How E-commerce Websites Are Able To Lure In More Customers And Sales

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E-commerce Websites

Retail has gone through a major transformation in 2022. As consumers’ buying habits changed, physical stores were forced to move online. Thus, the growth of eCommerce accelerated quickly.

With the increased demands of customers and their approach to buying products online, it has created immense pressure on retailers to amp up their online marketing strategies.

Retailers now have to think about their eCommerce website and the strategies to deliver its peak performances. However, as more and more businesses are taking the digital platform, the focus has shifted to building loyal customers.

As customers expect hassle-free online shopping, offering them what they want can help you with consistent growth and successful sales. 

So, is there a way to ensure your online sales meet those needs? Below are the tips to revamp your eCommerce strategies.

Learn From Last Year’s eCommerce Campaigns

In 2021, eCommerce sales accounted for 19% of the total retail sales made worldwide. Furthermore, experts also state that by the end of 2026, the total eCommerce sales will rise up to a quarter of total retail sales made worldwide.

This proves that eCommerce and online shopping is here to stay. So, why not take advantage of last year’s learning and use it for the foundation in 2022?

To kick start your 2022, gather the data on all your best-seller products. Now use the data to segment customers based on their behaviors, interest, and needs. 

Digging into the previous year’s sales data will help you formulate a marketing campaign that will be more effective and bring in more revenue compared to last year.

Personalize The Shopping Experience

If there is any consideration that we need to have in eCommerce, it is the personalized shopping experience. When you enter a supermarket or shopping mall, there is always someone to guide you and help you find the things you are looking for. However, teh same experience is lacking in eCommerce.

The importance of personalized online experience can be understood by the fact that almost 80% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers a personalized experience.

Hence, it is certain that customers are looking for a personalized approach.

To give customers personalized online experiences, you need to have data on them. Only then will you be able to understand their online behavior and integrate them into your marketing strategy.

Gamify eCommerce Seasonal Promotion

Believe it or not, today, online consumers have an attention span of less than a goldfish. That means brands have mere 8 seconds to grab the attention of the consumer and convert them. 

With such a limited amount of time, the pressure on the brand and businesses is immense. They need to keep up with the competitors and engage with customers to generate direct online sales.

This is where the whole concept of gamifying comes into the frame. Gamify your online stores to offer attractive discounts to whoever crosses a threshold in shopping.

You can offer discounts and coupons just like the namshi coupon to attract new customers and also retain the older ones.

Retarget Your Customers

Your sales figure cannot increase by only onboarding new customers. That is just 50% of the work. You must also emphasize retaining the old customers you already have. 

When it comes to online sales, it is important to gauge the interest of the customers during the initial phase of their buyer’s journey. The easy way to do this is to retarget your audiences based on their previous actions on the website.

Retargeting is usually done with the help of a specific URL that enables you to track products or product categories.

Stand Out With Interactive Ads

For retail eCommerce businesses, peak season is one of the most competitive times of the year. This is when you must take charge and go full throttle with paid media campaigns. Interactive ads allow brands and businesses to provide unique experiences that increase conversion rates.

These kinds of ads are dynamic in nature and are different from static display ads. Interactive ads encourage users to interact with the ads that are in the form of videos, images, and audio.

In a report, it has been seen that interactive ads can increase the amount of time spent by customers by 47% more than non-interactive ads.

Final Thoughts

For your small business to succeed, staying in touch with your older customers and moving parallel with the latest trends is crucial. You must understand that e-commerce is here to stay. If you can capitalize on the industry today, you will make the most the out of it tomorrow.

The strategies mentioned above are among the few popular strategies that are used for your marketing mix. You can even tweak the strategies to suit your needs.