Top 20 United Nations Interview Questions and Answers for 2022
1K views · Aug 11, 2022
The United Nations is one of the most lucrative organizations to work for. Its employees enjoy several benefits and fantastic pay, which explains why most people keep applying for jobs yearly.

It would be best to be exceptional to get a job owing to this huge demand. Therefore, you should ace your interview and convince the hiring panel that you can offer what matches whatever is required.
Unlike most job interviews, the UN hiring panel relies on competency-based questions, given that this organization incredibly takes pride in the quality of its staff.

Most of the questions that we will cover in this article will, therefore,  be behavioral or criterion-based, seeking to uncover some of your past behaviors and experiences under the belief that they will influence your future performance.

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Below are the 20 questions discussed:
1. Tell Us an Experience Where You Exceeded Your Manager’s Expectations
2. Have You Ever Had Several Demands Being Made Simultaneously? How Do You Normally Handle Such Situations?
3. Give an Experience Where You Used Your Problem Solving Ability to Resolve a Problem
4. Could You Please Rate Your Communication Skills and Back Your Answer
5. How Do You Normally Encourage Ideas in Your Fellow Staff Members?
6. We Love to Hire Individuals that Can Offer More than what is in the Job Description. What are Other Functions that You Can Perform?
7. Tell Me about the Last Time You Faced an Ethical Dilemma at Work
8. Have You Ever Experienced a Setback in Your Career?
9. What is Your Experience Working with People from Diverse Organizations?
10. Have You Ever Found it Difficult to Work with a Person from a Different Background? Would you mind telling Us Your Experience?
11. How Would Other People Describe Your Communication Skills?
12. Kindly Tell Us about the Last Time You Were in a Team
13. Have You Been In a Situation Where Your Objectives Were Different From That of the Team?
14. Have You Ever Had to Explain Something Difficult to Someone without your Background Knowledge?
15. Have You Ever been in a Situation Where you Had to appear Knowledgeable about your Area of Specialization?
16. Have You Ever Been Asked to Bend the Rules by a Colleague?
17. Mention a Time When You Couldn’t Finish a Task or Project on Time despite Trying to
18. Have You Ever Had to Complete a Project on a Strict Deadline and Still Posted Amazing Results?
19. Give Us an Experience where Effective Time Management Has Helped You Succeed in Your Work.
20. Describe a Situation where someone tested your Patience
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