How Free Animation Software Helps A Freelancer On Instagram?

How Free Animation Software Helps A Freelancer On Instagram

Are you a freelancer on IG looking for a unique and interactive way to engage your followers? Look no more. You can impress your audience through innovative animation videos. Instagram is a hotspot for trends, so users constantly seek new ways to stay ahead of the competition. With animation, you can create nearly any type of content and give your followers exactly what they want.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a dime to use an animated video maker. Simply turn to Doratoon, a free website for animation. Below, I will explain how you can enhance your social media with Doratoon. Keep reading. 

What’s the Best Free Animation Software For IG Freelancers

There is plenty of animation software available, with some being web-based while others are desktop apps. Furthermore, some of these platforms are free, while others are premium apps. For this guide, we will focus on free apps.

Doratoon is the ultimate free cartoon maker. It is a robust, web-based tool that you can use to make animated videos that genuinely set your content apart. As a freelancer on Instagram, animated clips can fetch followers and put you on the radar of brands looking for freelancers to collaborate with.

Due to the high-quality nature of Doratoon videos, they are appealing and can easily captivate any audience.

How Free Animation Software Helps A Freelancer On IG

In case you are wondering how free animation software can be of use to an Instagram freelancer, below are some answers:

  • Video effects

Doratoon allows you to manipulate all aspects of your video through stunning video effects. You can add a frame and animation effects or adjust the contrast, blur, and brightness, amongst other effects.

  • Royalty-free media

If you use licensed content on your Instagram account, you must pay a fee to the media owner or risk copyright infringement. Fortunately, all media assets available on Doratoon are royalty-free, so you can leverage any of them freely. The platform offers thousands of photos, videos, and music, so you always have unique content to use.

  • Animated characters

Doratoon lets you access over 100+ animated characters that you can customize to suit the topic of your Instagram video. These elements are categorized into business, occupation, holiday, costumes, and numerous other groups.

  • Captivating backgrounds

Video backgrounds are essential as they help to enhance the scene and make a video more appealing. On Doratoon, they are available in all colors and patterns and 3D & 2D animation. They can help create a scenic background for an Instagram video.

  • Footage combination and locking

Instagram videos often involve a mash-up of different footage, and Doratoon allows users to combine various clips easily. You can make animated videos and combine them or upload your footage and merge it. This animation maker also lets you animate your imported footage. The video locking feature creates a more polished look.

How To Make Free Animation Videos For Instagram

How Free Animation Software Helps A Freelancer On Instagram

Doratoon is user-friendly, and you only need 4 steps to create an animated video. These are the steps:

  1. Go to the Doratoon website and sign up for a free account. If you have an account already, just log in.
  2. Select a template or click Create and begin making your video from scratch. A template makes your work easier and gives your video a professional look.
  3. Edit your video by adding characters, backgrounds, music, transitions, and other elements and effects. You can also easily upload your content using Doratoon’s drag-and-drop feature.
  4. Preview the animated video. If you are satisfied, download it to your computer or share it directly on Instagram.

How to Use Animations as a Freelancer on Instagram

Below is  a list of ways to apply animation as a freelancer on IG:

  • Retargeting ads

Retargeting ads on Instagram means reaching out to followers who interacted with you or your ad but didn’t buy your product or service. Since only less than 5% of clients make a purchase the first time they see an ad, retargeting offers a second chance to try and appeal to them.

With animation, you can create sleek videos that imprint themselves on your audience’s mind. If a video is memorable, it makes retargeting easier since your followers will likely recognize it when they see it again.

  • Leverage Instagram stories ads

Instagram stories allow you to impress your audience with short videos. They are effective for ads as research shows that many Instagram users spend more time viewing stories than scrolling the feed. But since you only get 15 seconds, you need to pass your message quickly but effectively. Animation helps by enabling you to compress your ad into a short but captivating video.

  • Make video ads

It has been repeatedly proven that people prefer video content over images or textual content. This is also the case with Instagram ads. Fortunately, you can leverage animation to create compelling video content that resonates with your audience.

Also, since many people view Insta videos with the sound off due to their environment, animation can enable you to pass your message without requiring sound. This allows your ad to be informative regardless of how your followers view it.

  • Create video ads that look like regular videos

People tend to have a negative response towards ads and often skip them. However, you can overcome this hurdle by making videos that look less like ads and more like regular content. To captivate and hold a viewer’s attention till the end, a video has to be as visually appealing as it is helpful.

By animating your Instagram ads, you can make them as colorful as possible while simultaneously telling a story and passing your message. If an ad looks like a regular post, it will likely fetch more engagements.

Top Tips For Freelancers To Make Great Animations For Instagram

The following tips can help make your animated Insta video more engaging:

  • Keep it short

Long videos discourage users from watching the entire clip, so it’s best to keep your videos below 60 seconds.

  • Add music

Music sets the tone for your video, making it more engaging. Since songs affect people emotionally, the right music can enhance the viewing experience.

  • Make it colorful

You need bright colors and eye-catching visuals to capture a user’s attention immediately after they come across your video.

  • Keep it simple

Despite the short length of the video, don’t try to fit everything into it. Adding too many details, elements, or text can render the clip complex, making it confusing and distracting.


Instagram is one of the most renowned social media platforms, making it a promising place for a freelancer. However, it is ruled by ever-changing trends meaning you have to be unique and cutting-edge to stand out.

Fortunately, you can achieve this with animation and free animation websites. Having read this guide, you know that Doratoon is the ideal animation maker. Use this tool to create Instagram videos that can elevate your freelancing career.

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