How To Start A Sticker Business In 12 Steps

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How To Start A Sticker Business

Building a custom sticker business has a lot of competition with a larger market. Customers are more supportive of small businesses than ever before. There are multiple ways to sell stickers. However, online platforms have made it easier than ever by reaching every nook and corner of the world. Online is the most cost-effective and best place to have a sticker business.

The sticker business offers you a variety of opportunities by selecting different niches. You can create versatile stickers with a vision, aesthetic sense, and strong work ethic. By professionally crafting sticker designs, you may earn a good living over time. Before starting the business, you must understand the different steps to be successful in this business. This article will guide you from A to Z by explaining each step. Stick with these basic steps to get your business off the ground in no time.

What is the Cost Of To Start A Sticker Business?

While starting up a sticker business, you only need to invest a little money like other businesses. At the starting stage, you have to bear a few costs. The cost varies depending on the equipment, machinery, and business model you select. However, the average price ranges from $100 to more than $2000. You can start with fewer amounts, and as your business grows, you can invest more. Another option is to design the stickers and send them to a third party for printing. However, outsourcing requires no setup, but the profit margin will be less.

You will also need to buy the following:

  • A good quality printer with poor stickers will not attract buyers.
  • Good-quality sticker paper
  • A cutting machine for different sizes and shapes; however, you can handle it manually.
  • Ink for your printer
  • Postage and packing materials 

You can hire a print-on-demand company, as they will print your design on the sticker when you receive an order. There will be no worry about inventory, printing equipment, or purchasing machinery. As the business flourish, you can buy a commercial printer that costs $25000 or more.

1. Identify Your Niche And Choose Your Stickers

First, you must decide on the types of stickers you want to design and sell. It would be best if you niched down as much as possible to get enough base customers. If you choose a broad spectrum, there will be more competition and challenges to compete, such as travel, cooking, book lovers, fashion, etc. So, targeting a specific audience by selecting particular niches is much better. You can choose the stickers targeting eco-conscious or standard shipping labels or baking stickers. Always consider the target audience in terms of age, gender and profession.

The type of stickers you are interested in making is also essential. The customers will be drawn according to their needs. For example, if you make paper stickers, people will only buy those looking for bumper stickers.

The three main types of stickers are:

  • Paper stickers: Paper stickers are typically the least durable and cheapest to create. These stickers are not waterproof, tear easily, and can be used indoors only.
  • Polyester stickers: These are the moderate type of stickers concerning quality and price. These are used in industries for durability against weather, sunrays, temperature, and even some chemicals, such as hazard labels on industrial drums.
  • Vinyl stickers: These are the best stickers for starting a sticker business. Vinyl stickers are more durable. They can be laminated to withstand weather conditions and are famous for gigantic stickers.

2. Figure Out Your Target Audience

After selecting the niche, the next step is to conduct market research to identify your target audience. It is essential to know to whom you will preferably market your stickers. Do thorough research and in-depth study about which group is most interested and inclined toward your stickers. It is a fact that the sticker market is so competitive. By knowing your targeted audience, you will design and mold the appearance and strategy according to their taste. Additionally, it would help you find the market gaps you can fill. Targeting a specific audience is preferable, and after the business expansion, you can also target other customers.   

3. Create a Simple and An Attractive Logo

Logo designing is the foundation of your brand identity, and you can stand out by creativity. Your logo will help you survive in the competitive market and separate you from others. It reflects your vision and grabs customers’ attention with a solid first impression. You can create your logo or use any online tool or service for your sicker business. Suppose you like your work and have some knowledge. In that case, you can start from scratch and manage it very well by giving awareness to others through your highlighted and unique logo. Keep in mind the following factors while shaping the logos:

  • Keep Your Audience In Mind
  • Make It Simple that should be easy to pronounce
  • Use The Right and appealing Colors
  • Make It Memorable that is easy to remember

4. Make A Proper Business Plan

With starting a business plan, you should put your energy into planning it tactically into something you are genuinely passionate about. A designed business plan will help you to define your sticker business and identify target markets. It will help to develop effective business strategies, projections of your items, and market planning. When sales enhance, you will devote more time and energy as possible to make it more fruitful and successful.

5. Design Your Stickers

You can use different online design tools or software to create sticker designs. Learning and creating attractive stickers requires time, consistency, and aesthetic sense. However, most software and tools are user-friendly, and you can learn gradually by dedicating time. At the starting stage, practice daily and make different designs to improve until you are satisfied and happy with them. Depending on your budget, you can purchase plans from another artist or graphic designer.

The different tools, such as Canva or Crello, also offer various templates that can be used free of cost with some options or purchased with more options. It is optional to get a lot of expertise while using these tools. You can easily create new sticker designs by adding text, photographs, images, effects, and other features by using drag and drop interface. For any graphic designing, including sticker designing, Photoshop, Circuit, and Adobe Illustrator are best. Using these tools, anyone can create vector designs crucial for machine cutting. You can choose any program that can create JPG or PNG files.

6. Select Whether To Buy Equipment Or Outsource The Manufacture

There are two options. You can choose to handle everything yourself by buying equipment. In the second option, you can outsource printing to a trustworthy provider. You can evaluate which option is better for you. Calculate the expenses of equipment, fees, materials, labor, and other charges to define which choice is the most cost-effective. You can evaluate all this with a business plan.

 Stickers Making Procedure

Select Your Sticker Paper

In the first step, you need printable vinyl sticker paper. You can purchase it online or at any crafting store. The cost of vinyl paper varies depending on the pack’s brand and size, ranging from 5$ to 15$.

Selection Of A Vinyl Laminate

A laminate layer is a clear and protected sheet. It is applied over printable vinyl paper to make it waterproof and weatherproof to extend the life of your stickers from 1 to 3 years. A pack of 20 laminating sheets costs around $15 to 20$.

Arrange A Printer

Depending on your sticker’s design, a 4-color inkjet printer with a 1200 dpi print resolution is usually sufficient to buy. However, you must purchase a printer with at least 6 cartridges to make high-quality stickers with dynamic colors and tonal variation. Inkjet printers cost between $100 and $400.

Get A Vinyl-Cutting Machine

You can cut vinyl stickers using scissors or a craft knife; however, this will consume more time and effort. A vinyl cutter scans designs on your computer and shapes an outline. Then the machine cuts the design with sharp blades more precisely. It will help to save you time and effort. It looks like a printer; you can make stickers with as many designs as possible. Its cost varies, ranging from $250 to $400.

Make Stickers

When you have completed all the above supplies, it’s time to make stickers. After designing stickers, print your design on vinyl paper using an inkjet printer. Let it dry before applying the lamination. Cut your stickers accordingly by using a machine or manually. In the end, remove the extra parts by hand.

Outsourcing: How Does It Work?

When starting your business, you want to spend less on machinery, and outsourcing is the best option. You will provide your designs, and the outsourcing partner will turn them into stickers. In this way, outsourcing will save money and time. You need a partner that can provide high-quality results with effective communication.

7. Build a Professional Website

After making the stickers, you need to sell them on a platform. Although it will cost you some money, having an attractive and professional website is crucial to create a robust first expression. It must have an appealing presentation and help to communicate adequate and practical information. It will create awareness among potential customers by generating more leads and thus enhancing stickers’ sales. Several businesses in the market offer the same services, so the website enhances your service’s credibility.

Many software service providers offer the services to build and manage a website. They offer several designs and SEO services to help your website rank high in search engines. It is an ideal solution for a profitable sticker business as you can keep your inventory full and manage it accordingly. It is an excellent source to display your sample work in the best possible way.

8. Fix The Price For Your Stickers

After preparing the stickers, the next step is to set the price. Check the total cost and your competitor’s offer price if you need an idea. However, offer a reasonable price and keep production, packaging, and shipping costs in mind. People love discounts and bargaining. If you want to enhance your sale, you can offer stickers in sets with discounts. You can also give other options, such as buy X and get 1 free to trigger your deal.

The average sale price is $3 to $4 per sticker for the size range of 3 to 5 inches. However, you can adjust the costs by determining what people are willing to pay for your sticker-making work.

9. Fulfill The Legal, Permit, And Insurance Requirements

Different types of business licenses are required to operate your sticker business. You may need to understand many of these licenses. Some essential permits you can apply for online and will get through online. However, some claims need multiple procedures to get approved, which is not easy. If you need clarification or more expertise, certified consultants or agencies help you in each step. Sticker business license or permit costs depend on many factors, including location, processing fees, and recurring fees. However, business licenses cost between $50 and a few hundred dollars, along with renewal fees.

These are the following requirements that need to be fulfilled:

  • Register for Taxes

Your business must comply with legal rules. Many taxes are advisable at the local, federal, and state levels. So, register your business for a federal or state tax ID, including sales and income taxes.

  • Request Permits and Licenses

There are also other requirements for getting the permits for starting the sticker business. The seller license requirements vary from state to state.

  • Insurance

While running a business, many risks can happen. You may face inventory damage due to fire or natural disaster, employee injury, unpleasant incidents, or sue cases on any day. Having the right business insurance to protect your investment against lengthy lawsuits and bankruptcy would be beneficial.

10. Select A Shipping Method

Selling and delivering your stickers demands an affordable and reliable shipping method. It is advisable to find the best shipping after thorough research. Many aspects must be considered, such as price, discounts, speed, extra fees, customer services, and package tracking information. Another critical factor is packing the stickers in protective packing and pasting a shipping label.

It is essential to provide information about shipping fees on the website with easy access. You can select free shipping or variable shipping rates according to budget. People always like and prefer free shipping, approximately 9 out of 10. Shipping is never free; you have to pay for it ultimately. You can manage it by increasing the price of stickers. Flat-rate shipping is a much better choice for products of the same size and weight. The shipping rate remains the same for every order. However, variable shipping rate is applicable for different sizes, shapes, and weights and needs some calculation.

11. Make Sure Your Return Policy Is Clear

A fair return and exchange policy builds trust between customers and your business. It reflects that you care about your customers’ satisfaction with your items. Mistakes are part of any operation, and it is better to return or exchange the item for your customer’s satisfaction. Think about an outline of the specific requirements of the return policy that how, when, and under what conditions customers can return purchased stickers. A fair return policy can enhance conversion and sales. Mention your return policy requirements on your website also.

12. Promote Your Stickers

When you have stepped into the world of sticker-making after complete understanding, you need to promote it. Otherwise, nobody will know about your business. It would be best if you told people what your services are. How do you present them? What are its qualities, features, and uniqueness? How is it more economical? You must convey your words through a solid social media platform to reach the right customers.

1. Trim Up Your Website With Images

It is essential to work on your website. Add high-quality and attractive photos of your designed stickers. It’s necessary to display the best. Write complete and detailed information about sticker sizes and materials.

2. Use Social Media Marketing

Find a suitable social media channel to identify the right target audience. Use social media marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to attract potential customers.

3. Blog Page

Creating a blog IS another effective way to attract customers by writing blogs. Write about your journey, struggle, failures, and success. Tell them how you make stickers if you think you need to improve at writing. It’s better to hire a blog writer or a ghostwriter. Try to make the content informative. A good SEO blog will boost traffic, and ranking will improve. It is vital to post regularly, at least once or twice per week. Adding appealing photos, stickers, and graphics can make your blog page more attractive.

4. Distribute Branded Stickers

Make some custom stickers related to your business information. You can give a few branded stickers with every purchase or distribute them freely. People will stick them anywhere, and your business will be promoted by attracting people like a billboard. It is important to add details of your business.


We live in a time when there is more focus on customization, and on-demand stickers are more popular than ever. Stickers are practical tools for marketing. Unlike other businesses, sticker-making business is easy to start at a low budget with quick results and revenues. You can earn limitless by putting in more energy and effort and more professional and powerful skill.   By following all these steps, from designing and pricing to shipping, you will take your sticker business journey smoothly and successfully up and up.