Top 20 Flight Attendant Interview Questions And Answers 2024

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Flight Attendant Interview Questions

A flight attendant’s primary job is to ensure that everyone follows the security regulations, keep the passengers safe, and check that the flight deck is secure. Flight attendants greet the passengers as they board the aircraft, assist them in their seats, and provide due diligence. If you are going to join any airline to become a flight attendant, you have to interview for the position. This article looks at some of the questions that can be asked and the tips for navigating them. 

1.     Why Are You Interested In This Role? 

Tip 1: Show the interviewer why you want to be a flight attendant in the given company. 

Tip 2: Mention your interest in this field 

Answer: I have always been inclined towards maintaining close touch with people of diverse cultures and offering them help anytime a chance pos. I am generally interested in assisting people in tackling life, and this job gives me a chance to meet many more. I love the thrill that registers in the face of a first flier. This job gives me so much pleasure. 

2.      What Are The Roles Of A Flight Attendant? 

Tip 1: Highlight the roles that are assigned to flight attendants

Tip 2: Mention the roles that you think can help someone become a good flight attended

Answer: There are specific roles that flight attendants must perform for success. They guide and ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. This involves performing a safety check before take-off, greeting and receiving the customers with a smile, helping passengers find their seats, preparing and serving food and drinks to passengers and taking their orders. 

3.      What Are The Qualities That A Flight Attendant Should Possess To Be Effective?

Tip 1: The interviewer wants to know if you understand the qualities that a Flight Attendant must have

Tip 2: Mention the qualities that you possess and can help you deliver in your new job position 


A flight attendant should be able to hold certain communications with the customers to ease their flights. He/ she should be calm, confident, an arbitrator, conscientious and dedicated, have an excellent attitude and communication skills, be good at multitasking, and be observant and aware of the surroundings. 

4.      What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Handle It? 

Tip 1: The interviewer wants to know the challenges you have been through and how you have overcome them.

Tip 2: Always mention that you think challenges help you grow more 

Answer: I have always loved dealing with challenges and consider them a way to learn and grow in this job. A few challenges when starting my previous career were crazy work hours and having close to no personal life due to tiredness. However, with time, I have managed and adapted to my work needs. 

5.      Describe Your Daily Routine As A Flight Attendant?

Tip 1: The interviewer wants to know your daily routine in the previous job role

Tip 2: Mention a day you were highly achieving 

Answer: Normally, I used to work 9 to 20 days per month. I attended my 12 hours shift. Most of my work revolved around greeting passengers and ensuring that I gave them security information before every flight. I would then ensure that they were comfortable and safe before the filing took off. I’d then walk around and take orders. 

6.      Describe Briefly Your Flight Attendant Experience? 

Tip 1: Explain your takeaway from this role 

Tip 2: Mention how you felt being in this role 

Answer: I have managed to work with several airlines in my career, which has taught me how to master this game. I have learned how to deal with angry customers, manage time, and even stay calm in dangerous situations. 

7.      What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Required For This Role? Explain With Example 

Tip 1: The interviewer wants to know what strategies you use to do this job

Tip 2: Mention the strategy you have used in your previous role 


Being a flight attendant, one must have the ability to serve and treat people with kindness. There are specific strategies that help Flight attendants do their job the best way. a few of them are:

– Customer service 

– Teamwork 

– Communication Skills 

– Create a great customer experience 

– Friendly and positive 

– Caring and understanding 

– Exceeds expectations 

– Professional and responsible 

8.      What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job? 

Tip 1: The interviewer wants to know the challenges that you see in their company. 

Tip 2: Indicate if you have a way of capturing it. 

Answer: I believe being a Flight Attendant is a difficult job for those who don’t find it attractive except for the salary. It is quite a fun job, and I have been enjoying it for many reasons. I have not yet seen a specific challenge in this job, but I believe my years of experience can help me handle all the challenges that may come. 

9.      How Do You Stay Motivated at Work? 

Tip 1: The interviewer wants to know how you deal with stressful situations 

Tip 2: Mention how you can manage being motivated at all times 


What motivates me every day is my attraction to meeting new people every day. I love seeing new cultures and looking after people and giving them comfort. Hence my motivation is the number of smiles I get while I serve the passengers and the level of interaction I have with different customs and cultures.  

10.  .Describe a Time You Failed in this role and the Lesson You Learned

Tip 1: Mention the time you couldn’t do as well as expected 

Tip 2: Show him that you have learned your lesson

Answer: Once, I made a slight mistake in my service and felt the considerable blunder I had made. I was at work and mixed orders, serving a different drink to a passenger. Even though she was calm about it, I felt that I should have done better. I learned my lesson through this experience, and hence I am always more inclined towards details of my job. 

11.  How Would You Handle The Passengers Who Refuse To Comply With Given Flight Attendant Instructions While Landing Or In Takeoff?

Tip 1: The interviewer wants to see your conflict management skills 

Tip 2: Show your ability to stay calm in stressful situations 

Answer: In such a situation, I will repeat my instructions to such passengers if they couldn’t hear me well because of the cabin noise. If this passenger still disagrees, then I will ask for assistance from the flight assistants. And in the end, my last option will be to report this situation to the captain. 

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12.  What Would You Do If You Have A Passenger Who Is Afraid Of Flying And Starts Panicking?

Tip 1: The interviewer wants to see how much empathy you can show to the passenger

Tip 2: Show the interviewer how you will use your customer service skills in such a case 

Answer: I will first ask the passenger if he/she was OK and if there was some way I could help. I would also reassure the passenger that this anxiety is a common one while flying and give some tips to calm the passenger down. 

13.  What Are The First Few Things You Would Do In A State Of Emergency In The Air?

Tip 1: Tell the interviewer how you would keep a calm and collected demeanor

Tip 2: Also mention how you can convey directed authorities while you handle the passengers 

Answer: I would first start by calming the passengers before grabbing several oxygen masks and then helping them. I will double-check where the exit doors are and then will plan what I will ensure that. 

14.  What Was Your Most Liked Flight Experience?

Tip 1: The interviewer wants to see your enthusiasm about the flight process and planes 

Tip 2: Show your passion for traveling to other areas 

Answer: My favorite flight experience was the first flight I had that was on a 747. It was a very short trip, but I loved the experience. I also got to know why this was called the Queen of the Skies. 

15.  What Are Your Strengths For Good Customer Service?

Tip 1: The interviewer wants to see if you can create a positive environment

Tip 2: Show the interviewer that you can help people out when needed 


I am great at listening to the passengers with a keen ear. Whenever someone has a question to ask or has concerns, I listen to them calmly. I love making sure that I meet their needs and also understand their problem. I believe that excellent customer service is necessary to keep the customers coming back. 

16.  Have You Ever Had An Issue With A Co-worker? How Did You Resolve It?

Tip 1: Show the interviewer your conflict management skills 

Tip 2: Also show your will to compromise in conflicts 


Once a miscommunication gave rise to some friction between other flight attendees and me. The meal was delayed due to unavoidable circumstances, and the passengers were also getting very frustrated. In this case, I owned my mistake and apologized to the co-worker, and presented myself to talk to the upset travelers. 

17.  Do You Feel Okay In New Surroundings?

Tip 1: The interviewer wants to know if you are flexible in dealing with changes in flight schedules 

Tip 2: Also show you have a broad understanding and also respect the distinct cultures 

Answer: I always love landing in new countries and getting a chance to head towards the local markets. Everyone still speaks the language of food no matter I know their native language or not. Therefore, I do not have any problem with my new surroundings. 

18.  What Type Of Work Environment Do You Like More?

Tip 1: Answer this by talking about the fast-paced environment 

Tip 2: Show the interviewer that a collaborative environment is always a yes for you

Answer: I love being in a work environment that includes the collaborative efforts of each team member. It gives room for everyone to grow, and hence I like being in such a surrounding. I have always liked that people perform better when they feel the support of their team around. Therefore, a collaborative work environment is what I would like to work in. 

19.  How Many Languages Do You Speak?

Tip 1: This question will help him know that you can work on international flights 

Tip 2: Show the interviewer your honest ability in this one 

Answer: I can speak my native language fluently, and I am also improving on it by reading books and taking language lessons. I also have a keen interest in learning new languages. I did a course and learned some French and German, which has also helped me in my career. I can speak a total of five languages fluently. 

20.  Do You Have Any Likes or Preferences When It Comes To The Destinations?

Tip 1: Show the interviewer that you don’t mind flying to any place the flight is destined towards

Tip 2: Highlight that you are open to new possibilities 

Answer: We all have some flight destinations, but I believe being a flight attendant, one has to fly to all destinations hence assigned. I have been to many places, and I enjoy going anywhere the flight is intended to. Therefore, I do not have a given destination as I believe that just being on air is a blessing. I am okay with wherever the job takes me. 


These were a few questions asked in the job interview of a Flight Attendant, and you must tackle them well. You can either give the answers mentioned above or look at the tips given to create one for yourself. 

Ensure that you come off as confident and trustworthy. Most airline companies employ people who are sure of themselves and can treat passengers well. You will be invaluable with such skills.