their engines checked due to lack of knowledge or pure ignorance. The best way to deal with such persons is to break down the effects of a dirty engine in a language they understand. I normally show them the differences between the two and the losses they stand to bear if they do not get their engines checked. I am glad that I have excellent negotiation and convincing skills, which normally come in handy during such times.

15. Do You Think Routine Maintenance Is Important?

Yes. Everybody should bring their vehicle for routine maintenance since it is the most important thing a person can do for a running automotive. Such vehicles normally contribute less to pollution, save energy in terms of fuel and last longer since problems are diagnosed and fixed early. Regular maintenance also ensures that the vehicle is in good condition all the time. I normally advise my clients to regularly bring in their cars for maintenance and servicing if they intend to enjoy cruising around in them.

16. Can You Perform Several Maintenances And Servicing Tasks In A Day?

Yes. We occasionally have to perform several maintenances and servicing tasks by the end of the day. I normally prioritize work by beginning with the lightest first after completing diagnoses to do this successfully. I find it easier to work on the relatively easier tasks before proceeding to the hardest as it also saves time and allows for better organization. I am also usually closer to my team, making it easier to collaborate during such times. I also normally organize my time well in preparation for such days.

17. Why Do Lube Technicians Advise Customers To Perform Regular Tire Rotations?

I normally advise my clients to perform regular tire rotations because it spreads wear evenly among tires and helps even tread life. It also improves vehicle handling, allowing it to control the car when needed since both front and back tires wear evenly. Other reasons people should perform regular tire rotations include preventing tire cupping and protecting other vehicle components, which makes the vehicle last longer. I generally perform tire rotation on customers’ cars during every service or maintenance.

18. Have You Ever Performed Various Duties To Effectively Maintain A Vehicle?

Car maintenance and servicing normally involve many tasks, which I regularly perform. Even though a few people come with specific requests, most prefer general servicing and maintenance. I once completed tire rotations for a customer, replaced the cabin, fuel, and oil filters, tested the tire pressure and added air, cleaned the engine to prevent rust formation, and lubricated all the wheel bearings to protect against excessive wear. Even though it was a hefty task, I was glad that the client felt the difference when she stepped into the car. I am ready to do the same in this establishment if called upon.

19. Have You Ever Dealt With A Difficult Person? How Did You Handle The Situation?

I once encountered a customer who didn’t want to pay after fully servicing his car. He found the figure too high and had reservations. Instead of getting mad or worked up, I decided to break down each charge and explain why the cost was high. I even offered to go on a test drive with him and see if there was any difference. He agreed and, on noticing the difference, knowing that we had worked wonders on the car and was glad to pay. The situation would have been worse if I had chosen to deal with it in any other way.

20. Can You Mention Some Of The Minor Repairs You Have Done In Your Career?

Working as a lube technician entails performing both large and small repairs. I have cleaned both truck and motorcycle engines and replaced cabin fuels for both 16-wheel trucks and salon cars. Some of the minor repairs I have done in my career include vehicle inspection to determine oil leaks, adding air after testing tire pressure, lubricating wheel bearings, and performing tire rotations on small cars.

21. Has Your Patience Ever Been Tested? How Did You Handle The Situation?

My patience has been tested severally in this job, which explains why I am nowadays prepared for anything when dealing with customers. I once spent six hours working on a client’s car, who refused to pay afterward, citing that we had not agreed on the price despite giving him an estimate and getting a go-ahead. I was pretty exhausted and, knowing that I could easily snap, called my supervisor to handle the situation. He broke down the charges to him, and the bill was cleared after thirty minutes.

22. What Do You Wish To Improve About Your Work?

Even though I am happy with my work and customer record, I need to improve my speed. I am not slow, but I take relatively longer during inspections, given my thoroughness. I am currently trying to find the means to perform thorough checks fast enough so that I can work on a higher number of cars in a day and therefore achieve my potential. I am confident that I will manage to find a way of doing so while working here.

23. What Do You Love About Being A Lube Technician?

This is my tenth year as a lube technician, and I do not have a single regret. As a car lover, I am happy that this job allows me to work on different cars and experience how they work. It also exposes me to other car lovers and has, over the years, allowed me to make important networks. I also love and enjoy the trust customers have in me whenever I perform diagnostic operations on their cars. It is indeed fulfilling and worth every fort.

24. What Is Your Greatest Strength?

I have a number of strengths, which I believe make me a good lube technician. First, I love cars, meaning that I am always at my best diagnosing, servicing, or managing one. I get to learn more about different engines, cabins, and filters while going about my job, which further pushes me to give my oil. I am also attentive to details, guaranteeing that nothing normally escapes my attention. This has helped me perform thorough inspections and diagnoses on different cars and thus made my customers happy. I am confident that these strengths will come in handy while working in this establishment.

25. Have You Gone Through Our Policies And Found Out More About Our Work Culture? What Can You Comment?

I love your work policies and general workplace culture. I normally enjoy working in entities or establishments that value teamwork and general employee collaboration. I am sure that I will easily fit into your current team given my excellent teamwork skills. I also love the fact that you value customer service and rank it over everything else in the workplace. I am positive that I will contribute positively to your general workplace culture.


If rehearsed well, these 25 questions should help you ace your upcoming lube technician interview. Ensure that you brainstorm the best responses to increase your chances of landing a job with your dream establishment. We wish you well.