Top 20 Digital Signal Processing Interview Questions and Answers for 2022
3K views · Aug 11, 2022
Digital Signal Processing Interview Questions and Answers

Digital signal processing refers to the use of digital processing machines or processors to perform an array of operations. It is quite a technical field that requires brains, expertise, and a great deal of knowledge.

If you are interested in a digital processing job, you should find out how their interviews are conducted. Strive to know some of the areas likely to be assessed by the interviewer and then go ahead and brainstorm the best responses.
In this video, we will look at 20 common interview questions that you should expect. We hope that you will be better prepared and more confident at the end. Take a look at the following:.

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Below are the 20 questions discussed:
1.    Can You Define a Discrete-Time Signal and a Discrete-Time System?
2.      Mention The Classifications of Discrete-Time Signals?
3.      Do You Know the Classifications of Systems? Kindly Enlighten Us
4.      What Do You Understand by Sectional Convolution?
5.      What Do You Understand BY FFT and Why Is It Necessary?
6.      You Definitely Know What DIT Algorithm Is. Could You Please Tell Us About It?
7.      Is It Possible to Design Digital Filters from Analog Filters? If yes, how?
8.      What Is Bilinear Transformation? Could You Please Explain Some of Its Properties?
9.      Mention The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bilinear Transformation
10. What Do You Understand by The Transition Theorem?
11. What Do You Understand by Aliasing In DSP? How Can One Avoid It?
12. What Is the Main Difference Between a Microprocessor and a Digital Signal Microprocessor?
13. Kindly Differentiate Between DFT and DTFT
14. Tell Us the Difference and Similarities Between DIF and DIT Algorithms
15. You Definitely Know IIR and FIR Filters Owing to Your Years of Experience in This Field. Could You Please Differentiate Between the Two?
16. Define Both Input and Product Quantization Error
17. Could You Please Mention Some of The Characteristics That One Should Pay Close Attention to When Designing the Window Function?
18. Mention The Different Types of Filters Based on Impulse Response
19. Differentiate Between the TTL and CMOS Chips
20. In Your Understanding and Experience, What Are Some of The Factors That Affect Threshold Voltage
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