Corporate Gifting Solutions for Your Business Needs

Editorial Team

Corporate Gifting

What is the best way for your business to show appreciation to your clients for their business? Or, what about thanking your employees for their hard work? The answer is, of course, corporate gifts.

This long-standing tradition has allowed companies to land valuable clients, retain those important customers and upsell existing clients. It has also increased employee retention and has ensured that employees feel valued and appreciated in their roles.

So, what are the best corporate gift ideas? What you should be looking out for those key employees and staff? We thought we would take a look at the best ideas on the market.

Personalize Acknowledgement for Employees

Let’s start off with your employees and how you can celebrate them, and thank them for their hard work. Firstly, there are a number of gifts that you can choose from for them (we will mention some of our top picks), but when it comes to employees, it is key to personalize them.

Say, if your employee is celebrating a work anniversary, and you are looking for work anniversary ideas, you can think outside of the gift box. Think about what your employee would really appreciate.

A day off work could be a great idea, a public acknowledgment or mention in the company newsletter, or even a featured space on the company website. If it is a big anniversary, like a 5- or 10-year anniversary, you could also consider a sabbatical or some paid vacation time.

Make It Tasty

They say that the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. Why not take that a step further and make your corporate gift food-related.

Whether you want to send fruit baskets, personalized and branded cakes or cupcakes, chocolates, candies, or truffle boxes; the options are unlimited. Find out from the supplier if you can brand either the food itself or the packaging.

It might also be worth your while to check whether the client has any food allergies, or is vegan before you send anything. A client in anaphylactic shock from chocolate-coated nuts won’t be a happy client.

Consider Adding a Kick

Wine and whiskey have always been a classic gift that oozes class and culture. A well-picked bottle with a good vintage is certainly a great way to win someone over and thank them for their support.

But, over the last few years, some new options have popped up. You can now opt for a remote wine-tasting session, complete with the wines delivered to their door. Here, clients are able to join up with a winemaker on a video call and go through the adventure. There are also great beer brewing kits and gin mixing boxes.

Again here, it could be wise to check whether the person receiving it does drink. There may be various reasons for an alcohol gift to be taken the wrong way. So, make sure they do before sending.

Provide Them With an Experience

While we are on some out-of-the-box ideas, literally, let’s look at some more experiences. Consider things like a cooking lesson with a well-known chef. Chocolate- or truffle-making experiences, or send them for the physical wine or whiskey tasting.

There are also some great packages on the market for helicopter flips, a yacht tour, tickets for motor races or sporting games, and for the adrenaline junkies, sky-diving, or track experiences.

Sports hospitality has been a highly popular form of entertaining clients for decades and is a great way of connecting with clients and employees outside of the working environment. Most sporting facilities offer hospitality and VIP boxes, so make a day of it and take them to see that big sporting event.

Go Traditional

Naturally, there are still the old gifting ideas that you can choose from. Tech gadgets like headphones, power banks, phone chargers, USB storage units, and cool techie products are always a great idea. Just remember to brand it before you give it over.

Clothing and branded items to wear are also still hugely popular. So, look at caps, blazers, hoodies, and t-shirts. Keep in mind what the latest trends are when it comes to the items. Are zip-ups still relevant? What type of peak is trending in caps?

These are great items that the customer or employee can use on a day-to-day basis and have your brand top of mind at all times.

The Bottom Line

There are tons of ideas out there for corporate gifting. You can either go creative and give them something truly unique or personalized or provide them with a branded necessity to keep you top of mind. Experiences are also great as they will create lasting memories for you and your clients or employees.