Top 25 Journeys Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Journeys Interview Questions and Answers

Are you currently looking for a job in the retail sector, or do you have any retail experience you would love to showcase? Well, Journeys is a good place to start. This renowned specialty chain retailer deals in branded accessories and fashion footwear.

This article will cover some of the questions you should expect in a Journeys Interview to help you prepare adequately. Remember that most of these interview questions will target your retail experience and skills, so have a few experiences you can give to the interviewer.

1. What Do You Know About Us?

As your regular customer, I know that Journeys is a specialty chain retailer that sells accessories and branded footwear. You currently have over 100 stores spread out evenly in the US. You have been branded ‘the anti-foot locker’ given your interest in quickly shifting fashion footwear trends. Your first store was opened in 1986; by 1996, you had over 100 stores, which is commendable.

2. Why Should We Give You This Job?

I am an experienced store attendant since this is my fifth year in the retail industry. I know how to get through to clients and meet set targets. I am also experienced in inventory management, a skill I learned while working in a warehouse that will come in handy here. Lastly, I am a hardworking, customer-oriented, self-motivated employee who’ll help this company live up to its vision and mission.

3. What Do You Love Most About Journeys?

I love your products. You are called the anti-Foot Locker for a good reason. Your main focus is on quickly shifting fashion footwear trends, and as someone who adores fashion, I find shopping here fulfilling. You also love giving back to the community thanks to your ‘Attitude That Cares’ program, which encourages your employees to participate in community outreach and service. You have also partnered with Can’dAid and organizations interested in building successful communities.

4. Mention The Skills You Will Bring Onboard

I have several skills that I am willing to use in this workplace or share with my colleagues when I get this job. I am an excellent communicator, a skill that has always helped me reach out to customers and help them with their purchases. Working in team settings has also equipped me with teamwork skills that will come in handy here. Additionally, I have lots of interpersonal and people skills that I am willing to share with your existing team.

5. What Do You Think Of Our Store’s Arrangement?

Your store arrangement is superb. You seem to understand the importance of store and product arrangement. I am particularly excited about the visibility you have given trending footwear and accessories. Also, parading the goods at a discount near the entrance is an excellent idea. Additionally, I find your labeling thoughtful. You have clearly labeled different sections with different goods to give your customers an easier shopping experience. I am ready to uphold your thoughtful arrangement when I get this job.

6. What’s Your Take On Teamwork?

I believe that teamwork is important, so every employee should invest in becoming a team player. Coming together and working towards a common initiative makes us powerful as we pool together our minds and abilities. I am glad that most organizations I have worked in value teamwork and employee collaboration, just like Journeys. I am prepared to blend well with your existing team and do everything expected of me to fit in. I will also motivate my team members to work hard to meet the targets and contribute to the store’s missions.

7. Do You Have Any Relevant Experience?

No. This is my first attempt at a retail job. I am in my third year of college, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce course that I believe will play a significant role in my retail knowledge upon completion. I am a fast learner, with lots of people skills, given my involvement in clubs and school initiatives. I have also developed many positive habits over the years, such as meditation, that keep me motivated and fully focused on the work. I am confident that I will succeed, given a chance.

8. What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job?

I have worked in the retail industry for seven years and have dealt with many challenges. I have also observed that most of these challenges are common in different stores. I, therefore, expect normal issues such as difficult customers and increased workloads, which I am prepared to handle excellently and to the store’s satisfaction. I will devise creative solutions for any significant and specific challenge and involve the team and management where necessary. All in all, I am confident that I will overcome all the challenges that come my way.

9. How Do You Stay Motivated In This Field?

I mostly focus on intrinsic motivation to survive in this field. I generally have daily, weekly, and monthly targets and goals that must be met, all of which motivate me to work hard and improve. I am also not fond of letting down my colleagues, so I always put my best foot forward when going about my workplace duties. Lastly, I love succeeding in my endeavors, which is why I am always motivated.

10. We Believe In Excellent Customer Service. How Do You Always Ensure That Customers Are Satisfied?

As a customer and retail expert, I fully understand the importance of customer satisfaction. I wouldn’t shop in a given store twice if my first few experiences were unsatisfactory. Therefore, I am always prepared to go above and beyond to ensure that customers are satisfied when they walk out of the store. I normally anticipate any need for help and offer the right assistance. I also have many interpersonal skills that come in handy when handling customers. I am committed to helping stores achieve customer loyalty.

11. How Would You Deal With An Upset Customer?

The best way of dealing with an upset customer is to show empathy and offer the needed assistance. I will urge them to share whatever is troubling them before issuing a heartfelt apology. I would then get down to solving the issue without giving any unfulfillable promises. Depending on the situation, I may also involve the manager or supervisor. I will ensure that the upset customer gets all the help they need and walk out of the store with a light heart.

12. How Do You Keep Off Distractions?

Avoiding distractions is all about focus. I have worked on building my focus levels throughout my career, which I am happy are at an all-time high. Therefore, to keep off distractions, I normally ensure that I channel my attention to what’s important such as my targets, goals, and customer satisfaction. I don’t normally leave room for anything that may thwart my efforts to succeed and meet or exceed my goals. Additionally, I maintain a proper work-life balance, which is important for avoiding distractions and building focus. I can there go about my duties uninterrupted.

13. How Do You Handle Stress?

Stress-handling is an important skill that every employee should strive to build, especially in the retail field. I discovered that staying calm is the first thing to do when stressed. Panicking and getting anxious only worsens the situation and may lead to poor situation handling. I have trained my mind to stay calm whenever I am stressed before getting to the root cause of the matter and dealing with it. If it is an increased workload, I devise a strategy that involves prioritizing work. All in all, remaining composed gives one time to think about effective stress-handling measures.

14. Why Do You Believe That You Are The Most Suited For This Position?

Even though I can’t speak for other candidates, given that I don’t know their credentials, I believe that my experience puts me ahead. I have worked in some of the most stressful environments in my career that have improved my ability to work under stress and handle heavy workloads without breaking a sweat. Such environments hardened and prepared me for most challenges in the retail sector. I also have lots of interpersonal and customer service skills that I am willing to use here and share with my colleagues. I will definitely do an excellent job if given this chance.

15. What Did You Feel About Your Previous Manager?

I liked my previous manager. Even though he was excessively strict at times, he managed to keep us on our toes, teaching us how to thrive under pressure. Having been a salesperson before, he molded us into excellent salespeople, imparting the skills he learned during his time. He also ensured that we mentored the new recruits, giving the company a competent and well-trained workforce. He also involved us in decisions affecting us, which we all appreciated. I am honored to have worked with him.

16. What Would You Do If You Caught Your Colleague Stealing?

I am against workplace theft, so an employee caught stealing should be subjected to the store’s anti-theft policies. I believe it is our duty to protect every workplace property, which in this case also covers the products on sale. I would report such an employee to the proper authorities and involve security for thefts in progress. I am interested in maintaining high levels of integrity, which everybody else should strive for.

17. How Will You Encourage Someone To Buy A Specific Pair Of Shoes?

Being in this industry for a considerable amount of time teaches you a thing or two about sales. Approach matters when you want to convince a customer to get an item. I would walk up to a customer, greet them with a smile and suggest that they would look more beautiful or dashing in the specific pair of shoes, after which I would ask them to try it out. I would then explain to them some of the pros of the particular pair and ask if they feel comfortable. Depending on the store’s policies, I may even offer a discount.

18. How Do You Solve Workplace Conflict?

Conflicts are common in such big establishments. However, they should never affect the entire team’s morale, which explains why I normally solve them expeditiously. I don’t have a problem approaching the other party so that we work on the conflict before it breeds bad blood between us. I also have excellent mediation skills that I use to solve workplace conflicts between employees. All in all, I am always keen not to let conflicts and disagreements threaten the team’s morale.

19. Do You Think You Are A Great Fit?

I believe that I am an excellent fit for this position. I have worked in fast-paced settings such as Journeys for four years and learned everything that can help me succeed. I have also been in several team settings and built many teamwork skills. I know how to motivate others, solve conflicts, and lobby support from team members. Lastly, I have met 95% of my career targets and won’t have a problem meeting your store’s targets. I am confident that I will make a good addition to your existing team, given a chance.

20. What Would You Do If You Noticed That A Customer Was Struggling To Find A Given Product?

I am always willing and ready to help customers go about their shopping expeditions, which explains why I normally make myself as accessible as possible. I would walk up to such a customer before they approached me and find out what they are looking for. Instead of pointing towards a given direction, I would walk them to the particular shelf and let them pick whatever they needed. I believe in excellent customer service, best shown by being involved and interested in the customer’s shopping.

21. What Are Your Strengths?

I have several positive attributes that I consider strengths. They have helped me thrive in this field and solve different challenges. First, I can work well under pressure, a great strength this given retail work demands. Secondly, I am pretty flexible, an attribute that comes in handy in responding to different workplace situations and working blended shifts. I can also make time over the weekends or during the holidays when asked to. Thirdly, I am excellent at multitasking, which is needed in retail work. I can handle different tasks without compromising the quality of my output. Lastly, I am determined and hardworking, attributes needed in coming up with solutions to different work challenges.

22. Do You Have Any Weaknesses?

I have a few weaknesses which don’t define me or inhibit my potential and ability to deliver. I am generally impatient, a weakness I am successfully overcoming. I am glad it doesn’t nowadays reflect whenever I attend to my workplace duties. I am also a perfectionist, which, even though it may be a good attribute, can sometimes be a weakness. Before working on taming it, I’d beat myself up if things did not turn out as I had envisioned. I am glad about the improvements I have made so far. Thanks to self-awareness, I am able to identify and work on my negative traits.

23. Tell Us About Your Availability

I am yet to clear from my former workplace. However, I issued them a notice two weeks ago, which is set to expire at the end of the week, after which I will be free for any new responsibilities. I don’t also have a problem working day or night shifts since I have done both severally in my career. I am fully prepared for this position.

24. Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job?

I wanted a change of work environment and a chance to meet and conquer new challenges. It undoubtedly gave me a chance to thrive in this field, given the experience I obtained. I met an excellent team and worked with some of the renowned managers in the retail sector. However, after four years, I found it thoughtful to try somewhere else and give a different person a chance to grow their career through my previous position. I chose this establishment as the perfect place to get new experiences and try something different.

25. Do You Have Any Long-Term Goals?

I have several long-term goals that I take seriously. Goal-setting has helped me thrive in this career, explaining the latter. I intend to try management in the future, which will give me a chance to showcase my leadership skills and oversee a team. I am currently working on gathering the relevant experience and skills needed for management and any other leadership position I will land. I also intend to get a Master’s in Business Administration in the near future. I am committed to achieving all these goals.


 These are some of the most-asked questions in Journeys interviews. Ensure that you have all the answers at your fingertips for a successful interview session. Stay confident throughout the interview and show the interviewer that you will succeed, given a chance.