Top 20 Finance Manager Interview Questions with Sample Answers for 2022
2K views · Aug 12, 2022
While you have a good grip on the knowledge related to finance management, you need to know that the nature of questions in finance manager interviews can vary from knowledge-based to technical and behavioral. Preparing yourself will make you more confident so, here we have 20 finance manager interview questions along with tips and sample answers to help you go through your interview smoothly.

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Below are the 20 questions discussed:
1.    Why do you want to work with us as a finance manager?
2.    Shed some light on your working experience as a finance manager.
3.    How can you benefit our company with your knowledge and skills?
4.    Why do you think financial management is important for a company?
5.    Can a company be in a huge trouble but still show positive cash flows?
6.    If you ever disagreed with your superior, how did you manage the situation?
7.    How would you handle a mistake made by your subordinate at a critical time during a project?
8.    What is strategic financial management?
9.    Describe your role as the finance team/department leader.
10. How would you eliminate errors while recording financial documents?
11. How helpful is a cash flow statement to a company?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
13. How do you manage your time as a finance manager?
14. How would you manage to meet a tight deadline?
15. What tools and equipment have you previously used as a finance manager?
16. How good are you at preparing financial reports?
17. What is the difference between earnings per share and diluted normalized earnings per share?
18. Differentiate between free cash flow to firm (FCFF) and free cash flow to equity (FCFE).
19. What do you understand by interest rate swap?
20. What do you know about working capital?
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