Top 20 Facilities Manager Interview Questions and Answers for 2022
277 views · Aug 12, 2022
When looking for a facility manager, questioning candidates offers the opportunity to assess whether they are competent, qualified, and experienced. To achieve this, it is vital to ask the right questions during the interview.

Other than quizzing individuals about their work experience and character, identifying the right person for the facility management job requires more targeted questions. Asking field-specific questions will allow the interviewer to gauge how much knowledge does a candidate have concerning facility management.

It is also important to have an idea of the responses to expect. In the end, the interviewer should be able to identify the most qualified candidate based on how well he or she answered the interview questions. These top 20 facility manager interview questions and answers will help you to prepare adequately for your scheduled interview.

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Below are the 20 questions discussed:
1. What are the Roles of a Facility Manager?
2. What Qualities Should a Facility Manager Possess?
3. How Does a Typical Day of a Facility Manager Look Like?
4. As a Facility Manager, How Would You Support the Digital Workplace?
5. What Major Challenge Did You Encounter Lately in Your Previous Role? How Did You Address It?
6. How Do You Keep Up With The Latest Trends In Facility Management?
7. Why Do You Want This Job?
8. Briefly Describe How You Have Utilized Data in Making Informed Decisions
9. Why Should We Hire You for this Facility Manager Job?
10. State Four Facility Management Technologies You are Familiar With
11. How Often Would You Schedule Landscaping Maintenance?
12. As a Facility Manager, Which Types of Workers Have You Supervised?
13. As a Facility Manager, How Would You Manage Natural Disaster Preparations?
14. As a Facility Manager, What Processes Would You Follow for Employee Evaluation?
15. How Would You Manage Disciplinary Actions as a Facility Manager?
16. What is Your Management Style as a Facility Manager?
17. What Have You Done Concerning Personal Development in the Past 12 Months?
18. How Would You Settle a Dispute Between Your Employees?
19. Describe an Instance You Made a Mistake in Your Roles and How You Handled the Situation
20. State Areas Where Facility Managers are Responsible for Legal Compliance
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