Top 25 Content Strategist Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

Effective  Content Strategist Interview Questions and Answers

During a job interview, an effective content strategy depends on critical communication, analytical, and collaboration skills. Showcasing your ability to meet job requirements can prove your motivation to succeed to potential hirers. If you are looking forward to an opportunity for a content strategist role, it is beneficial to have an understanding of the questions recruiters are most likely to ask. In this article, we share questions interviewers are likely to ask with ideas on how to respond.

1. Why Are You Interested In This Role?

I am incredibly interested in this position. I believe that my vast experience and impressive educational background are an excellent combination to help me contribute to the company’s expansion. Also, being a long-time user and loyal customer of your products makes me proud to associate myself with a brand I love and admire.

2. What Are The Responsibilities Of A Content Strategist?

The responsibility of a content strategist is to develop content strategies that help a company meet its set goals. A reliable candidate must have these qualities to be effective in this role:

  • Conduct extensive research
  • Build online audiences
  • Use customer avatars and personas to create targeted content
  • Collaborate with content management departments, creative teams, and content writers to plan and implement a strategy.
  • Conduct periodic content audits.
  • Strategizing to improve content delivery and promotion.
  • Implementing best SEO practices
  • Managing content marketing campaigns
  • Creating and managing social media business pages and campaigns

3. What Are The Qualities That A Content Strategist Needs To Be Successful?

  • Have an appetite for writing and content creation
  • Have good presentation and communication skills.
  • Must have an eye for detail and be able to understand and simplify content
  • Be tech-savvy
  • Be knowledgeable in digital marketing to interpret analytics involving data and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Have a creative mind to develop and create engaging marketing campaigns.
  • Have basic knowledge of using digital marketing software and other relevant tools.

4. What Setbacks Have You Encounteredin Your Last Position? How Did You Overcome?

After graduation, I got an internship at a public relations organization. A customer felt dissatisfied with the draft I had presented to him and suddenly wanted an overhaul of the campaign strategy three days before D-Day.

The turn of events forced us to redo the entire project. We organized a late-night brainstorming session that evening, and after hours of sacrifice, I was tasked to compile a new report to present the following morning.

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Why Should We Hire You? 5 Best Answers

It was pretty challenging as it was my first time doing it. I overcame this by observing previous successful presentations of similar projects and integrating all the team’s recommendations into the new document. The client was ecstatic about seeing the new record and wanted the new development implemented as soon as possible.

5. Share Your Day-To-Day Activities In Your Content Strategist Role?

I like to begin each day by going over my schedule to make sure that I prioritize urgent matters first. Then I respond to my emails, making sure that I give warm leads my undivided attention, take immediate action, and answer any questions they have. I also check my LinkedIn messages and voice messages and respond accordingly.

After that, I meet my team to review any pending content marketing projects that need additional input or adjustments. I also reach out to customers updating them on the status of their projects.

I channel my energy into making cold calls and messaging in the afternoon. Usually, I have one or two scheduled calls with leads every day, and afternoons are ideal for addressing such activities.

I consistently listen in on sales calls several times a week to familiarize myself with how account executives close deals. Sales call help me learn more about prospective clients and which messaging approach will likely bear fruit.

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I update my software, and before logging out, I ensure to refresh the system and make sure I didn’t miss or forget anything important.

6. What Kind Of Approaches And Mentality Is Essential For This Role?

To excel as a content strategist, you must have several skills, including

Copywriting skills – the writing process that includes directing, planning, editing, and designing is vital in creating copy that sells. Having the ability to build a storyline across websites is essential.

Presentation skills – each content, whether on social media, blog, video, or ebook, affects your chosen presentation method. Base your choice on the analytics, research, and experience. Irrespective of your format, content needs to be either long-form or short-form with catchy headlines and high-quality images.

Content delivery skills – once you approve content and it’s ready for publishing, you need skills to get it in front of your audience. Having digital marketing skills will help you determine and settle on the most appropriate distribution channel.

Campaign skills and experience – content strategists need experience planning, delivering and executing marketing campaigns. They also need experience analyzing metrics and developing appropriate strategies to attract the right target market.

Content monetization skills – unless you work in a media firm, content is not a direct way to earn revenue. Instead, it’s a goal to get warm leads. A content strategist must plan on how to monetize content.

7. Please Share With Us Your Most Outstanding Achievement.

In one of my previous roles, I was responsible for managing approaching warm leads using our sales funnel. Sadly, the content wasn’t practical. Though it was necessary information for prospective clients, I found that feedback was poor and the return on investment low.

I decided to rework the content to be more relevant, based on industry practices. More than 50% of prospective clients consider our company handling their content strategies and closing deals with us. I achieved a better return on investment as our client base grows each day.

8. How Would You Rate The Performance Of Your Content Marketing? Please Share Examples Of Ofeffective Content You Have Implemented?

Sometime last month, my team and I launched a 6 part online course and a high-quality funnel targeting startups. The theme was financing – which is relatable to entrepreneurs, and the goal was to spark conversation on the definition of starting a business. We improved the course by adding more units on proposal writing and business management, which brought us three times more lead conversions compared to our blog articles.

9. How Can You Distinguish A Company That’s Getting Its Content Right?

For a company to get it right, its content must appeal to its target audience. Their social media or comments on their articles are made mainly of the demographics of their target audience. While the content may appear dull to the average person, it works to get their brand message to the right people.

Content on their website utilizes specific templates in the formatting process, which helps improve turnover time.

10. In Your View, What’s The Most Important Thing To Include In A Brief?

Although content and format are critical, knowing who you are writing for and the type of information you’re trying to put across. Target audience, content distribution, and message type are vital factors to consider. A professional content strategist knows that a story can be told in many different ways, depending on the audience and goals.

11. How Do You Develop A Content Strategy? What Do You Look Out For?

Depending on the message the content portrays and its target audience, I look out for how the web visitor will perceive the content, the voice, tone, language, and structure. Integrating a brand message differs from creative writing, copywriting, and news-editorial writing, and it is something I would keenly look out for as well.

I look for editorial skills when analyzing content, including the newsroom, branded, or creative content. My experience enables me to identify that content with different intents needs varied editorial styles. I study the thought process while looking for their ideation journey in creating, packaging, and distributing content to reach the ideal target audience and fulfill the purpose of the content.

A content strategist may specialize in specific backgrounds, such as journalism or marketing, to highlight different things depending on the objectives.

12. In Your View, What Do You Think Is Our Company’s Voice? How Would You Create Content For This Voice?

From my interactions with you and my research about your organization, I believe your company’s voice is a beneficial and friendly expert. I consider that your primary target audience consists of people who already have basic knowledge of the content you are writing about. With these findings, I would include a well-researched article including technical terms that I will simplify and explain.

Identifying your company’s tone is the first step toward creating a brand story. Knowing your company’s style and looking for relevant keywords makes it easier to craft a brand message. With my experience, I will identify the ideal voice or tone that resonates with your target audience.  

13. Is There Anything That Stands Out About Our Content? What Do You Think We Do Well, And What Would You Change?

I believe that the content is well-researched, engaging, and resonates with your brand. Both existing and new visitors can get industry-related information. However, although you share content on your social media business pages, you aren’t very active, which seems to affect engagement on the pages.

I think you could increase the frequency of content you share on LinkedIn to increase engagement, grow the page likes and drive traffic that leads to conversions.

14. Do You Have Any Experience In This Role?

I have been writing for over five years. I have extensive experience writing journal articles, product reviews, editorial work, and social media content. But, I am passionate and enjoy writing web content the most.

15. Do You Have Any Experience Using Multimedia Formats? Are You Familiar With Any Software Or Multimedia?

Having been a content creator for more than five years, I understand the need to diversify. I am proficient in graphic design, editing videos, and photography. I picked these skills because I believe that content isn’t limited to articles alone but comes in a package. I consistently enroll in online courses, and currently, I am familiar with Canva, Buffer, and Adobe Suite.

Since I am familiar with the best content strategizing practices, including article writing, designing, illustrations and videography, I believe that I can help you achieve your objectives.

16. Do You Have Any Experience In Allocating A Budget For Content Creation? If So, What Would You Prioritize?

Yes, I do have experience in allocating a budget for content creation. In my previous role at a publishing firm, I was once tasked with giving funding for a content creation project. Generally, the budget mainly depends on the content format and frequency of production.

For instance, if the project’s primary goal is developing blog content, scouting for good writers with graphic designing knowledge is a priority instead of graphic designers doubling up as content writers.  

I would allocate adequate funding not just for content creation but also doe distribution in terms of boosting posts and paid ads.

17. Describe A Time You Managed A Team Of Content Creators For A Project And Disagreed With What They Wanted To Do?

Soon after getting a content creation vacancy at passing the interviews, I got the opportunity to head a team of content creators to develop content for a new corporate website. The first step was to put up a group based on their strengths and weaknesses. Our disagreement stemmed from the fact that they all had an editorial background, unlike me. I strongly felt that the direction of the project was biased and not brand-centered.

I researched and put together a set of studies illustrating my vision for our content to solve this challenge. Then, I enlisted the expertise of another team member with copywriting background to assist in analyzing our range to meet our set objectives.

18. What Type Of Channels Are Ideal For Creating Brand Awareness

Some of the best channels for creating awareness include Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, social media marketing, and content marketing. Some research will help inform the best and most effective option to take.

19. How Do You Keep Up With Technological Changes And New Tools In The Industry?

Technology is consistently evolving, and keeping up is sometimes a big challenge. I am a member of several professional bodies that offer invaluable insight into the latest trends for me to update. I also frequently attend industry-related conferences and seminars and prioritize learning new skills during my free time.

One of my favorite pass times is learning how to operate new software. Every day, I devote some of my time to tech news and industry-related information.

20. How Would You Motivate Team Members To Maintain Focus When Creating New Content?

After identifying each team member’s strengths, I delegate and allocate responsibilities in a way that complements their strengths. Then I let the team own the project by making decisions and being accountable for their work. Making team members responsible for their work encourages a sense of responsibility and motivates them to do their best. Engaging in team-building activities cements the bond between members and makes the work environment a happier place to be productive.

21. How Do You Come Up With Content Ideas?

First, I research customer concerns through comments, reviews, and customer care feedback. From this research, I can tell the kind of information will resonate most with the audience. Whether it’s “How-To articles, product manuals, online training, or comprehensive information on a specific subject, I develop content ideas based on customer needs.

22. Share With Us A Typical Day In The Life Of A Content Strategist?

Today my day begins with a meeting with a client to create strategies for their company’s content marketing project. After the meeting, I compiled a report and forwarded the document to the digital marketing department, which started the branding process. Later on, I engage two virtual freelancers assisting with graphic designing and content editing.

23. What Content Management Software Have You Used, And What’s Your Preference?

I have experience working with Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and Squarespace, but my favorite is WordPress which I find convenient and easy to navigate.7. At least a minimum of 3 sentences for each answer. Answer must be in 1st person point of view.

24. How Would You Make A Dull Subject More Engaging And Exciting?

First, I will try as much as possible to simplify it and make it easy to understand. Depending on the subject, I would divide the topics and create short modules explaining each portion. I use videos, charts, or slides to communicate better complex to make them more lively issues.

25. What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job?

My five-year journey as a content strategist has improved my writing style and experience as a copywriter. While I am flexible and can write in different types, blogging and editorial content combines my passion for enhancing my marketing and networking skills.


When interviewing for a content strategist position, one essential tool has a portfolio. As long as you can demonstrate your experience from past work and show that you understand what it takes to create excellent content, you have a higher success rate with your interview outcome.

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