Construction Project Manager Job Description, Skills, Salaries

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Construction Project Manager Job Description

Every project that an organization undertakes needs a manager. This requirement also applies to construction and construction sites. A construction manager ensures that different structures in an organization are built up to the required standards, and therefore, safe for habitation. 

These managers are not different from any project manager that you may know. However, they need a unique set of skills owing to the nature of the job at hand. They are expected to see the project from the start to the end. 

These managers play the most crucial role in the construction site. They wholly carry the blame if anything wrong happens. They are ever-present on the construction sites, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and the workers stick to the required designs and standards. 

Keep in mind that this is a leadership position as the manager leads a team of specialists ranging from designers to chief architects, construction workers, and even contractors. It involves several tasks, with the result being bringing the project to life. 

This article will look at some of the essential requirements and responsibilities of project construction managers to give you an oversight if you are interested in this role. 

Construction Project Manager Job Description 

You definitely know that these managers mainly work in construction sites, as captured in our introductory part of the article. It involves working with several professionals to build structures and buildings to completion. 

 These professionals have a pretty standard job, given the nature of their work. Their primary role is to collaborate and offer oversight to all the stakeholders involved in a construction project, including the owner of the building, the architect, the contractors, subcontractors, and trade contractors. 

Here are some other tasks that they undertake to ensure that a construction project is successful:

  • Construction project managers are tasked with planning and budgeting for every resource used in the project. This ranges from basic building blocks to a highly-skilled workforce. 
  •  The construction project manager recruits the building management team and even allocates people tasks. They are expected to set the tone of the project, calling for superb leadership and communication skills. Keep in mind that this is a leadership position. m
  • Project managers monitor the entire project, ensuring that each phase is successfully done in the right timeframe and budget. They also document each step and relay information to all stakeholders. 
  • Construction managers are expected to develop an excellent framework and create the right schedule and timeline for the given project. 
  • The role of the project manager does not stop at coming up with a budget. He/ she is directly responsible for anything related to the budget. These individuals come up with the right budget and stick with it all through the phase of production. 

Construction Project Manager skills 

Specific skills differentiate a top-notch professional from an amateur. Most employers only have room for professionals who understand the nature of the job at hand. Here are some of the skills that a construction project manager needs to cement a place in the market. 

  • Team management 

Just as we mentioned, this is a leadership position. Construction projects bring together people from different professions and economic standing who must be led for the project’s smooth running. A construction project manager does just that-management. 

He/ she should bring the group or team to an understanding and come up with a concrete mission. Keep in mind that this job presents new challenges every day, which the manager must ensure are handled in a timely and professional manner. 

  • Delegation 

Even though this is a management position, construction project managers cannot do everything. In fact, no human being can do everything on his own. This explains why construction managers have a supporting team. 

Through delegations, these professionals can create time and keep the team on the right track to handle all functions promptly. Therefore, they should have the right delegation skills and offer roles to the most suited people and not just anybody. 

  • Organizational skills 

Most leadership roles require exceptional organizational skills. All construction project managers find themselves attending to more than one role at a time. This is usually one of the downsides of management positions. 

Therefore, these individuals must maintain a high organizational level to keep their minds clear and open for different daily tasks. One can also use project management software to develop a routine and ensure that everything is done quickly.  

  • Communication skills 

A good construction project manager must be an excellent communicator. Keep in mind that good communication is essential for business success. A construction manager’s job mostly involves talking to different stakeholders, including the given team, vendors, clients, and other professionals. 

Therefore, the given individual must be a good listener and communicator to relay information sufficiently and get everything running. 

  • Proper planning skills 

Planning is an integral part of any management position. It is closely connected to the organization, and most people cannot establish the difference. A construction manager must have an easily accessible plan that all team members can adhere to. 

A good alternative is using reliable planning tools, assigning tasks, and drafting achievable milestones. 

  • Risk management skills 

Risk management is a crucial part of business that every manager must understand. Well, not all risks are disastrous in project management, as some have mind-blowing returns. Risks involve deviating from a given plan, which can be caused by an unexpected change in work quantity and many other factors. 

Certain risks may also throw an organization off balance. Therefore, a construction project manager should know how to identify risks and mitigate them if they promise disastrous results to the long-term project. 

  • Goal-setting skills 

This is quite similar to planning. However, setting goals focuses on the organization’s long-term needs and not the immediate needs as targeted by planning. These are generally referred to as milestones in project management. 

One doesn’t need technical goals for effective business management. These can range from merely hiring others for new roles and updating stakeholders regularly about a given project. 

  • Feedback appreciation 

Most managers do not love feedback as they believe that they cannot be on the receiving end. However, construction project management requires an individual who is open to feedback and suggestions from team members and stakeholders. 

A construction project manager should be open to learning new methods of doing things that may prove beneficial and help them succeed in the long run. Objective criticism should be welcome. 

Construction Project Manager Salary

Construction project managers are well paid. It is a lucrative job, which explains why most people have shown an interest in it. These professionals take home an outstanding $79,892 a year, translating to $25.11 an hour, according to PayScale. 

This figure includes bonuses, profit sharing, and commission. Some even make an upward of $44 an hour, with most employers offering medical benefits for their employees. They are given skills that also put set these professionals apart by influencing their average pay. 

These include risk management, land surveying, change management, people management, commercial skills, and budgeting. The level of experience also primarily affects the yearly pay of construction project managers. 

Entry-level managers with less than a year of experience take home $52,000 a year. 1-4 years of experience comes with an incredible $62,000 yearly pay, whereas individuals with 5-9 years of experience earn an impressive $75,000. 

Those with more than a decade of experience have a fantastic salary of $84,000, whereas two decades of experience bring in $87,000. These rates also differ from place to place. Areas in Seattle, Washington, pay 24.3% more than the national average. Others include New York and Los Angeles, recording an impressive 22.5% and 17.1% more, respectively. 

According to PayScale, the lowest salaries are recorded in Atlanta, Georgia, coming at 1.5% less than the national average. Some of the most popular employers are reputable construction companies such as CBRE Group and Turner Construction Company. 

Most of these high-end companies pay more than $100000 annually to their construction project managers. Pay differs from company to company, with others paying as low as $50,000 annually. However, most of these companies spend an average of $80,000, which is higher than most professional workers earn. 

Therefore, you should consider where you would like to work and the pay rate based on experience. 

Construction Project Manager Certifications

A few certifications that a construction project manager can undertake to cement his/ her place in the construction world. let’s take a look:

  • Certified Construction Manager

This course recognizes individuals with a career in construction management who have met all the required criteria, including formal education, field experience, and a detailed understanding of CMAA knowledge. 

It is offered by the American National Standards Institute and aims at ensuring excellence in construction management. it helps improve the delivery of the construction world. It identifies construction managers who are highly qualified for the tasks at hand. 

Construction project managers can also undertake different certifications relaying to construction. These will help them land jobs quickly and gain the trust of employers, which is highly needed. 

Construction Project Managers Tools and Software

Construction project managers depend on several projects and software for the smooth delivery of their roles. We will look at some of the most common software trusted by construction project managers for their day-to-day management. 

  • Buildertrend 

This construction management software is best suited for home builders, remodelers, specialty contractors, and general contractors. It helps in project scheduling, project management, financial management, and customer management, all of which play a vital role. 

  • CoConstruct 

Custom home builders and remodelers mostly use this to manage projects, financials, and even clients. Users can easily synchronize data from estimates, selections, bids, change orders, and budgets online or on their desktops. It can also be used in the field, thanks to their mobile application. 

  • Procore

This construction management software manages your projects, resources, and financials. It connects all the project stakeholders with the wonder and specialty contractor. It has a centralized dashboard where managers can handle project details, schedule tasks, and even view progress, making it one of the best software in the market. 

  • Contractor Foreman 

Unlike most of the programs that we have reviewed, this one is an integrated cloud-based management and estimation software that serves businesses in the construction world. It targets financial and accounting, scheduling and planning, and even contact management. 

It has a customized dashboard containing information about metrics, appointments and calendars, corporate notes, and many others. Through this, users can maintain OSHA 300 logs, organize safety meetings and even add a custom safe. It has several positive reviews, which further shows just how good it is. 

  • BuildTools Construction Management Software

This is a cloud-based construction management software for construction project managers. It best serves custom home building and remodeling. It helps achieve the perfect organization in building projects, allowing users to schedule, budget, purchase, service, and communicate with the client. 

One can easily manage projects worldwide through a computer, tablet, or mobile device. It is compatible with both android and iOS, bringing together all the stakeholders in a management project.

It mostly streamlines communication thanks to the in-app feature that allows one to message across all modules. The email notifications also synchronize effortlessly with the system. 

There are over fifty software that people can use for construction management.

Construction Project Manager Education and Career Requirements

Construction project managers are not your average calibre of managers. Most employers look for a degree in a construction-related field. This ranges from building science, civil engineering, and construction management. 

One can also undertake a master’s degree in a construction-related field to advance his/ her career. There are also several advanced courses for those wishing to continue growing their careers. These include courses in accident prevention, code compliance, civil construction, and plumbing codes. 

Most of these programs can be easily accessed by those with a related degree. 


Construction project managers play an indispensable role in the construction field. They oversee construction projects from start to finish. This article should give you all the necessary information you need if you are interested in such a position.