Leadership Principles

12 Leadership Principles Practiced by Top Managers

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Most companies invest in leaders with strong operational skills to manage and maintain the status quo or drive more profit. ...

Leadership by Example

10 Ways of Showing Leadership by Example

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It is crucial to develop leadership skills at your place of work, no matter the position you have.  This will ...

Leader Vs Boss Differences

Leader vs Boss: 10 Key Differences

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There exists a sharp contrast between a leader and a boss. Both are mandated to lead others and mostly occupy ...

What is Democratic Leadership

What is Democratic Leadership?

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There are several leadership styles and descriptions. Whereas some companies are still stuck on the managerial hierarchical type of leadership, ...

Leadership Quotes

30 Short Quotes About Leadership

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Leadership is present in all spheres of our lives. Several things have been said about it over time, which is ...

Funny Quotes About Leadership

30 Funny Quotes About Leadership

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Funny leadership quotes are meant to turn things around and cheer you up. As a leader, you need high emotional ...