Top 25 Dairy Queen Interview Questions And Answers in 2024

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Dairy Queen Interview Questions And Answers

Dairy Queen is one of the most successful fast-food restaurant companies in the United States. It has over 6,000 soft-serve ice cream and fast-food restaurants in different locations and is currently headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota. This establishment normally has several openings you may be interested in if you are looking for a job.

Our article will cover the most common Dairy Queen interview questions to help you succeed in your interview if you make it to the shortlist. Feel free to use our responses to craft great answers in anticipation of any questions we will cover here. Let’s get started.

1. What Do You Know About Us?

Dairy Queen is a chain of soft serve and ice cream restaurants owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc and headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota. It was founded in 1940 by John Fremont McCullough in Joliet, Illinois, and currently has approximately 7,000 branches, with the majority being in the United States. Your best-selling products include blizzard and frozen yogurt, which from my experience, live up to their hype.

2. Why Do You Want To Work Here?

I have been your customer for close to two decades, and I must say that I love your products. I want to be part of the team that prepares, packages, and sell them, allowing the entire world to enjoy offerings such as tasty blizzard and frozen yogurt. I would also love to work for an establishment devoted to giving back to the community, given your support for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals- a charity organization that has changed the lives of many children in Canada and the United States through donations.

3. Tell Us About Your Availability

I am still in college and may not be available around the clock. I am, however, free for evening and night shifts since my classes end at 4 pm. I am also available over the weekend and holidays since we don’t have classes. I am confident that we will come to a favorable arrangement.

4. We Lose Lots Of Revenue To Store Theft. What Would You Do If You Caught Someone Stealing?

I understand the implication of store theft on companies and establishments, given that I have worked in several departmental stores before. As a person of high integrity, I don’t condone theft, whether perpetrated by customers or coworkers. I am willing to blow the whistle/ report or inform security or the right personnel of a theft6 in progress. I believe this establishment has a policy regarding such issues, which I will abide by.

5. What’s Your Greatest Strength?

I am an excellent team player, a quality I consider my greatest strength. I have extensive people skills that allow me to get along with people from diverse backgrounds and skill levels and thrive in team settings. I also know how to motivate my team members to ensure they are at their best. Lastly, my team working ability is supplemented by my conflict resolution skills, which is necessary when working in such an establishment. I am willing to use all these skills to foster excellent teamwork if given a chance, which will, in return, better this store.

6. Do You Have Any Experience In The Food Industry?

Yes. I have a considerable experience in the food industry. I grew up in a family of professional chefs. My family owned a restaurant across the street, where I used to help out during the weekends. Thanks to my brother’s guidance, I learned how to make special cuisines at a young age, which commenced my love for meal preparation and hospitality. I also worked as a chef and a professional server at a local restaurant during my college days and got several positive reviews from customers and coworkers. I am willing and ready to use these experiences to succeed in my role here.

7. Which Is Your Best Product On Our Menu?

I have had the chance to try everything on your menu and have to admit that all your offerings are great. However, I am particularly fond of the blizzard, which in my opinion, remains the best product on your menu. I can’t have enough of it or get over its sweet and delicious taste. I always ensure that I have at least one every week. However, I will urge customers to try all your offerings and not dwell too much on the blizzard.

8. Where Do You See Yourself In The Near Future?

I am still in college and would love to finish school, after which I can shift my focus to the hospitality industry. I plan to be a senior chef and restaurant manager in the future, meaning that an opportunity to work here would be valuable as it will give me a chance to learn important lessons, working in one of the most successful chains of fast-food restaurants in the US. I am ready to go the extra mile to succeed in this role, as it will catapult me into achieving my future goals and aspirations.

9. What Do You Love Most About Us?

There are lots of things to love about Dairy Queen, ranging from your amazing products to the fact that you are intent on giving back to society. I am particularly impressed by your support for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals initiative, which raises money for children’s hospitals both in the United States and Canada. Additionally, you value your employees, which is evident from the training and development opportunities you have for them. It would be a great honor to be part of this organization and contribute to your future milestones.

10. What Is The Main Challenge You Encountered In Your Last Job? How Did You Overcome It?

I worked in a busy restaurant with a limited number of employees, which meant extreme pressure. I had to be on my feet at all times attending to customers and cleaning after them. I learned how to multitask without making mistakes and would sometimes serve two or three tables simultaneously to save time. I later convinced the restaurant manager to add two more staff members after convincing him that it would improve our services, which was true.

11. How Would Your Coworkers Describe You?

In my former workplace, we had a chance to describe each other as part of a team-building exercise. From the different responses I heard, my coworkers described me as a hardworking, dedicated, and understanding team member. They particularly liked my willingness to help or step in whenever they were held up. A good number also described me as an excellent team player and communicator, qualities that I normally work on daily. I am confident that their assessments were true.

12. What’s Your Definition Of Excellent Customer Service?

My definition of excellent customer service is doing everything possible to convince the customer to return or turn them into loyal customers. In short, it means going above and beyond to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, which is enough reason for them to return to the establishment. Great customer service also means anticipating and promptly responding to customer needs, which I have always managed to do. I am confident that I will positively impact your customers’ experiences, both first-time and loyal.

13. How Do Your Normally Ensure That Customers Receive Excellent Service?

I always make it a point to impact a customer’s experience positively. First, I usually anticipate the customer’s needs and promptly respond to them, which I have noticed that many customers love and want. I also patiently listen to customer complaints and solve them, most of the time going above and beyond to find the best solutions. Additionally, I am always polite and on my best behavior when speaking or interacting with customers, regardless of the situation or agitation. I am ready to ensure that all your customers receive the best service and experience.

14. Who Are Our Biggest Competitors? What Sets Us Apart From Them?

Some of your biggest competitors include Burger King, McDonald’s, and Baskin Robbins. One thing that sets you apart from these establishments is your offerings. Your blizzards and different burger options are to die for. You are also more focused on employee training and development, which is actually one of the reasons I’d love to work here. Lastly, Dairy Queen believes in giving back to the community owing to your support of different charity initiatives. I am sure this is the best place for me to gain more experience in the retail industry.

15. What Do You Think About Our Values?

I had the chance to go through your website, and I must admit that I resonate with your values: respect, family, cultural connection, and teamwork. I am a great team player, given my belief in workplace unity, which is one of your core values. I also value respect for people and boundaries, which is your first core value. Family means everything to me, and I aspire to connect with people from as many cultures as possible. I am convinced I will be a good fit here, considering we share similar values.

16. Why Should We Give You This Opportunity?

I have extensive experience in the hospitality industry since I spent most of my adult life working as a professional chef and server. I know how to prepare a range of meals and handle different customers, abilities that I believe will help me thrive here if given a chance. I am also a hardworking and diligent employee, ready to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Lastly, I resonate with your core values and would be a great fit in this establishment. I am confident that I will perform exceedingly well if granted this opportunity.

17. How Would You Handle An Impatient Customer?

As part of ensuring excellent customer service, I believe that everyone who walks into the store is entitled to prompt service. However, offering quick action or prompt response in certain circumstances may not be possible. I would politely explain to the customer why things aren’t as quick as they expect and thank them for their patience while doing all I can to ensure they are served. Alternatively, I may politely refer them to other colleagues if I am too engaged to offer fast service.

18. Have You Ever Dealt With A Demanding Customer? How Did You Handle Them?

I have dealt with several demanding customers before, owing to the nature of my job. In one instance, the customer was too demanding to the point that I felt bullied. Instead of matching their aggression, I kept my cool and calmly apologized before assuring them that I was doing all I could to solve their problem. I also take the same approach when dealing with angry customers. Instead of matching their anger, I let them vent and apologize before offering a solution.

19. You Mentioned That You Can Deal With All Types Of Customers. Please Walk Us Through How You Would Handle A Difficult One?

Difficult customers are always unwilling to listen. It is, therefore, important to understand why to determine how best to deal with them. Common reasons include impatience, anger, frustration, or indecisiveness. I usually listen patiently without interrupting the customer, giving them time to vent their anger or frustration before offering a solution. Depending on the situation, I may apologize without blaming any sides before working on a solution.

20. What Can Make You Escalate An Issue To Your Supervisor?

Even though I normally strive to offer the best solutions to customers without involving my supervisor regardless of how angry or insulting they are, I am occasionally forced to escalate issues. This normally happens when I am beyond my limits in handling such customers or the supervisor is better experienced in handling their issues. I also bring the supervisor in when the customer asks to talk to them, a manager, or another employee. All in all, I ensure that I do my best before resorting to such an option.

21. How Do You Feel About Relocating?

Even though I’d love to do so owing to my love for traveling and experiencing new places, I may not be able to relocate at the moment, given my school and family commitments. However, I will be ready to move to any of your branches once I finish school. I will have also attended to most of my current family commitments by then, making me free to relocate to any of your branches.

22. Our Employees Meet All Types Of Customers. How Would You Respond To One Who Hurls Insults At You?

I don’t usually take insults personally, given that I have to maintain high levels of professionalism at all times as the company’s representative. Having dealt with such customers before, I know that the right course of action is to politely but firmly ask them to desist from verbal abuse instead of resorting to insults and risking making the situation even worse. However, if I feel that I am edging closer to my limit and may say or do something that wrongly portrays the company, I would escalate the issue to my supervisor or ask another employee to step in.

23. How Will You Positively Impact The Work Life Of Your Coworkers? Do You Believe That You Will Be A Good Addition To Our Team?

I am confident I will be a good addition to this restaurant’s team. I have extensive experience in hotel work and general hospitality that I believe we can all learn from. I am also a good problem and conflict solver, qualities that will come in handy in maintaining the team’s peace. Lastly, I will help and, where possible, step in for my colleagues.

24. What’s The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Role?

I can’t pinpoint any particular challenge at the moment since everything looks okay from the outside. I resonate with your values; your employees have lots of positive things to say about the establishment, and you have excellent products. I also live around here and won’t experience any challenges coming to work. I may therefore have to get in first to identify a specific challenge. However, I am confident that I have all it takes to overcome any challenge I may face when given a chance to work here.

25. What’s Your Take On The ‘Customer Is Always Right’ Phrase?

I don’t believe that the phrase ‘the customer is always right’ is entirely true. Even though the customer is entitled to excellent service and satisfaction, service may be withdrawn or denied if they are violent, abusive, or dangerous to others. I believe that, like with everything, there are limits that both the employee and the customer shouldn’t exceed.


These 25 questions should help you prepare adequately for your upcoming Dairy Queen interview. Remember to get acquainted with this establishment’s products before stepping into the interview room since some questions may be more specific than the ones we have covered. Also, remember to groom yourself well and make a good first impression. We wish you all the best and hope that you will succeed.