Top 30 Exit Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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To start with, what is meant by exiting a work position and when does it occur? An exit interview is a conversation that happens between a company and an employee who has decided to leave the business. It’s helpful to imagine them as the opposite of a job interview

Below are the top 30 Exit  Interview Questions and Answers. Also, there are sample answers that should guide you on how to answer the questions

8 Tips to Prepare for a Exit Interview

Preparing for an exit interview is crucial to ensure a smooth transition and to provide constructive feedback. Here are eight items to consider, including both general and technical aspects:

Exit Interview Preparation

Focus Area Details Tips
Job Performance Reflect on accomplishments, challenges, and contributions. Prepare specific examples, be honest about areas for improvement.
Team Collaboration Assess interactions with colleagues and team dynamics. Discuss successful collaborations, address challenges diplomatically.
Communication Skills Evaluate effectiveness of communication within the team and with other departments. Highlight instances of clear communication, acknowledge areas for improvement.
Professional Development Outline training, certifications, and acquired skills. Emphasize contributions to professional growth and application of new skills.
Work Relationships Consider relationships with supervisors and peers. Express gratitude, discuss challenges constructively, maintain a positive tone.
Feedback and Suggestions Prepare constructive feedback on the work environment and processes. Be tactful, offer suggestions for improvement, aim for a balanced perspective.
Technical Competence (for technical roles) Assess proficiency in relevant technical skills and tools. Provide specific project examples, discuss training and willingness to learn.
Knowledge Transfer (for technical roles) Document and communicate key information for a smooth handover. Prepare documentation, identify critical projects, offer assistance with training.

Remember to approach the exit interview with a positive and professional attitude. Constructive feedback and a collaborative spirit can contribute to a positive departure experience for both you and the organization.

Top 30 Exit Interview Questions and Answers

Here are the top 30 Exit interview questions, along with a sample answer for each question.

1. Why Are You Leaving?

Sample Answer

I feel that I have had enough experience that I was looking for in your company and now I feel that it was good for me to advance in my career and gain more experience from a different working environment at a different rank than I have been working in your company. Since my main goal was to reach the managerial level, I feel that it is taking me more time than I expected to reach that level while working for you. I am very thankful for the experience and training that I have received from you guys but I believe that I can do better in my career in another institution.

2. What Is Your New Employer Offering To You That We Did Not Offer To You?

Sample Answer

The main difference is that my new employer is offering me an opportunity to serve them at a higher rank than the one I have been serving in your company. Additionally, the new employer is giving opportunities to learn through fieldwork unline in your company where we are working in the office only. This will help me gain more experience in the field and meet different people that I can interact with and learn more from them.

3. Did You Receive Enough Support From Us?

Sample Answer

I would say that I am very pleased and satisfied with the support that I received from you. This is one of the benefits that I have received while working for you. At any time when I received a customer complaint, I was allowed to share my point of view and my record was considered before a decision was made. This made me feel that my opinion mattered to you. I also received regular training sessions and I had monthly review sessions with my line manager that I found to be very useful. I thank you entirely for the support you offered.

4. What Do You Think We May Have Done To Retain You In Our Company?

Sample Answer

Having been in the agency for three years, I felt that I needed a promotion to advance in my career. I was informed that this would not be likely for another 15 months. My new role is more senior and representative of my current performance. Had there been more promotions available, I may have considered staying. If I got the chance to serve your institution in a higher rank and level, I wouldn’t mind staying and working with you. The company should also consider employees’ efforts and the positions that they deserve due to their working experience. I hope that this will be discussed and passed in the company. This will help the employees feel that their efforts are being recognized and rewarded.

5. What Did You Love Most About Working In Our Company?

Sample Answer

I liked the office environment which is super conducive for everyone and the other colleagues that I got an opportunity to interact with. The workload was always fairly shared and my manager ensured the work was complete without being too overbearing. Semi-flexible working hours gave me some control over the day, and there was never an issue with payroll. Lastly, the pressure was relative and I could manage to complete the tasks assigned to me without any errors and mistakes.

6. What Is It That You Did Not Like While Working In Our Company?

Sample Answer

Comments would be made by management if you left your desk for the full lunch break, and there was a double standard for senior management and the rest of the team. This made for an unpleasant work environment where no one felt comfortable speaking freely. The way the teams are structured means that the work is not distributed effectively. It might be better to distribute tasks according to skill strengths rather than seniority.

7. How Was Your Relationship With Your Manager?

Sample Answer

I would say that my previous boss Mr. Clinton was my best employee of the company. I received clear and understandable instructions from my boss. Also, he gave me ample time to complete my assignments and I did as he instructed me to do. Sometimes he would guide me whenever I did not understand his instructions. My boss was the best employee that I have ever worked with.

8. Would You Ever Consider Coming Back To This Organization?

Sample Answer

Under some circumstances, I may consider returning. If the organization updated its policies and procedures to reflect modern-day practices, I’d be tempted. But I would also need a pay rise and more emphasis on career development. Also, if you updated the career development policies I wouldn’t mind working for you again. These are some of the activities and programs that the company should be organized to build their employees so that they can feel motivated to work for the organization.

9. Did You Feel Equipped To Do The Job Here?

Sample Answer

I would like to thank the management since I was always well equipped with all that I needed to perform my tasks. I would say that I have had the best and supporting management since I started working. Whenever we had projects to work on, we were fully prepared and equipped with the necessary materials and information that would have guided us to complete the tasks.

10. Would You Recommend This Company To Any Of Your Friends Of Family Members To Work With Us?

Sample Answer

I would say that I would recommend this company to my friends especially if they needed to gain relevant skills and experience in their careers. In the same way I have had good training and competitive skills and experience, I would love someone else to gain the same from your company. In terms of equipping employees with relevant skills and experience, it’s a plus for the company.

11. Did You Feel That The Work We Gave You Aligned With What You Expected To Learn?

Sample Answer

Since I have always wanted to gain skills and experience in my field of study, I believe that all that I did in this company was super relevant to my field of career. I thank the management for ensuring that every employee sticks to their line of duty and performs the tasks that they are supposed to be performing. This helps employees focus on the challenges that are affecting their department and solve them independently according to their policies.

12. Do You Think That This Company Helped You Meet Your Career Expectations?

Sample Answer

I would say that this company was able to help me meet my short-term goals. Of course, I came here with both long-term and short-term goals. For the little time that I have been working here, I feel that this company has helped me achieve my short-term goals which I am very delighted to have attained in your institution. In terms of long-term goals, I feel that you as a company ought to have done better in terms of promotions and awards. By doing so, I would have attained even my long-term goals while working for this company. I hope that the management will help other employees achieve their career goals.

13. How Would You Rate Our Managerial Skills?

Sample Answer

In terms of management skills, I would give you a six out of ten. There is a lot that needs to be done especially when it comes to employee motivations and promotions. It is important to remember that employee morale affects the performance of the company as a whole. I would also want to appreciate the management for the efforts that they have put in place to manage this company. I am sure it is not easy but they are trying their best. I hope that a lot will be done to make this place a super conducive environment where employees can work freely.

14. Were Your Efforts Adequately Recognized As You Worked For Us?

Sample Answer

The company is trying to recognize the efforts of its employees, but there is a lot that needs to be done. As earlier stated, giving awards and promotions would be a good way of appreciating and recognizing employees’ efforts. When one gets a promotion, they will do more to continue getting the favors. It is very important for the management to organize such events where employees’ efforts are appreciated and awarded. When one gets such appreciation, they will feel that their efforts are being recognized by the management and they will put more effort next time.

15. Were Your Rights As An Employee Given As Expected?

Sample Answer

Since I started working in this company, I have never seen any staff who wanted to violate my rights in any way. I thank the management for observing the employee’s rights at all times. It is very important to build such a conducive environment for employees where they can work without being disturbed by other employees of the company. As we all see, there are charts in every department that have the rights of employees. This reminds every employee about their rights and what they need to do whenever their rights are violated.

16. Before Leaving This Company, Would You Be Interested In Working In Different Department Of The Same Company?

Sample Answer

As for now, I think that it is good for me to change the working environment. I feel that I really need to change my working environment to meet new colleagues and gain working experience from them since I am young and energetic, I believe that there is still room for learning and gaining more experience as far as my career is concerned. I would feel happy if I got the chance to serve the company in a different department but for now, I’m sorry I have to leave. Thanks for the offer but I would consider that in the future if the company offered promotions and recognized efforts of the employees. This is the only way to give motivation to the employees.

17. Did You Receive Training That Can Be Translated Into A Quality Work?

Sample Answer

Yes. The training that I have received from my bosses is enough to produce quality work without any benefit of the doubt. I would like to thank my bosses for offering quality training that has helped me work well and will continue to use it to give quality work to my new employer. For example, I came here without knowing how to work as a leader and solve issues among employees. Now I have the experience and skills that one is supposed to have as a leader.

18. Tell Me A Time When The Company Stood With You In Hard Times?

Sample Answer

Firstly, I would like to thank the management for standing with me when I lost my father two years ago. For sure, it was a hard time for me but I gained a lot of comfort from members of my department and the company at large. When someone loses their loved ones, they are down and they need people who can stand with them during the trying moments. For sure the company stood with me. I hope that you will continue supporting your employees when such trying moments occur. This will show support to the employees and know that they are never alone when they are experiencing hard times. Even in sickness, I am very sure that the management is able to stand with their employees when they are not feeling well.

19. What Aspect Of The Did You Love Most?

Sample Answer

I would say that the best part of my career in this institution was when working together as a team. I always enjoyed when we joined hands and thought together to come up with a solution to solve problems.

20. What Was The Most Boring Part Of Your Career In Our Company?

Sample Answer

I must say that the boring part of my career was when we had to stay in office without going for fieldwork.

21. What Best Did Our Managerial Department Offer To You?

Sample Answer

I would say that the training that I have received from the management is one of a kind. I would like to thank the management for that and I hope that you will continue offering such to freshers that join your company.

22. Have You Ever Disagreed With Your Boss In Our Company?

Sample Answer

Of course, I must have had some differences with my boss. It is allowed to have differences but they were solved in a fair manner that left both parties satisfied.

23. How Do You Think That The Answers You Are Giving Me Will Help The Company?

Sample Answer

If the company takes this interview in a positive manner, they can use it to better their performance and pull up their socks where they have to.

24. How Would You Describe Our Management?

Sample Answer

I would say that your management is one of a kind, although there are a few places they need to adjust to being super perfect.

25. What Prompted You To Start Looking For Another Job While You Had One?

Sample Answer

The main reason why I had to leave is to get an opportunity to serve other institutions in a higher rank.

26. What Was The Most Challenging Aspect Of Your Job, And How Did You Overcome It?

Sample Answer

The most challenging aspect of my job was managing multiple projects simultaneously. To overcome this, I created a detailed project management plan that helped me prioritize tasks and stay on track.

27. Did You Feel That You Had The Resources And Support You Needed To Succeed In Your Role?

Sample Answer

I felt that I had the resources and support I needed to succeed in my role. However, I think that more training opportunities could have been provided to help me develop my skills further.

28. What Was The Most Rewarding Experience You Had While Working Here?

Sample Answer

The most rewarding experience I had while working here was completing a project that I had been working on for several months. It was a great feeling to see all of my hard work pay off.

29. What Advice Would You Give To Your Replacement?

Sample Answer

My advice to my replacement would be to take the time to get to know your colleagues and build strong relationships with them. This will help you work more effectively as a team.

30. What Would You Have Changed About Your Job Or The Company If You Had The Power To Do So?

Sample Answer

If I had the power to change something about my job or the company, I would have implemented more flexible working hours. This would have allowed employees to better balance their work and personal lives.



Exiting an interview is voluntary and you have the right to decline or accept to be interviewed. Be positive and advise the company on how they can improve on the sectors they failed!