Top 20 IKEA Interview Questions and Answers 2023

IKEA Interview Questions and Answers

IKEA is one of the biggest furniture, appliances and home accessories chain stores worldwide. It designs and sells ready to assemble products in all its stores. This article will look at some of the questions you should expect in an IKEA interview. Take a look at the following:

1. Why Do You Want to Work for Us?

What fascinates you about IKEA? This is a common opening question that shouldn’t come as a surprise. The interviewer wants to know your reasons for submitting your application. Make sure that you talk positively about the organization and, if possible, find something praiseworthy to mention.

Sample Answer

I love your products and the exceptional service I receive when shopping at your stores. I particularly appreciate that you don’t subject your customers to high-pressure sales tactics. I would therefore be proud to work for you and get something that keeps me active.

2. What Do You Know About Us?

Now that you have made your intentions known to the interviewer, it is time to determine how much you know about the organization. Mention as many facts as possible about IKEA, which means that you should take your homework seriously. Look at the company’s website and pick whatever you can.

Sample Answer

You are a Swedish company found in 1943 and headquartered in the Netherlands that designs and sells furniture, kitchen appliances and different home accessories. You support the IKEA foundation, a charitable front that spends lots of money, energy and time helping children worldwide. You allow customers to shop online and therefore save on time. I have also observed that all your restaurants have stores.

3.  Who are Our Competitors?

The interviewer wants to establish whether you know the market dynamics surrounding the establishment. The correct answer will also tell the interviewer if you have done your homework well. Look at IKEA’s niche and identify other businesses in the same niche giving it a run for its money.

Sample Answer

You have quite a number of competitors, given that the retail industry is highly competitive. Some of the most formidable are Wayfair, Walmart, Amazon and Target. (Remember, the interviewer has not mentioned a given number. Therefore, you are free to list as many as you can. Just make sure they are worthy competitors)

4. How Will You Ensure Exceptional Customer Service at IKEA?

This is an important question that you should anticipate judging from the importance of customers in the retail industry. Every business values its customers since they dictate performance. Convince the interviewer that you can deliver excellent customer service and will be willing to uphold high standards of the same. Your answer should also be clear and straight to the point.

Sample Answer

I will ensure that the customers are greeted in a friendly manner and attended to throughout their shopping escapade. I will also be on standby to receive complaints or clarify any issues that may come up. I don’t mind helping a customer ferry merchandise to their car if it is within your policies.

5. Have You Ever Gone Above and Beyond for a Customer?

This is a common question in retail interviews that assess how far you are willing to go to ensure that customers are satisfied. Going above and beyond for customers guarantee more business, which corporations want. Convince the interviewer that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make the customer satisfied. However, also be wary of the organization policies and code of conduct regarding the same.

Sample Answer

My last restaurant allowed us to outsource food for specific restaurants when we didn’t have something the customer requested. One day, we lacked a dessert that the customer wanted, and I had to try ten different approved restaurants until I found it.

6. Why Do You Believe Customer Service Is Important?

Why should establishments ensure that customers are served well? This is a straightforward question that requires you to go straight to the point. Mention some of the importance of excellent customer service in any organization. Convince the interviewer that you know why it is essential for you to make customers feel welcome and willing to come back.

Sample Answer

Excellent customer service improves customer loyalty, sells the business, guarantees increased customer spending in the store and increases the frequency of customer visits. It guarantees repeat customers and increases customer loyalty.

7. Tell Us about Your Attendance in Your Last Job.

You should be honest with the interviewer when tackling this question. Remember, they can uncover the truth by just making a simple call to your previous boss or working institution. Assure the interviewer that you understand how important it is to start your shift on time and take your job seriously.

Sample Answer

I had perfect attendance in my last workplace. I only missed two working days because of unavoidable family engagements. I usually take my job seriously and only call in late or absent if extremely sick or devoid of any option. I can assure you that we won’t have a problem with job attendance and punctuality.

8. Working at IKEA Has Its Challenges. How Do You Plan to  Stay Motivated?

You need to stay motivated to give your all in your job. Every job has its challenges, and without the right motivation, you may think of quitting. Convince the interviewer that you won’t lack motivation in your job and will always give your best. Do not mention money or employee discounts.

Sample Answer

I understand the challenges involved in this job, given that this is a busy environment. However, I believe that I will learn new things and meet new challenges that will motivate me to be better and give my all. This corporation also values teamwork, which I find highly motivating. Lastly, I will take great pride in mentoring and coaching others, which will motivate me.

9. Have You Ever Dealt With an Upset Customer Before? Tell us How You Will Deal With One Here if You Get this Job

This interviewer and entire establishment expect you to make the customers a priority. You must therefore know how to deal with different types of customers that walk through the door. Convince the interviewer that you can uphold high levels of professionalism and compassion when working with customers. Draw from an experience if necessary.

Sample Answer

I have dealt with lots of upset customers. I usually actively listen to their complaints, apologise and then help them out. If they are unhappy with a product, I will check the organization return policy and determine what to do. However, if the customer cannot locate an item, I will help them find it and not just direct them.

10. How Long Do You Plan to Stay With Us?

Hiring and educating employees is expensive. Interviewers want people who are willing to stay and not leave after a month or two. Nobody wants to keep interviewing employees day in and day out, eating into the time meant to focus on profitability and business growth. Convince the interviewer that you will stay with them for at least three to six months. Be honest if you are a student.

Sample Answer

I have always wanted to work at IKEA. Therefore, I plan to stay for a longer duration since it will be more of a dream come true if I land this job. I am also willing to do everything it takes to be good at this job and contribute to value addition to ensure my longevity.

11. Tell Us about Your Previous Working Experience

You don’t need previous experience to get a job with IKEA. However, the organization may consider that if many qualified candidates are competing for the same position. You need to mention any experience that will help you stand out and convince the interviewer that you are the perfect candidate for the given role. You can also explain how your previous experience prepared you for the role you are interviewing for. However, if you don’t have any experience, convince the interviewer that you are confident in your ability to deliver.

Sample Answer

I don’t have any tangible experience in this field. However, I have an array of skills that will help me perform exceedingly well. I am confident in my ability to handle this job and would feel honoured if given a chance. I am also a first learner, meaning that you won’t spend much time and resources on training me.

12. What Will You Bring Onboard if Given a Chance?

The interviewer expects you to connect your strengths or selling points and personality to the given job. Mention abilities, skills or attributes that will help you make a positive difference in the store, either by increasing the profit margin or serving the customers well. You can also choose something special about you, such as a unique trait or attribute.

Sample Answer

I have an array of skills that I am willing to bring on board if given a chance. These include responsibility, ability to go above and beyond for the customer, excellent communication skills, teamwork and an aspiration to stick by and build a career with IKEA.

13. Have You Ever Done Something Without the Manager’s Approval? What Were the Results?

You will not always have a manager around when working at IKEA. There are lots of unexpected things that you might face, forcing you to make decisions without involving the manager. However, you shouldn’t do this blindly but according to IKEA’s values. Your answer should convince the interviewer that you carry the inner compass always and can act fast without waiting for the manager.

Sample Answer

A customer once had a problem with a product. My supervisor wasn’t around, and the return policy wasn’t clear. However, since he was a regular customer, I decided to approve the return and talk to the supervisor later. She didn’t have a problem with it.

14. Have You Ever Dealt With a Difficult Customer? How Do You Normally Handle Them?

This is a common question in retail interviews that you should expect. ‘Difficult’ is quite a broad term that may mean lots of things. You are at liberty to talk about various customers such as those with endless questions, complainers or those who don’t understand simple instructions. Convince the interviewer that you will remain calm and professional.

Sample Answer

I have dealt with many difficult customers before, including some who incessantly ask me out, even though my main concern is selling the company’s goods. I usually try as much as possible to remain calm and avoid pointless arguments. I normally do my best to address their requests or turn them down if they are against the work policy. All in all, I make all customers feel appreciated.

15. What’s Your Favorite Room?

You should expect the interviewer to test your attitude to furniture, people and teamwork through such a question. The room you choose to be your favourite and the accompanying reason will tell the type of person you are. Remember, IKEA promotes family values and togetherness, and your choice should be along those lines. However, you can also pick your sitting room and talk about your preferred furniture, which happens to be IKEA’s top product of sale.

Sample Answer

My favourite room is my kitchen since it is the central meeting point with family. Most of the bonding sessions I have had have happened in the kitchen. We get to discuss how the day has been when preparing and serving dinner.

16. You Will Definitely Come Across Rude Customers Given that This is a Retail Environment. How Will You Handle an Aggressive Customer?

You need high diplomacy standards in retail and customer service based roles since you will mainly be dealing with the public. Clearly describe to the interviewer how you would handle an aggressive customer. Ensure that you remain professional throughout the interaction.

Sample Answer

I have dealt with such customers before. If I discover that a customer is aggressive, I will calmly but firmly ask them to calm down. However, I don’t also mind calling security on them if necessary. I am also glad that IKEA has procedures for such scenarios, which I will be glad to adhere to.

17. We Need Someone Who Has a Flexible Schedule. Can We Count on You?

IKEA stores are generally open at odd times such as during the evenings, weekends and most holidays. Most retail positions also require people who can work at different times. Convince the interviewer that you do not have a problem committing to the hours they will be open. You can also mention anything that will hinder your availability.

Sample Answer

I am willing to offer a flexible schedule and even work overtime if called upon. However, I usually have evening classes on Wednesdays and Fridays and cannot be available for evening shifts during those days.

18. What Would You Do if a Supervisor Fails to Communicate Information to You Properly?

However much you try, you cannot always force people’s communication to fit your preferences. The interviewer wants an experience where you handled a supervisor who did not put across information well or whose interaction did not appeal to you.

Sample Answer

I have learnt that the best way of dealing with such a situation is to learn the supervisor’s communication style and emulate it. At times, it is imperative to relate to others in their style to enhance understanding. ( Or you can mention that you will ask the supervisor how you could improve communication between you.)

19. How Will You Contribute to Our Mission?

You first need to know IKEA’s mission to answer this question well. You can look at the mission statement on their website to furnish you with all the information you need. Tell the interviewer what you will do to help the organization achieve its mission and be a better place for shoppers.

Sample Answer

I plan to help customers gain access to the wide range of properly designed and functional home furnishing products that they can afford. I will also help them make the best choice that will light up their rooms.

20. Mention Our Values

Every organization has values that you should know when preparing for an interview. These dictate all the activities and operations of the particular organization. Make sure that you get this question right and mention the values that IKEA prides itself in. Convince the interviewer that you researched the organization and obtained all the necessary information.

Sample Answer

You have eight fundamental values: leading by example, togetherness, caring for people and the planet, cost consciousness, simplicity, difference with a meaning, renewing and improving, and lastly, giving and taking responsibility.


We have exhausted some of the possible questions in IKEA interviews. Ensure that you research widely about the organization and obtain all the possible information about it that will help you answer the questions thrown your way. We wish you all the best in your interview.

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