Top 25 Ice Breaker Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Ice Breaker Interview Questions and Answers

We will quickly mention the top 25 ice breaker questions and answers here, which may help you somehow.

1. What’s The Best Advice Have You Ever Been Given?

You should never forget what others have sacrificed for you. Never forget how hard you worked to achieve your goals. You should never forget to thank people. There is a price to everything.

2. After You Die, What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?

Leaving a legacy is often driven by our egos and sense of self-importance. We consider ourselves to be the most important person in the universe. The work we have done and the impact we have had on the world should be remembered by everyone.

3. What’s Your Favorite Item You Have Bought This Year?

Telling everyone about my favorite purchases is the only thing better than shopping. Whenever someone compliments my dress, I am eager to tell them how much I paid for it, where you can get it on sale so we can be twinsies, and that it has pockets. Pockets! As my favorite online store, Amazon, I will also happily catalog for you my latest finds.

A wide, deep antique dresser occupies a large part of my bedroom. Even when I folded and arranged my clothes neatly, they always tumbled and tangled. After discovering these organizers, my life changed forever. The compartments were large enough for all my socks, underwear, bras, and tank tops, so I bought enough to fill a drawer. All of it can now be seen at once and stays neat daily. I ordered more after being so impressed, and now I am looking forward to reorganizing the rest of my wardrobe.

4. What Would Be The Surprising Scientific Discovery Imaginable?

Two of them can be seen. A dwarf planet discovered in 2005 is the second-largest in our solar system. It was discovered during routine observations at California’s Palomar Observatory, which also found it had a moon with a mass about 27% larger than Pluto (though with a diameter slightly smaller). In honor of the Greek goddess Eris, it was named Eris.

Super earth is included in the second. Scientists recently discovered a planet about 1.6 times the size of Earth, about 200 light-years from Earth that might be able to sustain life. Researchers believe it may contain liquid water on its surface and revolves around a superhot dwarf star named K2-155d.

5. What Is Your Absolute Dream Job?

The job I dream of involves a great deal of teamwork, such as regular staff meetings and group projects. My favorite portion of this job is the emphasis on communication between colleagues, management, and staff. Teamwork and open communication were important components of my previous job, and I am excited to continue them here.

6. Say You Are Independently Wealthy And Don’t Have To Work, What Would You Do With Your Time?

To stay in good shape in every way, I would take care of all my affairs – perhaps if I truly trusted someone else, they could assist me in some areas. I enjoy spending time with my animals, traveling, and walking in nature. Volunteering and doing a lot of work in animal shelters would help the animals and people at the same time. As a result, I would be productive in a positive way.

7. If You Had To Delete All But 3 Apps From Your Smartphone, Which Ones Would You Keep?

Since I can text and video call my relatives overseas with WhatsApp, it would be the first app I would keep.

Gmail is also my way of communicating with the corporate world. There are a lot of emails that I send and receive every day, whether they are work-related or personal. We now send emails to confirm so many things. My banking, investment, and bill payments are all done through the app since I quit the banking industry.

8. What Is Your Favorite Magical Or Mythological Animal?

Wendigos are from Native American folklore and aren’t associated with magic, but some stories say they summon animals, mimic voices, and may have ice powers. They are strong, fast, and agile as well.

Skinwalkers are another Native American folklore monster: they are humans who gained supernatural powers and became evil witches. Their pelts can transform them into any animal, and they can mimic voices as well. They fear talking about them because they believe saying “Skinwalker” will attract them.

9. What Does Your Favorite Shirt Look Like?

It is hard and very difficult for me to choose a favorite shirt since I have over 50–60 dress shirts and over 200 T-shirts. Can you imagine what the other shirts would think? Just Kidding! My dress shirt is a Donald Trump (made in Bangladesh) one. The shirt is light blue with black vertical stripes on white. It has a white collar and cuffs (French). 

The neck on my Armani dress shirt with French cuffs is too tight, so I have a Tommy Hilfiger medium. I like the blue shirt with a white collar and cuffs (also French), but it wrinkles easily. The Paul Fredrick White dress shirt with French cuffs is one of my favorite dress shirts. PF White is one of my favorite shirts because I can wear it with any of my 25+ suits or anything short of shorts. Regarding tees, I have a Black KORN tee that I like, but it’s getting old. My Red St. Louis Cards T-Shirt is my favorite. 

On the front of my tee shirt is Alcatraz Psycho Ward Outpatient. Among my casual long & short sleeve shirts is a few Eddie what’s his face shirts and a few Tommy Pullmyfinger nootkatone shirts. My favorites are Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and other rock band tees. 

I lock black dresses and t-shirts. I lock a lock. Anyway, I have a nice red Nike T-shirt with Japanese writing on it that I have no idea what it says. I almost forgot that I am not too fond of button-down collar shirts. That’s right. I hate them!  I believe you meant to ask us about our favorite dress shirts. I just had to mention a few T-shirts I like since you did not restrict our answers. If so, my apologies!

10. Who Is Your Favorite Disney Hero Or Heroine? Would You Trade Places With Them?

It’s Sven from Frozen.

After the kingdom of Arendelle is plunged into eternal winter, Kristoff and Anna search for Elsa with Sven.

Why do I like Sven?

  • Sven is a matchmaker

Sometimes Kristoff is completely clueless about Anna, but Sven helps him.

There would have been such a difference in the storyline if Sven hadn’t been there

  •  Sven and Olaf make an awesome duo

It was their moments that made the story the funniest. They could be the crazy couple

Snowmen and reindeer I suppose that sounds nice.

11. What Would Your Dream House Be Like?

My dream house would be a small saltbox-style cabin in Maine’s woods.

A small root cellar is set up in a stone basement 16’Wx20’Lx16’H. Featuring a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and loft above the bathroom for a bedroom.

There would be a good multipurpose wood stove in the kitchen, such as an Esse Ironheart or a Salamander Stoves Little range. 

The first provides light, heat, and cooking, and my rifle is hung from its mantle by the second. A high-efficiency off-grid DC fridge, a gas oven and range for cooking when the woodstove isn’t needed, and a sink would also be included.

There would probably only be a couch, a pull-out couch in case I have visitors (not family, the rifle is for that), and a desk with a laptop. There will probably be a coffee table as well.

There would be no composter or anything like that in the bathroom. A propane tankless on-demand water heater would provide the hot water. There would be a large wood soaking tub in the bathroom and a shower above it. In addition, I would like the most energy-efficient washer/dryer combination for laundry.

This loft bedroom would have a captain’s bed with drawers for clothing, shelves on three sides for books, and a window in the middle of the bed. Up there would be very little else.

Stick-built with 2x6s and 2x8s for the rafters and floor joists, preferably cut from trees that were cut down for the homestead’s space. It would be in the “saltbox” style with one long and much shorter roof section. Solar panels would be installed on the longer section facing south. The siding would be either board or batten or cedar shakes, stained dark brown with dark green painted trim, and the roof would be green metal. Under each window would be flower boxes for spices and such, as well as working oak shutters.

In addition to the farmer’s porch on two sides, the house would have a small mud room for boots and other items. I would also have a three-sided lean-to garage/shed for my tractor, some tools, propane tanks, and a 15kW dual fuel generator.

It would be located on between 5 and 15 acres of land in a high spot, preferably on a river or lake. A four-foot dry stone wall enclosed a kitchen garden, hen run, woodshed, smokehouse, and workshop on the inner homestead. Approximately two and a half acres would be cleared and fenced for gardens and pastures, and one acre would be a woodlot filled with hardwoods. A bank barn outside the stone wall would be perfect for highland cows or goats and a pig pen for Hungarian Mangalica pigs. Besides maple trees for sap, I would have a small orchard of fruit and nuts. If I had the orchard arranged so I could see it from my front porch, I would be able to watch wildlife as they enter the orchard, and in hunting season I would get a good shot at wild game. It would have a dock for my Gheenoe, a fire pit, and some stumps for seating down by the water.

12. You Are Going Sail Around The World. What’s The Name Of Your Boat?

If you plan on long-distance cruising, especially if you plan on cruising outside your country, I have a suggestion for boat names.

It becomes more difficult to understand/interpret puns, cute spellings of words (H2O Melon), and badly pronounced foreign words as names over the VHF radio. The easier it is to recognize the boat’s name, the better if you are the subject of a search and rescue at sea in foreign waters.

On the internet, I found the following examples of confusing boat names:

  • Seas the Day
  • Happy Ours
  • Aqua-Holic
  • License to Chill
  • Sea Ya
  • Miss Behavin
  • Fantasea

These names are fine, but someone trying to find you on your boat whose English (or whatever your language is) is grammar-school level might have difficulty finding you. If our boat’s hull hadn’t been painted with a watermelon picture, I would have included its name in this list.

13. What Fictional Family Would You Be A Member Of?

The Addams Family.

It would be fun while it lasted, even if I didn’t live long enough to experience it.

I would die if I were Wednesday Addams, the original Arya Stark.

14. What Is Your Favorite Television Network?

 Netflix and Amazon Prime have many options and cover every category from entertainment, romance, horror, suspense, and more. If you’re bored, you can plug them in and watch them.

15. What Sports Compete In The Olympics?

Athletes, swimmers, fencers, and gymnasts are the only summer sports that have never been excluded from the Olympics. Since 1924, every Winter Olympics program has featured cross-country skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, Nordic combined, ski jumping, and speed skating.

16. What’s The Difference Between A Business Woman And An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs (regardless of gender identity) start and run businesses.

Businesspeople work in business or commerce, especially at management levels (regardless of gender identity). Entrepreneurs are always businesspeople, but businesspeople are not necessarily entrepreneurs. No matter what gender identity you have, all of the above applies to you.

17. What Was The Worst Job You Ever Had?

It was of QA Inspector.

I didn’t like dictating to production management or their subordinates without experience. There was a fight between us. Then I got fired for taking one for the team.

18. What Would Your Superpower Be And Why?

  • Super speed:  I have the strength, endurance, and resilience to face challenges.
  • X-ray vision: I have a good eye for detail and the ability to analyze a situation.
  • Shape-shifting: I am capable of being flexible and adaptable.
  • Mind reading: I am sensitive to what other people think and feel.
  • Mind control: I am skilled at persuasion and have the power to influence people.

19. As A Kid, What You Decided To Become When You Grew Up?

Since I was a child, I have been interested in operating heavy construction equipment, especially cranes. Each time my mom brought me a similar toy, I loved it.

20. What’s Your Favorite Tradition Or Holiday?

Gift-giving to others is one of my favorite traditions. I am passionate about sharing gifts with others and caring for everyone around me. Always keep everyone smiling and happy.

21. What Fictional World Or Place Would You Like To Visit?

A few of them include:

  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  • Willy Wonka’s Factory.
  • The Emerald City.
  • The Galaxy.
  • Gotham City.
  • Xavier’s Academy.
  • Asgard.
  • Neverland.

22. What Is Your Favorite Breakfast Food?

I love sausages and bread. Sometimes, I prefer having French toast and pancakes. Breakfast is not always the same. It keeps changing as per my mood.

23. What Is Your Favorite Time Of The Day And Why?

I love evening and night times as we can go outside and enjoy ourselves. Morning and afternoon timings are quite tiring.

24. What Is Your Favorite Tv Series?

Prison break is the one I love the most, and I don’t remember how many times I have watched it.

25. Any Questions Do You Have?

  • What will be my job responsibilities?
  • Does the degree matter as I don’t have a relevant degree?
  • What will be the work timings?


We have mentioned a few best ice breaker questions and answers, which will be asked per situation.