Top 25 Internship Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Internship Interview Questions and Answers

Are you interested in sharpening your skills or familiarizing yourself with your area of specialization? Well, you need an internship. Internships are short-term work experiences normally given to students or people who are still green in their professions to help them get the hang of it.

You have to apply for one to be considered one, just like we normally do with jobs. You will be shortlisted for an interview where a panel will decide whether you deserve the internship or not. This article will look at some of the questions you should expect on your internship to help you secure a chance in your preferred organization. Here are 25 of the most common internship questions:

1. Why Are You Interested In This Internship Position?

Your organization is the best place to apply what I have learned in school, learn more about this field, and generally build my experience. Most of your former employees I have talked to applaud how you handle interns and ensure they get the best out of their limited internship periods. I would also love to be a witness and learn from the best. I am willing to do everything necessary to succeed.

2. Mention Qualities That Will Make You A Good Intern?

I have an array of qualities that will help me make use of this position and gain experience. I am naturally curious, a quality required to thrive as an intern. I am also humble enough and ready to accept guidance at any step of the way. I am self-confident, tolerant, hardworking, diligent, and flexible. Lastly, I know how to get along with others and have meaningful conversations. Therefore, I am positive that I will fit in well as an intern.

3. Why Should We Consider You For This Internship Position?

First, I am a top performer and, therefore, have enough knowledge of this field. Choosing me for this internship will give me a place to apply this knowledge by indulging in the practical aspects of this profession. Secondly, I am willing to put in the work and gather experience while bettering the organization since I understand just how privileged I would be if I landed this internship. Lastly, I have an array of qualities needed in an intern. I am hardworking, willing to accept guidance, naturally inquisitive, and disciplined.

4. What Made You Choose Your Major?

I grew up in the slums and watched several children and adults die due to a lack of medicine or treatment options. I even lost a brother to quack doctors at 14, which negatively affected me. After that, I swore to pursue medicine to help such people and prevent families from experiencing what happened to my brother. I put in the work, passed, and got admitted to Medicine school. Having come this far, I am ready to do anything needed to ace my internship, which will help me achieve my dreams.

5. Mention Some Of Your Strengths

I have several positive traits and attributes that I consider as strengths. First, I am always ready to work hard and conquer any obstacle to achieve whatever I set my mind to. I am self-driven and confident enough to go for what I want. I am also a quick learner. I observe, listen, comprehend, and apply whatever I have learned, made possible because I am generally curious and willing to research topics that I find interesting.

6. You Need Goals To Succeed As An Intern. How Do You Normally Set And Achieve Them?

I normally set goals at the onset of any undertaking, which is made easier since I know my abilities. I envision the results I need before setting these goals, which helps me come up with a list of everything I need. I primarily focus on what I need to achieve regardless of the circumstances. I am also disciplined, a trait that helps me stick to the right course even if things are not rosy enough.

7. What Do You Know About Our Organization?

I know that you are the biggest law firm in the country at the moment. You have handled multi-million lawsuits, deals, and proceedings in the recent past, including the general election petition. The firm was founded in 1976 and first handled conveyancing suits and land issues before later spreading its wings to other legal areas. You boast of a 98% lawsuits success rate and act as a retainer for several politicians and business people. Lastly, your internship program has been applauded in the past and is part of your recruitment programs.

8. Do You Have any Community Service Experience

Yes. I was raised in a community setting and, therefore, value giving back to the community. I have volunteered in several community campaigns and NGO undertakings to create a real change in society. I took part in a tree-planting campaign last year, which saw us plant more than 25000 seedlings around my village. I also normally participate in other community environmental conservation programs, such as cleaning the environment and preventing soil erosion. These experiences have taught me to be selfless and give me a chance to put smiles on people’s faces.

9. How Has Your Coursework Prepared You For This Internship?

My coursework has imparted me with the knowledge I need to apply and thrive in this field. I have learned the necessary theories, measures, and procedures that this profession relies on. We also covered a unit on Safety which has the ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ of this field. Even though I didn’t get to experience much of the practical aspects of my major, what I have learned in my coursework has prepared me for them.

10. Can You Work In Stressful Situations?

I understand just how stressful an internship can be since it is more of a learning than a working phase. However, I know how to succeed in such situations, given that I was pursuing two majors in college. Whenever things get stressful, I attend to what should be done first to create time. I attend to the most pressing items in my worklist, ensuring that they are exhausted first. I also believe that the pressure that comes with stressful situations pushes me to be at my best, leading to impressive results.

11. What Are Your Duties As An Intern?

I took some time to learn more about what I am required to do in this internship position. My duties would be running industry-related errands, attending different functions and networking events, performing clerical duties, working closely with the right professionals, attending meetings and taking notes, researching and gathering relevant information, and offering specialized services under the supervision of a professional. I am also ready to handle any other specific duties your company needs from its interns.

12. How Will You Benefit The Company?

I have an array of skills and abilities that will benefit the company. I am a first learner who will start making substantive contributions to the company in record time,  even as I continue learning more about this field. I am also an excellent researcher and will help with any required research. I am willing to offer an extra hand around the office, shadowing a few positions and working with professionals. Lastly, I will be a good ambassador and market the firm.

13. Do You Prefer Working Under Pressure Of Planning Your Things From The Onset?

I love being in control of things and, therefore, prefer prior planning. I don’t particularly appreciate being ambushed or pressured to work on something at the last moment. I normally create a checklist of what requires my attention at the beginning of the day and tick them off as the day progresses. Being in control allows me to focus and give my best. However, I can also work under pressure where necessary. Under the right circumstances, working under pressure brings the best out of me.

14. How Will You Prioritize Work If We Give You This Chance?

I learned how to prioritize work in school, which has helped me avoid last-minute rushes, which normally deliver poor results. For this internship position, I will plan everything at the start by listing all the day’s activities in terms of priority. I will handle the most pressing ones first, ensuring that I also leave some time to go through them and weed out any errors. I am willing to ask for help where necessary.

15. All Our Interns Are Paired With Teams. Define An Ideal One

I had the chance of participating in teams while in medical school. I learned that the ideal team consists of supportive members who care for one another and offer help where necessary. It also has the right communication channels and ensures that everyone’s voice is heard. Lastly, an ideal team consists of people interested and working together to meet their set objectives and ultimately succeed in the project they are handling.

16. Have You Ever Disagreed With A Supervisor?

Yes. During my final year in school, I had a problem with the methods used by the lecturer supervising my research paper. It was becoming increasingly difficult to come up with anything meaningful or make a step as he was unavailable most of the time. I knew I had to do something or give up graduating. I approached him during the few times he was in school, tabled my concerns, and explained how his involvement and change of techniques were crucial for me. Luckily, he liaised with the overall supervisor, who chose to oversee my research paper instead. I performed extremely well.

17. How Will Other Interns Benefit From You?

First, I’d love to communicate my happiness knowing that you have other interns. I am glad that I will have the chance to interact with them and even learn more during our interactions, where they will also benefit from my skills and attributes.

 Thanks to my traits and accompanying results, I know how to influence those around me to be at their best. I am also friendly and always willing to help, meaning that they will have a chance to consult and ask for help where necessary. I am looking forward to having useful conversations with them.

18. How Flexible Are You?

I am not working or going to school at the moment and, therefore, highly flexible. Most of the things that took up most of my time in the past are long gone, giving me enough time to focus on my internship. I am ready to make any adjustments needed in this role and go the extra mile for a successful internship. I can also report to the office during the weekends or holidays where necessary, provided that I get early notice.

19. How Will Your Hobbies Help You In This Internship?

I enjoy socializing with people, attending events, and generally trying out new settings. Your internship listing outlines that one of the expected duties of an intern in this establishment is attending networking events and seminars, which fits within the hobbies I have listed. My experience socializing with people will help me create new important networks during such events, acting as an added advantage. I also enjoy playing board games and scrabbles, which would be a good idea during team-building activities.

20. Do You Have Any Expectations?

I have a few expectations, both from the organization and me. I expect to give my best and make this experience as successful as possible. I am looking forward to interacting with other interns and the professional body of your organization to learn more about this field. As for this firm, I expect a supportive environment where I won’t feel sidelined. I also expect an environment where I can ask questions and find out as much information as possible about different aspects of this career.

21. What Do You Plan To Do Once You Graduate?

I would love to pay off my student debt and become independent as early as possible. Therefore, I intend to enter the job market immediately after graduation, which is soon to happen. I hope that a company will allow me to apply everything that I have learned in school and give me a salary payment that I can use to sustain myself. On that note, I am ready to put my best foot forward in this internship position if given a chance and, if possible, secure a permanent position in this firm. I will pursue higher education afterward to take advantage of other opportunities in the field.

22. We Always Ensure that Our Interns Are Comfortable. So, Do You Prefer Working Alone Or In Team Settings?

I don’t have a problem with either approach. I believe that independent and collaborative working models come in handy in different circumstances. However, I prefer a blend of both. In this case, teamwork will come in handy at the onset of projects to get the right guidance, while independent working will help me focus more on completing pressing tasks. Blending both of these approaches is therefore perfect. However, I am ready for any model the organization prefers.

23. Are You Willing To Continue Working With Us After Your Internship?

Yes. I plan to enter the job market as fast as possible, given that some of my plans require financial independence. I would therefore be honored to continue working here after a successful internship program. It also means that I will not have to adapt to a different work environment or policies, giving me an easy transition. Also, I will be familiar with most of your processes by the end of my internship, which is an added advantage of being given a permanent position.

24. What Do You Like Most About Being An Intern?

Being an intern gives me a chance to learn from the best. It is not as competitive as a permanent position, and therefore, has different evaluation standards. I have room to make minor mistakes and correct them to gain more experience and expertise in my area of specialization. It also gives me a chance to meet other interns, mostly at similar levels. Lastly, I stand a chance to be absorbed by the organization through a permanent position if I do an outstanding job.

25. When Are You Free To Start?

I don’t have any commitments at the moment and can start as soon as possible. I also need to complete the internship in record time to get a chance to graduate, and therefore, the earlier, the better. I can start from Next Monday if given a chance. I live around here and won’t need to replicate or make any special accommodation plans. Kindly notify me early enough if I succeed in this interview.


We have covered some of the frequent questions employers use to sieve interns. They mostly focus on your qualities, skills, education, and team working ability. Ensure that you know the right answer for every question to increase your chances of landing the internship position.