Top 18 Network Administrator Interview Questions and Answers for 2022
442 views · Aug 12, 2022
The field of network administration is associated with enormous responsibility. A network administrator’s core responsibility is to maintain computer networks. This includes installation and configuration of networks and systems including troubleshooting all network issues.

Thus, the role of a network administrator requires an individual with significant know-how and experience on how network systems work. Without relevant experience and knowledge, it is difficult to succeed in network administration. Companies always look for the best and most qualified person for this role.
To find the best person, it is imperative to know the right questions to ask interviewees. Similarly, you should look out for specific answers to identify the right person. This article discusses the questions to ask during an interview and the answers to expect from the right person.

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Below are the 18 questions discussed:
1. What is the Basic Role of a Network Administrator?
2. What Qualities Should a Good Network Administrator Possess?
3. Describe Your Daily Routine as a Network Administrator?
4. How is Your Decision for Setting up a Network Affected by a Network Topology?
5. Describe Ways you can Secure a Computer Network
6. What is the Largest Network Size that you have Ever Setup?
7. What Troubleshooting Process do You Use after Your Network Configuration Fails to Yield Expected Performance
8. What Major Challenge did You Face during Your Last Role? How did You Handle It?
9. What Authentication Method do You Apply for Network Access?
10. Differentiate Workgroups from Domains
11. Briefly Describe a Firewall and how it is applied in Networks
12. Based on your Previous Experience, what Monitoring Tools Would You Recommend?
13. What is the Difference in the Application of a LAN and VPN?
14. How do You Make People without Tech Skills Understand Network Issues?
15. As a Network Administrator, Which Resource do you utilize to Stay Informed about the Innovations in your Industry?
16. What Safeguards can be put in Network Designs to Minimize Data Loss
17. How do Proxy Servers Protect Computer Networks?
18. What Role does the OSI Session Layer Play in a Network?
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