Top 25 FedEx Interview Questions and Answers 2024

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FedEx Interview Questions And Answers

FedEx is a successful multinational company with a revenue base of tens of billions. It is there understandable if you would like to work for them. However, remember that you need to ace your interview first to get such a chance. This job will look at some of the most FedEx Interview questions to help you land the position of your choice. Take a look at the following and think of all the possible answers:

1. Why Are You Interested In This Job?

FedEx is a multinational billion-dollar empire that has been doing well over the years. It is thus capable of furnishing me with new challenges and experiences that I am looking for at this point in my career. I would also love to work in a relatively demanding and busy environment to avoid getting into a comfort zone. A job at FedEx will therefore come in handy at the moment.

2. Do You Possess Any Skills That Make You Qualified For This Job?

Yes. I possess many skills that I believe make me a good choice for this job. I have excellent communication skills, which are needed when interacting with customers and going about different activities in this job. I am also an exceptional driver, having developed extensive skills thanks to my driving career. Other Skills include time management, multitasking, organization, and leadership, which will definitely come in handy at one point in this job.

3. Mention Your Experience

I have worked in different logistics companies over the years as a driver and in other positions, which I believe qualifies me for this job. I have extensive driving skills and can operate trucks and a horde of different vehicles without breaking a sweat. I have also been a customer care assistant in a beauty company, which taught me how to deal with customers. Additional experience includes cash handling as a cashier, inventory management while working at a warehouse, and contract negotiation. I believe that I can apply all these to better this company.

4. What Motivates You In This Job?

I am normally passionate about transport and logistics, which motivates me to come to work every day. Therefore, my love for this job normally overrides any challenge I face. I have also been lucky to be surrounded by good teams in all the places I have worked, which pushes me to be at my best. Lastly, I developed a habit of looking back at my past successes whenever I feel demotivated. I am glad that I have gotten this far.

5.  What Is The Main Challenge That You Foresee In This Job?

This is a multinational company, meaning that I expect huge workloads and lots of pressure, which has not been the case in most places I have worked in. Even though this is not a challenge per se, I’ll need a few weeks or days to adjust. I am glad that I am receptive and accommodative to change, plus I am a diligent worker, which will make the transition extremely smooth. I am looking forward to it.

6. What Do You Know About Us?

I know that FedEx was created by Fred Smith in 1971, who thought about the idea while still a Yale undergraduate. It began serving US cities in 1981 through its world hub, which was adjacent to Memphis international airport. It was known as Federal Express at the time, which later changed in 1994 after FedEx was adopted. FedEx expanded in 1998 when it created the FDC corporation, which offered several transportation and logistics solutions. Currently, this entity has over 600 000 employees and revenue of close to $1billion.

7. What Do You Normally Do When You Have To Work On Several Priorities?

Working in the transport and logistics industry can get challenging, given that we are sometimes required to manage several priorities. However, I am glad that I am good at organizing myself and prioritizing work. I normally plan my tasks accordingly, starting with the most to the least urgent. I am also good at multitasking, which normally comes in handy on several occasions. I am confident that I will not experience any problems managing and working on different priorities given a chance.

8. Have You Ever Had To Deal With A Difficult Person?

Yes. My experience working in team settings has made me interact with difficult people. I once had a colleague who did not want to contribute to the group project and would get extremely defensive if called out. He, in turn, derailed other group members and made them less focused. I decided to talk to him one last time and indicated that I would be forced to get him off the team and report to the company’s management. Seeing that we had reached a tipping point, he made a conscious decision to change. Even though most team members were skeptical at first, they later embraced him.

9. How Do You Normally Handle Stress?

I understand that this job can get highly stressful, given the nature of the industry. However, I have learned to deal with such situations in my career, given my experience level. Whenever things get stressful, I take a step back to restrategize. I then organize myself well, prioritize my tasks and multitask where possible. Depending on my rank, I may also ask other employees with lesser workloads to help me or delegate some. I have handled stress quite well in my time in transport and logistics.

10. Why Do You Believe That You Are The Most Suited Candidate For This Job?

This is my fifth year in e-commerce. I have obtained extensive experience in this industry, which I believe will be valuable in this establishment. I will apply everything I have learned over time for the betterment and growth of this company. I also have many fundamental skills that will come in handy in this job. I am tech-savvy with loads of multitasking and organization skills that will come in handy in this job. I am therefore sure that I will succeed in this job given a chance.

11. Do You Prefer To Work Independently Or In Team Settings?

Even though I don’t have any particular preference, I love working in team settings as it brings out the best in me. It also allows me to collaborate with others on projects and tap into their knowledge which I consider essential for project success. However, I don’t have a problem working independently on projects or blending independence and teamwork. I believe that I can thrive in both settings, as I am flexible enough. All in all, I w I’ll sufficiently contribute to different projects, whether alone or in team settings.

12. What Was The Main Challenge That You Faced In Your Last Job? How Did You Overcome It?

I worked for a transport and logistics company on the outskirts of town. Even though it was a good experience, especially careerwise, I faced several challenges which I successfully overcame. However, the main challenge was the daily commute to and from work since I lived quite far. However, luckily, I was forced to change my neighborhood due to other circumstances that brought me closer to my workplace. I didn’t, therefore, have a problem getting to work and back on time.

13. What Is Your Greatest Strength?

I believe that my greatest strength lies in my motivation. I am generally a self-motivated worker, which gives me the push and urges to tackle any challenge that may come up as I go about my job. My self-motivation also usually rubs off on my colleagues, pushing them to be at their best at all times. I am glad that I have never had to deal with motivation in an industry where we deal with many challenges. This trait will definitely help me succeed in this job.

14. Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Five Years?

I generally love to live in the moment and do my best to succeed. I haven’t therefore given this question much thought. However, I know that I will still be working with you, given that it has always been my dream. I hope that I will have progressed in my career or gained extensive knowledge from the 5-year experience. At the moment, I am interested in doing my best to better this company if given this job.

15. Do You Know Some Of Our Competitors?

Yes. The transport, e-commerce, and logistics industry has lots of players, giving you several competitors. Some of your biggest competitors are USPS, Union Pacific Railroad, XPO Logistics, CH Robinson, UPS, DHL, Blue Dart, DB Schenker, Kuehne + Nagel, and SNCF. However, I am glad that you have stood strong amid the competition and are currently rated on top of most of your competitors. I am hopeful that this company will continue achieving even better results. Other competitors include PostNet and Blue Dart.

16. How Would You Go About Resolving An Issue With A Coworker?

I understand the challenges of working in a team setting. Problems or issues are always bound to happen based on people’s expectations, standards, and obligations. However, a good worker should know how to handle such situations. I normally initiate the resolution process by having a sit down with the coworker and allowing them to explain their side of the story before explaining mine. We then normally find common ground to ensure that both of us leave the meeting with a lighter heart. I am glad that I normally solve issues faster before they turn into hate of extreme conflicts.

17. Has Someone Ever Put Their Trust In You Regarding A Task?

Yes. I have been in situations where people trust me to complete tasks. While working as an intern in one of the transport companies in the country, my supervisor was running out of time while working on a project as he had other commitments. He delegated the remaining work to me since I had lesser responsibilities. Given that I had seen him go about a similar project, I did a great job, which he also recognized. I have had similar experiences, and I normally deliver thanks to my attention to detail and tactfulness.

18. What Would You Do If You Notice That A Customer’s Parcel Was Open?

We occasionally come across parcels that were not sealed well and broke open while in transit. However, I normally consider myself a person of great integrity and prefer not to tamper or look into the parcels. I normally stick to my job, which in this case is to ensure that these parcels are delivered well to the recipients. I have never lost or tampered with a client’s package in my seven years of parcel delivery.

19. Do You Know Our Policy Statement?

Yes. I took some time to go through your website and find out much information regarding this entity. Your policy statement reads that you are committed to protecting and advancing human rights in all your undertakings. It further outlines that FedEx treats everyone with dignity and respect, provides safe working conditions, promotes equal opportunity, and encourages diversity and diverse opinions. Therefore, I would be elated if I got the chance to work in this establishment and witness and stick to your policy statement.

20. Have You Ever Heard Of Fedex’s Purple Promise?

FedEx has a purple promise, a color used in their logo, which commits everyone to make FedEx’s experience outstanding. It, therefore, reads, ‘I will make every FedEx experience outstanding.’ This is done through a coin, which is usually given to those who have clearly shown that they can go above and beyond to offer quality service and improve the general customer experience while in the establishment. I intend to get the coin if I get this job owing to my exceptional customer experience skills, which will help me satisfy your customers. I really want to work in this establishment.

21. Do You Know About Our Missions?

I extensively went through your website ahead of this interview and learned quite a lot about this establishment. Some of your missions include offering great financial returns to all shareholders by providing quality transportation, logistics, and related business services. You also aim to meet customer requirements in a manner that works for each market segment you serve. Other missions include making safety the first consideration in operations, conducting corporate activities without compromising on high professional and ethical standards, and developing mutually rewarding relationships with team members, clients, and suppliers. I respect your missions and will stick to them.

22. What Would You Confirm Before Starting On A Delivery Journey?

Having worked for different transport and logistics companies in my career, I know everything I should check before starting a journey. I normally ensure that the parcels of items to be delivered are well marked and ready for delivery. I also confirm that the truck or van is in good condition for deliveries and that all the paperwork has been done. I am generally thorough in my work and therefore conduct these checks daily. They have become a routine.

23. One Of Our Missions Is To Ensure Safety At Work. Can You Define What That Means And Indicate Who Is Mandated To Ensure Safety At Work

Safety at work refers to ensuring that all factors that can easily affect employees’ safety, health, and well-being are addressed. It cannot be achieved independently and generally relies on the collaboration of both the employees and the establishment. The former should ensure that they stick to all the safety standards set by the establishment and further exercise extra care when going about their activities to prevent accidents and other mishaps that may be costly.

24. Narrate A Time When You Had To Attend An Emergency

While driving around delivering parcels, I noticed a man who had been hit by a car lying down writhing in pain. It was a hit-and-run case, and the worst was bound to happen with no one around. I immediately parked and called 911 while offering first aid to the fatally injured person. Fortunately, an ambulance came fast, and the man was attended to. I went about my obligations till evening, when I decided to check in with the hospital. I found out that he had survived.

25. Mention A Strategy And Mindset That Will Help You Succeed In This Job

One needs the right strategies and mindset to succeed in their endeavors, which also applies to this job. When working for any company, one of the best strategies is tailoring all your activities towards adding value to the establishment. I will handle your customers professionally, work hard and make improvements regularly, which will definitely add value to this establishment. As for the right mindset, staying result-oriented is important, especially in a job with targets.


These 25 questions should help you prepare for your upcoming interview. Kindly rehearse them ahead of your interview to ensure that you impress the interviewer and increase your chances of landing a job.