Top 25 Informal Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Informal Interview Questions and Answers

Establishments conduct informal interviews to assess the value a new hire seeks to bring to the organization. The employer’s focus is normally on the potential employee’s communication style and personality. Such interviews are normally held in casual settings.

You will find this article helpful if you have an upcoming informal interview. You have to prepare for them despite their casual nature. We have set up several informal interview questions that you should look at ahead of your upcoming interview. Take some time to brainstorm and come up with the best replies for the following:

1. Why Do You Think You Are Unique?

Yes. Despite my experience in this field, I am always willing to listen and learn, even from my juniors. I am always eager to absorb new information and find unique ways of bettering the workplace. I also enjoy collaborating with others on projects and looking out for my colleagues.

2. What Do You Think About Our Office Structure?

I love your office structure. As someone passionate about teamwork, I find the open layout greatly beneficial. It not only saves time for employees but also brings them closer, encouraging collaboration. It also helps in employee supervision, which can be difficult with the closed office layout. I will love working here if I get the chance.

3. How Would You Describe Yourself?

I would describe myself as a charming, hardworking, and dedicated employee. I am normally lively and ready to give my best to everything I set out to do. I never leave any project incomplete or undone, which has helped me succeed in my career. I would also say that I am a good communicator, both in speech and writing. Lastly, I am always eager to learn and find ways of bettering the workplace.

4. Do You Think You Can Get Along With Our Employees?

I have never had a problem blending in when working in team settings. I believe that I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills that help me get through to a new team. I also work hard to meet my deadlines after task delegation, ensuring that the team does not carry my weight when they also have work to do. I also know how not to overstep boundaries. I will take time to learn about your employees, which will help me understand how to work with them.

5. Which Part Of This Job Do You Love The Most?

I would say that I enjoy the parts that involve teamwork. I love working with my colleagues and positively contributing to the team’s success. I know how to get through to those around me and motivate them to be at their best at all times. I am glad I have had amazing and supportive team members in my career who have positively contributed to my success in this field. I am also happy that this company promotes teamwork as I will get a chance to work together with other like-minded people.

6. Do You Think Our Dress Code Is Great?

Yes. I think your uniform is amazing and can’t wait to put it on. I love everything about it, from the shades to the pairing. You are also unique as you allow your employees to try different stylings, provided that the company’s official colors are present in their dressing styles. If given a chance, I would love to wear your official jacket and report to work every day. I also intend to ensure that your uniform is in the best condition, just like I did in my former establishment.

7. Why Did You Choose This Career?

I have always championed the rights and welfare of those around me. I knew I had to pursue something that would amplify my voice by giving me a bigger platform. I, therefore, chose litigation, which has always come in handy in helping people attain justice. I have worked with several oppressed persons and organizations and sought relief, making me consider my career highly fulfilling. I hope that I will get the chance to continue bettering other people’s lives here. I am confident that I will succeed.

8. In Your Opinion, Are You An Ideal Candidate?

Yes. I believe that I am well-suited for this role, which makes me an ideal candidate. I have the requisite experience and skills to help me succeed. I also love and respect your company culture, which puts me in a better position to promote and abide by it. I understand that this company highly values teamwork and employee motivation, which I have vast experience in. I have worked in different team settings and helped motivate lots of teams. Therefore, I am more than confident I will succeed in this job if given a chance.

9. How Would You Turn Down A Request That Goes Against Your Principles?

I believe in abiding by my principles at all times. Fortunately, they always align with the policies of the places I have worked in. Therefore, anyone asking me to go against my principles always wants me to disregard the work policies. All in all, I normally point out politely that whatever the other party wants doesn’t align with my beliefs and that it would be impossible for me to do as requested. I believe in politeness even when wronged.

10. Which Parts Of This Job Do You Like The Least?

I find this job fulfilling, even though there are certain aspects that I wouldn’t say I particularly like. I enjoy working in team settings, but the experience that comes with getting paired with the wrong people can be demotivating. I once found myself in a team where almost everyone had problems with the other, turning out to be my worst experience. Most team members were behind schedule and never attended team meetings. I had to do 70% of the work and carry the team. Therefore, the fact that this job requires collaboration has its good and bad sides.

11. Where Do You Think You Will Be In Five Years Careerwise?

I plan to be with you in the next five years, given that I have always wanted to work here, but having advanced in my career. I am glad that this company highly values their employees’ personal and career advancement, which I always seek in my workplace. I have always wanted to try management in my career; therefore, if my experiences and skills would allow me at the time, then I will. Overall, I am positive that I will be several steps ahead in the next five years, as I want to dedicate my time to acquiring experience.

12. How Would You Relay Bad News To Your Team Members?

I used to have a phobia of relaying bad news to people until I faced the death of a loved one. Even though it is not easy, you must stay strong and find ways to get the news across. I would begin by preparing them psychologically, mainly by my moods and body language, after which I will have a short introductory speech before relaying the news. I would then stay and take their questions, giving any needed clarification.

13. What Was Your Biggest Surprise At The Beginning Of Your Career?

I moved from internship to full-time employment in the same company after three months. I was used to being shown the way and constantly helped during my internship program, which changed when I was employed in a full-time role by the company. The treatment quickly changed from an intern to an employee, and I also had to adjust quickly. I had performed quite well during my internship and was therefore given the role of helping new interns, on top of my surprise.

14. Do You Have A Role Model?

My role model is my former boss, who helped me succeed in this career. Despite his success, he took me in after my internship program and was humble enough to shape me into what I am today. He played the role of a mentor and a boss, showing me how to navigate different aspects of this field and better my career. He was patient and allowed me to make mistakes, which I had to atone for. Even though he took early retirement, he still calls to check up on me and furnish me with a few pieces of advice.

15. Do You Think You, Will Love Working, Here?

Absolutely. I once worked for one of your subsidiaries and had a great time. I, therefore, expect the same here since your policies, management style, and work environment are similar in all your branches and subsidiaries. I also thrive well in establishments that promote collaboration and motivate their employees to be at their best such as this institution. I believe that I will love working here and have a great time. I am willing to put in all the work if given the opportunity.

16. What Do You Think About The Job Description?

Well, I must admit that you have a detailed job description, which is expected given that this is a fast-paced environment with lots of processes. The number of roles I am expected to play is a little bit more, but I already expected that when applying for this job. I cannot, therefore, say that it is anything out of the ordinary, given that I have worked in an establishment of your caliber before. I am prepared to tackle everything captured in the responsibilities section of your job description. I also meet all the requirements in the skills and qualities sections.

17. What Is Your Greatest Strength?

I have many positive qualities that normally come in handy in my job. However, my greatest strength is definitely my ability to fit in well in team settings. I am an excellent team player with years of experience. I can blend in well in any team setting and work hard to remain beneficial to my team members. I can also adapt well to change, an attribute that generally comes in handy when beginning work in a new environment. I am confident I will fit well in this new job if given a chance.

18. What Would You Term Your Greatest Weakness?

I believe everyone has flaws, which they should work on consistently. My greatest weakness is my lack of patience, especially where deadlines and targets are involved. As a manager, I don’t normally have the grace to act with patience in certain instances. However, I am constantly working on my lack of patience by increasing my empathy levels. I am glad that I have it under control nowadays. I have also taken many personality and psychology classes that have helped me improve.

19. What Do You Normally Do Outside Work?

I am a car enthusiast, so whenever I’m not at work, I’m usually at my garage working on my project cars. I fell in love with car mechanics at a young age since my father was an automobile technician. I also love hanging out with my friends, who are my biggest support network. We normally drive to new places together and take part in different adventures. Lastly, I love playing musical instruments, and therefore, I love playing the piano whenever I need to unwind or during my free time. I have taken the time to develop several useful hobbies in my life, which I am happy about.

20. What Else Can You Do Apart From Whatever Is Mentioned In The Job Description?

I can be a mentor. I love working with people who need guidance in this career, given that I am a product of mentorship. A senior manager held my hand in my first interaction with this profession, giving me a much-needed foundation. I promised myself that I would mentor at least two employees yearly in my career, which I will be glad to do here. I believe that senior professionals should make it a norm to teach others what they have learned in this profession.

21.  What’s Your Take On Workshops And Seminars?

I have always loved workshops and seminars since they are some of the best places for professional development. I usually ensure that I attend at least three workshops in a year, whether free or paid. They offer a great opportunity to network and learn more about this profession, a chance I don’t particularly appreciate missing. I have met some of the most amazing people who have met me careerwise in workshops and seminars, and therefore, I would encourage everyone around me to try them.

22. You Look Sharp. Are You Into Fashion?

I wouldn’t say that I am into fashion. However, I love looking presentable and taking great care when dressing up or pairing my attires. I take great pride in presentability because it has opened many doors for me and made me get along with some of the people I never thought I would. I also feel good whenever I look sharp. Therefore, I’d that would translate into loving fashion; I am guilty as charged. ( On a light note. Make it lively)

23. You Are An Interesting Candidate. What Do You Think Is Your Greatest Calling On Earth?

Even though it sounds cliche, I believe that I was brought into this world to make it a better place, which I have started doing. I love positively impacting those around me and championing their self-improvement, something I normally do as a mentor and manager. I also believe in being there for the less privileged, which explains my involvement in several humanitarian campaigns. I am part of my local food bank, where we contribute foodstuff to the less privileged. I also love the environment and participate in many environmental conservation projects.

24. If You Were An Animal, Which Animal Would You Be?

I have lots of animals in my mind. However, I believe that I would be a wolf. Wolves move in packs that they are always loyal to, which symbolizes teamwork. I love working with my team members on different projects and ensuring they are in their best shape and form to deliver. Wolves don’t also mind independently taking on an opponent, which means that even though I prefer working in team settings, I don’t mind working alone. I can therefore manage both team and independent work.

25. What Makes You Happy The Most In Life?

I would say that nothing makes me happier than my family. I have a young family and recently had a daughter who is now two months old. I am always looking forward to returning to them at the end of the day. My family motivates me to work extra hard since I would like to make them comfortable by giving them whatever they need. I am glad I have them, as they are also one of my biggest support networks.


Interviews are not always formal. Some companies love resorting to informal interviews once they have established that you are qualified and able to perform. However, be careful and answer the questions since whatever you say will determine if you get the job or not. We wish you all the best in your upcoming informal interview.