How I Studied For The Microsoft AZ-900 Azure Exam

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How I Studied For The Microsoft AZ-900 Azure Exam

I recently passed the Microsoft entry-level IT exam, also known as the AZ-900 exam – Azure Fundamentals. If you are completely new to the IT field, the AZ-900 is a good place to start. With this certification, you can probably start a basic carrier as a support agent, a pc technician or application support. There is also the more advanced certification the AZ-104 which covers more topics, but if you are completely new to Azure and have only some basic knowledge the AZ-900 is a good place to start.

This certification checks your knowledge of basic azure topics. For example cloud, privacy and security, trust and identities, and other cloud concepts. 

How Do I Start Learning and Where do I begin?

A good place to start is Microsoft official Azure AZ 900 page. Click on the link below:

Microsoft offers some good free information here, and you can get a good overview of the topics that are tested in the exam. In addition, when you are ready to take on your exam, you can register here and create your Pearson VUE account and schedule your exam.

How Do I Start Learning and Where do I begin?

The questions in the exam can be multiple choice, drag and drop, and also True and False questions. The passing score for the exam is 700. The maximum Score is 1000. According to Microsoft, there are also some questions that don’t count in the final score and are there for statistics. There are around 65 questions in the exam, and you have only one hour to complete the exam.

How Do you practice the week before the exam?

Examgo has some free practice exams ,

This part is a must before the exam. Even if you didn’t study the whole material before the test, at least give a couple of days before the exam to review these dumps questions.

How to register for the exam?

Enter the Microsoft official page, and create a Microsoft live account. Then you can schedule an exam at your local test center. The exam should cost around 100 dollars.

Exam Day

Don’t forget you must bring at least two identities to the exam day. You can reschedule or cancel up until one day before the exam itself. When answering questions if you are not sure don’t spend too much time on each question, mark it and leave it later for review. The exam grade should be live after a couple of hours. The score is valid for two years, and after that, you will need to take the exam again.


You are now certified, can apply for starting IT jobs, and have a solid knowledge of azure. If you want to continue to learn for the az 104 test which is the main Microsoft azure certification for system administrators. Consider also doing a cisco certification to get the good networking knowledge needed for system administrators.