Top 20 HR Recruiter Interview Questions & Answers in 2024

Editorial Team

In a world that is highly competitive, companies are trying day and night to source the best talents. Among the several means used is making a person to be in charge of sourcing talents and the overall recruitment processes.

We are referring to a human resource recruiter, who works very closely with the recruitment manager to ensure that the company has the best workforce possible. The HR recruiter sources candidates online, conduct background checks and updates job advertisements.

In this article, we will look at some of the questions that you should expect before stepping foot in an HR manager interview room. We want you to be a step ahead and appeal to the interviewers; a panel that you will join if you secure the job.

Let us look at the following:

1.    Why Did You Apply for This Position?

This is usually an opening question which seeks to determine whether you will be a good fit for the organization. Sell yourself and tell the interviewer how you will contribute positively if given a chance.

Sample Answer

I am passionate about helping startups in talent acquisition. I believe that these institutions need the best employee base to thrive. I would love to positively impact your organization with my skills and help you thrive by sourcing the best talents.  

2.      What Is the Role of an HR Recruiter?

The interviewer wants to know if you understand what the company expects from you. You are allowed to detail some of your roles in your former workplaces or stick to the provided job description.

Sample Answer

HR recruiters source the best candidates for the organization and conduct extensive background checks on them. They also update the running job adverts and convince potential hires to join their companies of engagement.

3.      What Are the Qualities That One Needs to Be an Effective HR Recruiter?

Do you have what it takes to be a good HR recruitment? Mention some of the qualities that have seen you through this job.

Sample Answer

From my experience, excellent HR recruiters must lead with confidence since they are at the centre of talent acquisition. They should possess exceptional communication skills, have a good understanding of marketing and show empathy. Other qualities are being target driven, having insight and exceptional negotiation skills.

4.      What Is the Main Challenge That You Faced During Your Last Role? How Did You Manage It?

This question is testing your problem-solving skills. Show the interviewer that you are creative and can think fast.

Sample Answer

My last workplace had a problem with referral programs. Even though their reason was justified, we missed out on really good candidates who had either been laid off or wanted a change of workplace. I had a meeting with the HR managers, and tabled some of the advantages of referral programs. I also talked to employees to reveal what they felt about these programs. The company saw some sense and together with the Human resource managers, we worked on a good referral program.

5.      Describe Your Routine

How does your day in the office looks like? While answering this question, ensure that you describe a packed day.

Sample Answer

My daily routine depends on the activities of the day. I report early to work and plan my day. I may attend meetings with the HR managers before settling on my desk and going through my emails. I monitor the running job adverts for new applicants. I then conduct background checks on them and send feedback. I may have a one-on-one meeting with some of the talents that interests the company to build a rapport. Depending on the planned activities, I may report on the applicants and sit in interview panels.

6.      Briefly Describe Your Experience

The interviewer just wants an overview of your career. Be brief; just like the question dictates.  

Sample Answer

This is my tenth year in recruitment. I started out as a human resource assistant before rising to management in my fifth year. I have been in charge of staffing for different companies dealing with IT, manufacturing, production and also non-governmental organizations. I believe that I have all it takes to be efficient in this role.

7.      Mention a Strategy and Mindset That Is Required in This Role

Th right strategy will make you a good human resource recruiter. The right mindset is needed for long term success. Just make sure that whatever you mention is role related.

Sample Answer

The best strategy in this role is to perform as extensive background check on new talents as possible. It helps you weed out candidates and remain with the best options. As for the right mindset, one needs to be target driven.

8.      Mention The Main Challenge That You Foresee in This Role

You should always conduct extensive research on your potential employer. Know some of the challenges that you are likely to face if given the job. However, do not come off as incompetent.

Sample Answer

I have discovered that your company does not allow referral programs. Even though I have top notch recruitment skills, these programs normally come in handy especially if an organization needs an employee on short notice. However, I hope that I will manage to convince you and if possible, we will come up with a good referral program.

9.      How Do You Stay Motivated at Work?

Being in charge of talent acquisition is not an easy task. The interviewer must know how you deal with the stress that this job may bring. Do not mention material things such as salary, promotions and holidays.

Sample Answer

I am a hardworking employee. I ensure that I am motivated at all times to properly handle my roles. I set goals and deadlines which I push myself to achieve. I took up meditation which has helped me improve my focus. I also love succeeding in whatever I do. I do not know how to stop until I have ticked off everything that I set out to do.

10. Mention a Time That You Failed in This Role and The Lesson You Learnt

This question may look like a trap but it is not. The interviewer wants to know if you can learn from your mistakes. Just make sure that your experience does not throw you under the bus.

Sample Answer

During my first few years as a recruitment officer working in the HR department, I conducted a background check on a potential hire as directed by the recruitment manager, However, I did not check the candidate’s social media accounts, which happened to have offensive content that our company was against. This only came to light during the last stags of the interview. He did not get the job and I was highly reprimanded. I learnt to be thorough with recruitment.

11. Why Do You Want to Work for Us?

The interviewer wants to know why you chose them out of all the possible options. This may be an opening question or a means to find out if indeed you will fit in the organization. Tell them what you can do for their company.

Sample Answer

I have worked in similar companies and therefore understand what is needed when it comes to new talents. Your company’s work culture also speaks for itself and I would love to be part of it.

12. Out of All the Sourcing Methods, Which Are Your Favorite?

This is a technical question. The interviewer wants to know just how conversant you are with hiring new talents. However, before answering, ensure that you understand the nature of the business.

Sample Answer

I use different sourcing methods depending on the company. However, since this is an IT company, I prefer recruiting talents at an early stage. These are normally undergraduates and interns. I have also found out that head hunting works like magic in this industry.

13. What Do You Think About Referral Programs?

Th interviewer wants to know how you feel about employing new talents referred to you by other employees, stakeholders or anyone in the office who you can trust. While answering this, do not give off the notion that you will mostly rely on referral programs.

Sample Answer

I believe in my recruitment abilities, and do not therefore rely a lot on referrals. However, I feel that it is a good way of hiring talents provided that it is tailored in a way that makes it effective.

14. Have You Ever Made a Decision Without All the Information You Need? Please Tell Us

This is a behavioral question that seeks to ascertain your decision-making skills. Talk of a positive experience to be safe.

Sample Answer

Yes. I once sat in an interviewing panel where our first candidate’s resume was not updated. He could not account for some of the gaps. However, he came off as highly skilled, intelligent, diligent and experienced.  I decided to trust my intuition. We gave him the job and he never disappointed. We later found out that the missing years were spent in therapy, caregivers and rehabs as he was trying to cope with the loss of his entire family to a grisly accident.

15. What Is the First Thing You Will Do When We Hire You?

An interviewer will ask you such a question to either test your competence or enthusiasm.

Sample Answer

I believe in collaborative work. I’d first get to know those close to me on the job such as the hiring manager and build a rapport as I get the hang of this new workplace. I will then embark on other serious duties.

16. How Would You Ensure That Our Job Offers Attract Real Talents?

This is a question that tests your competence. Convince the interviewer that you are set for the task by being creative.  

Sample Answer

I am a proponent of personal approach and creating relationships with target hires before bringing up a job offer. This has helped me land some of the best employees in my former workplaces.

17. How Would You Convince a Candidate with Several Offers on The Table to Accept Ours?

Like the previous question, this tests your competence. It may also test your negotiation skills. Your answer should sound convincing even to the interviewers.

Sample Answer

I will create a good connection with the candidates and sell the company in the interview; convincing them that the company has what they want in employment. I will also give room for salary negotiation and allow them make the first offer.

18. What Is Your Experience with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the biggest talents recruiting networks on the net. Expect such a question in your interview. Be honest and tell the interviewer your experience.

Sample Answer

I have used LinkedIn to source new talents a few times. Even though I have managed to obtain a good number of quality employees, some lie in their resumes and profiles, proving to be time wasting.

19. How Can You Tell If Someone Is Lying During a Job Interview?

Part of your job will be sitting in interview panels. The interviewer wants to know if you can get your job right as an interviewer. It would be better to talk from experience.

Sample Answer

I have come to realize that liars normally love distancing themselves from their lies. Therefore, whenever an interviewee speaks truncated sentences or in third person, chances are that he/ she is lying. I also check out their body language as people tend to change their expressions and show discomfort when they lie.

20. Do You Think This Role Is Important? If yes, why?

Th interviewer is simply trying to find out how you feel about your job. Do you find it worthy? Ensure that you talk highly of it.

Sample Answer

Yes. Companies need the right employees to stay afloat. We are at the centre of talent acquisition, which makes our roles indispensable.


These 20 recommendations sum up the frequently asked questions in HR recruiter interviews. Make sure that you answer them confidently and convince the interviewer that you are the best candidate.