College And Career Preparations To Start In The Third Grade

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Career Preparations To Start In The Third Grade


Everything a grade-level student does helps groom them for being college students and career persons. So you may be curious as to why preparations should begin in the third grade. The simple reason is that in this class, children are mature enough to understand concepts and get into the complex parts of learning.

A significant advantage of preparing third-graders for career and college routes is that it encourages them to consider the significance of choosing the appropriate path through life. So, if you are in charge of a third-grade class, here are the five college and career preparations to start for your students:

1.  Encourage kids to learn collaboration and teamwork

Third-graders must learn active listening and communication to build social skills. One fantastic way to help kids learn teamwork is splitting them into groups and playing math games for 3rd grade. While playing math games for 3rd grade, students learn to take direction from group leaders as they work together to accomplish group goals.

Collaboration and teamwork are essential in everyday life, whether for a third-grader, college student, or career person. The most significant objectives often require more than one person to be achieved. Consequently, the effectiveness of a group’s activities depends on its members’ ability to work together and get along well.

2.  Students need to be intentional about learning

Kids need in-depth math and comprehension knowledge to prepare for their SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). The College Board fixed the test as a significant prerequisite for students applying to undergraduate programs. The assessment tests students’ reading, writing, comprehension, and mathematical abilities to see how much they are grounded in core subjects.

When kids don’t know much about the SAT, it might seem impossible to perform well on the exam. However, with enough preparation and an understanding of the test’s structure, they can easily pass their exams and achieve their goals. The SATs students’ knowledge of the material is generally covered in the first two years of high school, as well as some more advanced material.

3.  Recommend online resources for acing ACT

High school students in the United States can apply to colleges by taking the American College Test (ACT). The students will write exams on Science, Mathematics, English, and Comprehension. All undergraduate institutions recognize the ACT results, so the students can get into college if they pass.

Third-graders need to study hard with establishments like Brighterly while using every other educational resource at their disposal. Brighterly is an online learning platform with professional tutors that work hard to make their prospective students with the necessary foundational knowledge they need to pass their ACT.

4.  Teach your third-graders the basics of essay writing

Essay writing is essential to learning, so students can begin by learning vocab and making simple sentence structures. It promotes learning and comprehension by challenging kids to articulate and organize their thoughts, know verifiable sources, and establish their own opinions on topics.

Teachers can encourage students to write compositions about their favorite toy or personal life to prepare them for college life. The goal is to make them curious and apt conversationalists. Writing an essay forces them to think about the topic in-depth.

5.  Help them build problem-solving and analytical skills

Third-grade students need to prioritize the development of problem-solving abilities to shape how they think. Problem-solving skills can help students think outside the box and bring up solutions to make circumstances favorable. Without regularly using problem-solving strategies and techniques, kids can’t go through life as college students or career persons.

One good way to hone their problems solving abilities is by encouraging kids to learn math. 3rd-grade math helps kids focus their attention on figuring out answers and possible solutions by thinking outside the box. Through this skill, students can be more active in their learning and be actively involved in their education.


Third grade is a class where kids are coming into themselves and learning more complex subjects in their math, English, and science subjects. They need early exposure to how the world operates to make well-informed judgments about their futures. Of course, the kids are still young, so it would help them scratch the surface of what they will see in college by preparing them for the likelihood that they may need to work in the future.

By focusing on significant aspects like math, ACT, SAT, essay writing, and problem-solving abilities, kids will have an easier time with college and their careers.