How to Win a Car Accident Lawsuit

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How to Win a Car Accident Lawsuit

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, road traffic accidents are the leading cause of death in the country for people of all ages. Millions of crashes happen yearly, and thousands of people die.

A car accident lawsuit may be needed if you have been involved in a car accident but were not the driver at fault. The best way to win a car accident case is by contacting the right lawyer.

With their help, you can ensure that you make the best decisions regarding your case. Otherwise, you risk providing inaccurate information and reducing the amount of compensation and damages owed to you.

An experienced car accident lawyer can help you get everything you are legally entitled to after getting involved in a car accident. Here is everything you need to know about winning an auto accident lawsuit.

How to Win a Car Accident Lawsuit?

The first step to winning a car accident lawsuit is by telling the truth. Being honest is the most critical thing about filing an auto accident lawsuit. Remember that claims adjusters, insurance companies, judges, and juries all want to help people.

However, you must be someone they can trust, respect, and like. If you start getting caught in any lies during your case, you could lose all credibility in the eyes of the law.

For instance, someone who lies about their past injuries can get caught easily. Nowadays, medical records are all computerized. So, you should ensure you do not risk losing the case by lying about something.

Be upfront and honest about all aspects of your case. Lying is the easiest way to lose the case because no one will believe the rest of your evidence and facts. Never lie about the extent of your injuries or any pre-existing pains.

When asked how a car crash occurred, only disclose the truth to avoid disastrous consequences. This way, you make your car accident lawyer’s job easier since they will not need to worry about you killing your chances of winning the case.

Many insurance companies can also have numerous contractual provisions in their policies. These policies can state that the company can use any false information provided on an insurance application to avoid paying out.

If you are the innocent person who got hit by someone else’s reckless driving, you should be truthful and present your case with the most honest facts to get the best outcome. Contact Alpha Accident Lawyers to review and prepare your case for your best chance of winning.

No-Fault Submittals

It is crucial to be as accurate as possible when you submit a No-Fault form. This form covers essentials like out-of-pocket medical costs, wage loss, attendant care, and anything else your insurance company should know about.

It helps to avoid mistakes that can make you lose your case. So, in the information and forms you provide to your health insurer and disability carrier, you should be as upfront as possible.

Realize that the forms you submit will be carefully reviewed by those who do not want to pay much for compensation. Remember that certain parties will be looking for evidence of fraud and misrepresentation to dismiss your car accident lawsuit.

This is why you need a talented lawyer for yourself. Getting involved in a lawsuit can feel like diving into an ocean full of sharks. If you do not have the right legal support, you may feel overwhelmed enough to make mistakes that can jeopardize your case.

Always pay close attention to the accuracy of all the information you submit. Some insurance companies use a microscope to try and accuse victims of deliberate fraud. This way, they can deny your claim and refuse to pay.

Stay Away From Social Media

If you want to win a car accident case, you should stay off the internet and all your social media accounts. This is because the internet is forever. Once you post something, it can be challenging to delete it without everyone else getting their hands on it first.

You can be severely sanctioned if everyone finds out you posted something regarding the case and then deleted it. Even if you can delete your post really quickly before anyone sees it, you should still be careful not to upload any information in the first place.

Stop yourself from posting anything new about your car accident lawsuit. It also helps to set all your accounts to private. Remember that your insurance company and everyone involved in this lawsuit will look over your details with a fine tooth comb.

If you do not want to get into many legal problems, saving your stories for your lawyer’s office is best instead of posting them on Instagram. Defense attorneys and insurance adjusters will not hesitate to scour all your photos, comments, and posts.

Pictures and social media posts without dates on them can also be deliberately used out of context to destroy cases for people who desperately need compensation.

Avoid Talking to Others

Are you sure you can trust everyone in your social circle not to leak details about your case? Even though you think you know everyone you hang out and speak with, it is never possible to know whether someone may spill valuable information about your lawsuit to the parties you want to keep these details from.

If a claims adjuster, defense attorney, or private investigator wants to talk to you about your car accident, you should always refer them to your lawyer. Never tell anyone about what you and your lawyer discuss in private.

Attorney-client privileges will always protect communications between you and your legal team. However, you can easily lose this safety net if you share information with anyone not part of your legal team.

You should also never talk about your case with healthcare professionals. This is because medical examiners could be asked to be part of your case, so you do not want them to say anything you do not want people to know.

Even if a friendly doctor comes by to ask about your lawsuit and how you are coping, tell them to go on their merry way.

Remember, it is a small world, and discussing demands and settlement offers can jeopardize your car accident lawsuit faster than the crash itself.

Being Under Surveillance

To win a car accident lawsuit, you better be prepared for anything. Especially being under surveillance whether you enjoy it or not.

It is no secret that insurance companies will most likely have a patient under surveillance multiple times during their case.

Keep Your Guard Up

If you are under surveillance, you can expect to see investigators hanging around watching your activities closely. Insurers will drop this low because they want to try and show that you are not that badly injured, as you stated in your claim.

Instead, they will try to catch you from doing something that can help them win. For example, if you said in your forms that you are seriously injured, you must ensure that insurers do not catch you playing soccer in your free time when you think no one is watching.

Although pain goes through cycles where it is less severe on some days, you should still not go all out to show that you are having a lot of fun. Otherwise, your insurance company will be convinced that you are being dramatic about your injuries to get a big payout, and they may use this against you.

If you do go out for some fun, explain to the jury in a proper context that you were taking strong pain medication and wanted to try to do something outside your comfort zone.

As long as you come clean and be honest, a jury will understand if you admit you tried something as long as they do not catch you in a blatant lie.

The best way to be careful is to always assume you are being filmed, even if you are not. Live as though you are surrounded by surveillance cameras because that is what the eyes of insurers can feel like when they are on to you.

Never Give Up Your Legal Rights

It is always best to avoid signing any waivers, offers of settlements, and checks without your lawyer present. Remember that insurance adjustors and their legal teams will try to settle for the lowest amount possible.

They will want to do whatever it takes to make you disappear, so you should always consult your lawyer before speaking to anyone or signing anything.

Even if you feel that you can handle the communications with your insurance company, you should still hire a car accident lawyer to back you up.

Otherwise, you risk signing the wrong document, which can take away your legal right to sue for compensation. Insurance companies do not want to get sued, so they will try and do their best to make you walk away.

However, always be cautious because there are numerous dirty settlement tactics practiced by adjusters. People may lie to you to try and get you to forfeit all your legal rights to their company’s benefit.

This way, they can offer you some breadcrumbs while walking away with the more considerable amount they would owe if you sued them.

Research the best personal injury lawyers in your area and contact a professional as soon as possible. Then you will not need to fend off the sharks in the ocean alone when your trusted legal representative guides the way.

File Everything On Time

A car accident victim cannot win their lawsuit if they do not file the paperwork to begin with. It is important to note that every part of your legal process will have different time requirements.

For example, you may have a few years to file a case. If you go beyond this time, you may lose your right to sue, and it will not matter how guilty the other party is.

Always look up the statute of limitation rules in your state. Otherwise, get in touch with a reputable car accident attorney to give you a hand. Hiring a legal expert can go a long way to help you win the case.

Your lawyer will always know when all your paperwork is due and how it should all be submitted. Thanks to their help, you will never miss a deadline regarding your car accident lawsuit.

This way, the insurance companies will not try and get you to lose the case because you missed something.

Regarding car accidents, a lot of documentation needs to be collected. You will need to put together a lot of photos, videos, and witness statements.

This is where having a lawyer comes in handy because they can do all this grunt work for you while you focus on your recovery after the accident.

Follow Your Doctors’ Advice

It is not uncommon for a lot of car crash victims to think that they are physically fine after an accident. It is crucial to go see a doctor following an accident.

Always take their treatment advice, and do not miss any of your therapy and other appointments. This will help accumulate medical records to prove the seriousness of your injuries.

Otherwise, insurance companies and their lawyers will go out of their way to try and say that you are not as injured as you claim. Some gaps in treatment can also convince insurers to argue that you are not in that much pain.

For example, if a car accident victim goes against their doctors’ advice and does not seek proper treatment, their insurance company will argue that they are lying about their injuries because if the victim was genuinely in a lot of pain, they would not be able to cope without medical support.

This is the argument you should be careful of, and you should always ask your lawyer to step in and do all the talking on your behalf.

Win Your Car Accident Case

Now that you know the best ways to win a car accident lawsuit, it is time to get in touch with the most reputable personal injury lawyer in your area.

Remember that insurance companies and their lawyers can play dirty tactics to try and catch you in a mistake or lie.

So, you need legal support to fight for your rights to get the compensation you deserve. If you enjoyed reading this auto accident settlement guide, check out some of our other posts.