Top 25 Expedia Interview Questions And Answers in 2024

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Expedia Interview Questions And Answers

Applying for a job at any renowned company requires clearing an interview and convincing the hirer that you are the best for the position. The same goes for Expedia. However, prepare yourself beforehand for the questions the interviewer may ask you to ace the interview. It generally includes questions about Expedia: its history, culture, and other specifications, besides general questions about you. 

It is significant to give accurate and confident responses to all the questions as it depicts your passion and dedication towards your chosen career. Your answers help the interviewer to detect if you are the one they want for their organization. 

We understand that this whole process of the interview is challenging and frustrating. So, to help you out, we have compiled a list of around 25 most asked interview questions with sample answers. It will aid you to provide an idea about the interview questions at Expedia Company. Note that the following questions include both general and company-based questions. These will also offer you a brief introduction to Expedia Company. 

Yet, it is significant to note that every job position requires different qualifications and experience. Therefore, the interview questions may vary accordingly. The provided questions will give you a brief idea about what you can expect the interviewer to ask you at Expedia. These may also make you a little confident and prepared before you appear for the test. 

1. What Do You Think Is Your Greatest Weakness And Strength? 

As far as I have perceived, my biggest weakness is I can’t say no to any challenge. I am always on the lookout for new tasks or work. It sometimes only makes me overburdened. Due to this, I have to prioritize tasks and give overtime to complete the projects timely. So, it also signals my strength in managing tasks efficiently, even if I am overburdened or have to work overtime. However, I know it is not good, and I am trying to organize my schedule and time accordingly. So I don’t say yes to everything. 

2. Do You Have Any Experience In Data Analysis And Interpretation? 

I understand that a thorough analysis and interpretation of customer data is very significant to assist thousands of customers timely. Therefore, I employ data analysis and interpretation regularly, especially when I was working as a customer service assistant. Like, on receiving complaints on calls, I initially check if they have already got their responses through mail or the official site. I analyzed other information also regarding their reservations and caused problems and tried to answer them as relevantly as possible for a prompt solution. 

3. What Do You Know About Expedia Travel Company? 

Expedia is an infamous travel company that enables thousands of people to book their vacations, reserve hotels, and choose a vehicle type they want to travel in and get ready to enjoy their trip. Besides, Expedia also offers discount coupons and codes to its loyal customers to save money as they begin their journey to explore their preferred destination. One can do this by visiting the Expedia office or online by going to their official website or downloading the application on their mobile phones. 

4. Tell Us If You Believe That Machine Learning Is Influencing The Traveling Business. Is There Any Future Of Machine Learning In Travel Organizations?

Artificial intelligence is rapidly taking over the world, and Machine learning as an AI type isn’t less. Machine learning has made the whole process very convenient and personalized, even for travel agencies. Now people can conveniently find the hotels of their liking in their favored cities and beside their preferred nearby spots. Like, looking for hotels with swimming pools or outdoor gardens, you get your options accordingly. So, machine learning definitely owns a very promising future in Travel agencies. 

5. Expedia Looks For The Candidates Who Can Comfortably Work In Both Working Alone And Team. Do You Feel Compatible With This Requirement?

I understand that employment in the travel industry requires a flexible personality and nature. So, I have prepared myself to work in both working environments. I can comfortably work alone and also cooperatively with small and large groups. I feel compatible with this Expedia’s requirements. 

6. Let Us Know The Coding Languages You Have Learned Or Worked In Your Previous Positions.

I have an extensive command of some coding languages like Java, CSS, and C++, as I have employed these in my previous job posts. However, I am also self-learning python and eager to learn more coding languages. The rationale is I always love to learn new things. Plus, with the tech advancement, it became a major need. 

7. Can You Manage Strict Or Urgent Guidelines? Can You Tell Us Any Exemplary Instance?

I am a very driven individual who aspires to complete all assigned tasks on time. It helps me to focus on my work and develop an interest in it. It is why I abide by the guidelines. However, I am very efficient when managing any strict or binding policies. An example of working urgent guidelines could be responding to a customer complaint. I can quickly assess the situation and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue promptly while maintaining high professionalism and customer satisfaction.

8. What Makes You A Good Match For Expedia?

My passion for travel and strong organizational skills make me an excellent match for Expedia. I have a wealth of customer service experience and a deep understanding of the importance of providing exceptional service to travelers. I have excellent oral and written communication skills and a track record of going above and beyond to ensure every customer has an enjoyable and stress-free travel experience. Additionally, my ability to multitask and manage multiple tasks simultaneously, combined with my attention to detail and problem-solving skills, make me an asset to the Expedia team. My skills, experience, and passion for travel make me a strong candidate for this role and would allow me to thrive at Expedia.

9. How Will You Rate Your Leadership Skills? Have You Ever Lead A Group Project Or A Team?

My leadership skills are exemplary, but always open to improvement. I have had the opportunity to lead a group project in my previous role and found it to be a valuable learning experience. I have strong communication skills, delegating tasks effectively and providing support and guidance to team members. My skills have allowed me to succeed in my previous role, and I am confident they will help me succeed in any future part I may have.

10. List The Tools You Employ To Ensure Your Things Are In Place And Organized.

One organizing tool that I frequently employ is an online calendar. It aids me in scheduling my daily or weekly tasks more efficiently anywhere I can. It provides structured information about my commitments, so I plan my days accordingly. I have also once employed an application for task management that enabled me to share the data with my team members. It further provides me with an easy way to share the collective progress on the project. 

11. Have You Come Across A Challenging Consumer? How Did You Deal With Him?

Yes, I have come across a challenging customer many a time. Unfortunately, it’s very natural to encounter a difficult customer monthly, if not daily or weekly. For instance, a few months back, a customer visited our office and was exhausted as they couldn’t find his preferred hotel on our official website. In fact, he was talking very rudely, yet I stood calm and listened to his problem patiently. I then humbly informed him that we don’t have any hotel located in their asked area and offered them a nearby alternative. Luckily, they liked it and were relieved. 

12. Everyone Once Face A Situation Where They Fail Any Task Or Commit Any Blunder. Tell Us Any Such Instance You Faced During Your Working Years. 

At the beginning of my career, when I first got employed as a travel agent, I was so passionate and committed to meeting all the needs of my customers while booking their vacations to make their trips memorable. Yet, after struggling with a few, I understood that it isn’t easy to find everything perfectly as an individual calls for, so I started focusing on their prioritized requirements only and ignored the minor ones. It helped me to find my consumers a perfect spot more conveniently and quickly. 

13. Technology Is Continuously Growing And Advancing The World. How Do You Cope With This Frequent Change In Terms And Innovations?

With the advancing world, I always keep myself up to date, and I love to experience and learn new things. Therefore, I have subscribed to different blogs and news sites related to technology to stay updated about new research or technology. I have also watched several videos and read various articles on Artificial Intelligence based tools, especially machine learning, owing to my interest. 

14. Have You Ever Faced A Situation Where You Have To Make A Prompt Decision And Have No Time To Ask The Lead? 

Yes, and undoubtedly it was very challenging. In my previous job position, I was asked to book flights for the company’s sales team. I only started working there, and one of the team members asked me to postpone his flight due to political upheaval as he couldn’t go to the airport. So, I recalled that the manager asked my fellow to cancel and reschedule the flight if it was reasonable. So, I did the same without any consultation, and luckily it was the safest decision as it helped my colleague and saved the company from potential loss.

15. What Do You Think About Working With People Located All Across The Globe?

I think working with people located all across the globe is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures, time zones, and ways of working. It can be challenging to communicate effectively, but it’s a great way to expand one’s horizons and gain experience in remote collaboration.

16. Did You Ever Manage A Project Requiring Several Workers To Work Cooperatively?

Yes, I have managed projects that required several workers to work cooperatively. It was important to communicate expectations, delegate tasks, and ensure everyone was on the same page to achieve the project goals. These are the stepping stones to success for any company around the globe.

17. If We Offer You A Task Of Designing A New Feature For One Of Our Websites As A Software Engineer, How Will You Tackle It?

If offered the task of designing a new feature on our website, I would first research and gather requirements from stakeholders. Then, I would create a detailed plan, breaking the task into smaller tasks and determining what needs to be done in what order. If necessary, I would assign tasks to team members and track the progress until completion. I ensure that all the data that I present has protection against any attacks by viruses.

18. What Is Your Daily Routine At Work?

My daily routine at work starts with checking emails and making a to-do list. I prioritize my tasks and tackle the most important or time-sensitive ones first. I also like to take daily breaks to recharge and stay focused.

19. What Skill Do You Think Got Improved In Your Previous Position?

The skill I have improved the most in my previous positions is communication. I have learned how to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical team members and communicate my ideas clearly and concisely.

20. What Is Your Opinion Is Best: Verbal Communication Or Written?

The best form of communication depends on the situation. Verbal communication is excellent for real-time conversations and building relationships, while written communication is more suitable for documenting information and keeping track of progress.

21. What Do You Expect From Expedia: Fame, Money, Or Recognition?

I expect a balance of all three – fame, money, and recognition. Fame is essential as it helps build a positive reputation in the industry and among peers. Money is crucial as it helps secure a comfortable life and achieve personal and professional goals. Recognition is equally vital as it helps in boosting self-esteem and motivation to work harder. All three elements are essential, and I expect to get an opportunity where I can achieve a good balance between these in my career at Expedia.

22. What Provoked You To Build Your Career In The Travel Industry?

I would say that the travel industry has always been a source of fascination and inspiration for me. From a young age, I was fascinated by stories of exotic cultures and the thrill of adventure. I was always curious about what it would be like to see these places and to have my own experiences. As I grew older, my passion for travel only grew stronger. I realized that working in the travel industry would allow me to pursue this passion regularly. I would be able to help others plan their dream trips, share my love for travel with others, and contribute to making their experiences just as memorable as mine have been. That is why I built my career in the travel industry, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

23. Expedia Calls For Candidates That Are Both Analytical And Interpersonal. How Will You Rate Yourself In These Terms? 

I am strong in both analytical and interpersonal skills. In terms of being analytical, I can approach problems systematically and logically and evaluate data and information to make informed decisions. Regarding interpersonal skills, I can communicate effectively with others and work well in a team. I understand how important building relationships and working collaboratively with others is to achieve common goals

24. Are You Willing To Get The Training If You Get The Job At Expedia?

Yes, I am definitely willing to get the training if I get the job at Expedia. I understand that continuous learning and improvement are important in any industry, and I am eager to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in my role at Expedia.

25. What Are Your Salary Expectations From Expedia?

My salary expectations at Expedia would depend on various factors, such as the position I am applying for, my experience and skills, the current market demand and supply, and the company’s compensation policies. Ideally, I would research the average salary for the position I am applying for and have realistic expectations based on that information. I will like to receive a fair and competitive wage for the value I bring to the company.


Hopefully, all these questions have given you a brief idea about interview questions at Expedia. Remember that the Interview process at Expedia Groups may vary from person to person and for distinct roles. Yet, the number of interviews and interviewers are generally the same. So, during this process, you meet with different people working at the applied company, and the interview phase may differ according to the seniority level of the interviewer. Lastly, working at Expedia travel industry requires various qualities and abilities to succeed in your career. These abilities may include persuasive capability, excellent listening capacity, effective communication skills, and patience to handle customers of all types. Other than this, Expedia can also run a background check of the candidates before hiring, so ensure everything to ace every step of your journey towards being an Expedia employee.