Top 20 FedEx Interview Questions and Answers 2021

FedEx Interview Questions And Answers

What does FedEx Company do? This is an American multinational conglomerate holding company that focuses on transportation, e-commerce, and business services.

Below are the top 20 interview questions and answers that you could be asked when attending a FedEx interview. Also, there are sample answers that will guide you on how you are supposed to answer the questions.

1.   Why Are You Interested In Working for FedEx Company?

Your interviewer expects you to tell them why you would choose to work for them and not any other company. Talk about your main interest in their company.

Sample Answer

“FedEx Company is one of the world’s leading transportation companies and your services are just excellent. I believe that working in your company will benefit me and the company as well. I want to be part of the FedEx team that is doing a great job by ensuring that logistics services are efficient. Considering that I am still young and energetic, I still have room to sharpen my skills through learning from your team. Again, I would like to help your company reach its goals through efficient services. Lastly, I would be delighted to earn a living and support my family through using the knowledge that I have gained to earn a living.”

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2.   What Do You Know About Fedex Corporate?

The interviewer wants to know what you know about their company. Give a brief history of the company.

Sample Answer

“FedEx Corporation is an American multinational delivery services company with its head office based in Memphis Tennessee. It was founded as Federal Express Corporation in 1971. It is well known for its global air express freight. It has several divisions which include FedEx express (air transport), ground, freight, and services. Also, the government trusts this company by being among the top contractors that the US government gives and entrusts contracts with.”

3.   What Qualities Do You Think Fits A Fedex Staff Employee?

The interviewer wants you to tell them what attitudes and focuses should a FedEx employee have.

Sample Answer

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“FedEx Company is one of the leading freight companies in the world. This means that there is something that the staff is doing to maintain that position. Of course, a FedEx company employee should be focused on helping the company meet its customer’s needs. One should always be able to work under pressure since there are a lot of customers needing the company’s services. Again, having knowledge about the company’s services is important since most of the customers will be inquiring about FedEx company’s services. Again, the employees should be very focused on the company goals to attain them.

4.   Tell Us About Your Experience Working In A Closely Related Field

The interviewer wants you to talk about your previous work experiences. Talk about where you have worked and for how long.

Sample Answer

“After completing my university degree in supply chain management and logistics, I was employed in a freight company as a logistics and supply chain coordinator. In that company, I interacted with a lot of seniors from whom I learned a lot. I was able to gain experience in this field. It was all about inspecting the condition of goods in the store, following up on deliveries, and ensuring excellent customer service. I worked for this company for six years and my contract expired. Having gained six years of experience is all that this role needs. Especially in supply chain management and logistics is all that FedEx needs. I believe that I will give the company my best towards reaching its goals.”

5.    What Is Your Biggest Strength

The interviewer wants to know what it is that you think that you are best in. Talk about any quality that you think it’s relevant to this role.

Sample Answer

“As far as my biggest strength is concerned, I would prefer saying that working as a team is my biggest strength that I have. I prefer working with hardworking people and have one major goal to attain. This makes me feel that there are people backing me up towards the success of the company I am working for. I always work best in teams. I believe that I will get a nice team in your company to work with.”

6.   What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Role

Since you have experience or knowledge in this role, the interviewer might ask you these questions to see whether you can research and predict future challenges. Talk about a big challenge that you think might affect this field negatively.

Sample Answer

“FedEx Company uses technology to design, manufacture and sell their cars. In today’s world, technology is developing day by day. Everything is changing. In the future, FedEx Company may experience a challenge in trying to cope up with the fast advancing technology. They have to make sure that their cars are designed in the last updated forms to ensure customer satisfaction. This may be a challenge in the future if the FedEx Company does not venture into technology level monitoring.”

7.   How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work?

The interviewer wants to know what your daily motivation is. Consider talking about achievements and meeting your expectations as your motivation.

Sample Answer

“Helping my company achieve its goals is all that motivates me. Every time I get to work, I have to remember that I am working towards a certain goal and so I should get motivated to work towards it. Nothing motivates me more than meeting my company client’s expectations. Whenever I see businesses increasing their profitability due to the strategies that I have put in place, I always feel that I am doing a great job that is helping my company grow. This always makes me feel that I want to do it again and again.”

8.    Describe A Time When You Failed In This Role And The Lessons You Learned.

The interviewer knows that you must have made a mistake at some point and led to poor performance. They are asking you this to see how you can learn from making mistakes. Talk about a time when you made a mistake in your role and the lesson you learned from it.

Sample Answer

“As we all know, mistakes are there to be made. And we learn from our mistakes. At my entry-level, I could rush into projects without keenly reading and understanding each guideline provided. This is a mistake that many people make. Of course, the results were not as expected. I had to redo the work following the guidelines. I felt that I had wasted more time redoing the work. I came to realize that it is very important to make sure that you understand all the rules and guidelines given for a project.”

9.      Why Do You Feel You Are Most Suitable For This Role?

The interviewer is asking why you feel that they should choose you over the other candidates. Talk about the unique qualities, experience, and achievements that you have.

Sample Answer

“This is a role that needs a well-experienced individual who knows what they are doing and what they are supposed to do. Having worked at a busy company with a lot of focus on meeting their goals and objectives, I think I am the candidate you are looking for. In addition, the strategies that I have learned from my previous role will help in offering the best services to your company. Since I already know what is expected of me, few pieces of training will be required. I hope that you will consider the experience that I have received as an added advantage to me.”

10.    Tell Us About Yourself

Your interviewer wants to know more about you. Talk about your career development briefly.

Sample Answer

“To start with, my name is Eric and I am 25 years old. For the past 5 years, I’ve been working as a supply chain and logistics coordinator at a freight and transport company based in Maryland, USA. I have some background in Logistics and supplies, with a degree from Oxford University. Throughout my career, I’ve noticed that I’ve always been good at coordinating logistics and supply chains. For example, when I was working at my previous company, I led a lot of projects concerning supply chain management and logistics. Also, customer service was my department too.  Moving forward, I hope to expand my experience across different industries. Particularly, logistic management which is my main interest in your company.

11.     How Would You Deal With A Complaint From A Customer?

The interviewer wants to know how you would help the company solve complaints raised by customers. Tell them how you would attend to the complaint professionally.

Sample Answer

“Whenever there is a complaint from a customer, I would be very careful while handling it. This is the procedure I would use;

·         Stay Calm. It might be extremely difficult to do, you must stay calm when handling a customer complaint.

·         Listen. Frequently, if a customer comes to you with a problem, it means that they want to be heard.

·         Be Kind.

·         Acknowledge the Issue.

·         Apologize and Thank Them.

·         Ask Questions.

·         Make It Speedy.

·         Document Their Responses.

·         Follow up.”

12.    Have You Ever Solved A Problem With Little To No Information And How Did You Do It?

The interviewer wants to know a time when you were assigned a project with very little information about it but still you were able to compose yourself and do the project as expected.

Sample Answer

“When I was a freshman in the company I was working for previously, the information technology officer assigned a project that he gave very little information about how it was supposed to be done. Instead of wasting his time by asking many questions, I reached out to someone from information technology and asked for samples of previously done work about projects assigned by the boss. He gave me at least four samples where I was able to get a picture of what my boss wanted. I got into work and I was able to deliver a very good job and the boss was very happy. This is a problem that I solved by doing my own research and strategies to complete quality work. ”

13.       How Would You Change The Culture Of Fedex Company?

The interviewer wants to know how you would use your skills to change the culture in FedEx. Talk about how you would use them to better the company.

Sample Answer

“FedEx Company is one of the biggest companies that have kept a good culture through its employees. All we have to do is embrace the culture and improve on the areas that need to be improved. Firstly, I would use the skills and experience that I have gained from past experience to better the company’s performance. Secondly, I will use the knowledge that I have gained from my college and university studies to develop the culture of FedEx Company and make it an interesting one. This would be a great way to improve the performance of the company. Lastly, I would employ new techniques and strategies that may help in improving the culture of FedEx company.”

14.   How Would You Define Freight?

The interviewer wants you to define what freight is according to your knowledge. Give a clear definition of freight.

Sample Answer

“Freight is goods transported in bulk by truck, train, ship, or aircraft.”

15.       Give Us Seven Types Of Deliveries That Fedex Offers?

The interviewer wants to know your knowledge about the company you are interested in working for.

Sample Answer

“These are the top seven deliveries conducted by FedEx Company.

·         FedEx Home Delivery

·         FedEx Ground Delivery

·         FedEx First Overnight Delivery

·         FedEx International Ground Delivery

·         FedEx Standard Overnight Delivery

·         FedEx Priority Overnight Delivery

·         FedEx 2Day.”

16.    What Services Can You Offer To Fedex If You Were Recruited?

The interviewer wants to know what you are capable of doing. List the duties that you can perform related to this field.

Sample Answer

“The duties and responsibilities that I can offer to your company are;

·         Coordinating and monitoring supply chain operations

·         Ensuring premises, assets, and communication ways are used effectively

·         Utilizing logistics IT to optimize procedures

·         Coordinating logistics staff (e.g. truck drivers) according to availabilities and requirements

·         Supervising orders and arranging stocking of raw materials and equipment to ensure they meet needs

·         Communicating with suppliers, retailers, customers, etc. to achieve profitable deals and mutual satisfaction

·         Planning and tracking the shipment of final products according to customer requirements.”

17.       How Can You Keep A Track Of Your Shipment?

The interviewer wants to know whether you are aware of the differences between electric cars and standard internal combustion cars. Mention the key difference between the two.

Sample Answer

“The best way to keep track of the shipment is by using tracking technology devices that will help you follow every item that is being shipped. The use of bar codes helps you track items easily.”

18.    What Are The Best Top 8 Apps That Can Be Used To Track Packages?

The interviewer wants you to tell them the best applications that can be used by customers to track packages. Give the best top eight applications.

Sample Answer

·         5 step package delivery process.

·         Deliveries-play-store.

·         17Track playstore.

·         ParcelTrack android app.

·         TrackChecker Mobile Android.

·         Aftership play store.

·         OnTrack Android app.

·         Track24-play-store.

These would be some of the best applications our customers can use to track down their packages.”

19.   What Are The Main Transport Options That Fedex Uses To Deliver Packages To Their Clients?

The interviewer wants you to tell them the different options that FedEx uses to deliver packages to their clients.

Sample Answer

·         Express — same day or next day.

·         Standard — surface transportation.

·         Groupage.

·         Domestic.

·         Dedicated and time-critical.

·         Commercial air freight.

·         Ocean freight.

·         Saturday collections and deliveries.

·         Value-added collections and deliveries.”

20.   What Are The Five Elements Of Logistic Management?

The interviewer is testing your knowledge of logistic management. Tell them the main elements of logistic management.

Sample Answer

“The main elements of logistic management are;

·         Storage – This involves storing packages before they are released to their destinations.

·         Packaging and utilization – This involves packaging the ordered items in a way that is safe according to the nature of the items.

·         Inventory – This involves the flow of goods in and out of the store.

·         Transport – This involves moving the packages from one point to another

·         Information and control – This involves all the information and identification of the items that are being shipped. ”


FedEx Company is one of the companies that are providing job opportunities across the world especially to the youth. All you have to do is answer the questions with confidence and show them that you are determined in helping them achieve their goals. All the best!

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