Best Screen Recorder for Mac: FonePaw Screen Recorder

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Best Screen Recorder For Mac

Have you ever found yourself wanting to record gaming highlights, online meetings, webinars, or creating a step-by-step tutorial on a Mac and needing a solid screen recorder? For Windows users, Bandicam has always been the popular pick. So, is there a Bandicam for Mac? Unfortunately, Bandicam has not yet released a dedicated app for Mac. But don’t worry! There are still many types of screen recorders on the market that can help you tackle screen recording. This post is going to introduce FonePaw Screen Recorder, one of the best screen recorders for Mac, in terms of key features and tutorials. Let’s read on to see how it can support you in screen recording on macOS.

What is FonePaw Screen Recorder?

FonePaw Screen Recorder is a versatile tool for macOS 10.12 or above to record everything on screens. You can capture videos, system sound, and even webcam footage without any watermarks getting in the way. This software stands out because it’s perfect for making tutorials, recording gaming sessions, or creating product demos of high quality.

The recorder also boasts features that let you draw and highlight important parts during recording. With it, you can share ideas clearly by adding annotations directly to videos. It is also highly praised for its outstanding performance, recording videos at up to 1080p & 60fps. Scroll down to view more noticeable features of FonePaw Screen Recorder.

Key Features of FonePaw Screen Recorder

FonePaw Screen Recorder can do more than mere capturing. It allows you to customize the output and export the videos without fuss. Let’s delve into what makes this particular software outstanding.

Multiple Watermark-free Recording Options

One of the major highlights of FonePaw Screen Recorder is its ability to record screen, sounds, and webcam on your Mac without any watermarks. You can create neat, professional-looking videos that are ready to be shared. Whether you’re recording a presentation or a gameplay session, the output is always sharp and clean.

Recognizing that everyone has unique recording needs, this best screen recorder for Mac offers various modes – Video Recorder, Window Recorder, Audio Recorder, Webcam Recorder, and Screen Capture. For example, in Video Recorder, you can record your screen, face, and voice simultaneously while demonstrating a tutorial. If you prefer focusing on a single window, the Window Recorder feature ensures you won’t miss anything important.

Customize Output Preferences

With the help of FonePaw Screen Recorder, you can get to pick the video quality and format that works best for you. FonePaw Screen Recorder enables you to choose from a range of video formats, including MP4, MOV, WMV, F4V, MPEG-TS, WebM, and even GIF. The quality of your recordings can be saved up to 1080p, allowing you to capture screen activities without fuss.

When it comes to audio, FonePaw Screen Recorder doesn’t disappoint either. The software allows you to select from a variety of formats, such as M4A, OPUS, MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC (Lossless), and WAV (Lossless), with MP3. Quality settings also range from ‘Lowest’ to ‘Lossless,’ catering to different user requirements.

Powerful Annotations and Editing Toolpack

FonePaw Screen Recorder lets you do more than just capture what’s on your Mac screens. With its powerful annotations pack, it’s a breeze to highlight key points during recording. When making the recording, you can find a toolbox alongside. You can quickly take screenshots, scribble notes directly on the screen, or highlight important steps with arrows and text. Even mouse clicks can get special effects, so viewers never miss a bit.

Apart from that, basic editing tools are also handy to use before saving the recordings. You are allowed to preview videos and trim any unwanted parts within the app, enabling you to export videos as you expect and making you like a pro.

How to Screen Record on Mac with FonePaw Screen Recorder

FonePaw Screen Recorder makes capturing your Mac’s screen pretty simple. Let’s walk you through the steps to record your screen effortlessly.

Step 1: Setting Up FonePaw Screen Recorder on Your Mac

To begin, install the FonePaw Screen Recorder on your Mac. It’s designed to support macOS 10.12 or later.

Step 2: Launching the Application

When ready, launch the FonePaw Screen Recorder and select the ‘Video Recorder‘ option.

Step 3: Personalize Recording Options

Next, adjust the recording area as per your needs or enable webcam/system sound/microphone. This flexibility ensures that you capture exactly what you want.

Step 4:  Customize Settings

Clicking the settings icon > Preferences allows you to further customize your recording experience. Here, you can enable mouse click effects, set your output path, adjust the frame rate and video quality, and even hide the panel during recording if you prefer a clean screen.

Step 5: Commence Your Mac Screen Recording

With everything set, hit the REC button to start recording. During recording, you can add annotations, drawings, texts, or arrows with the pencil button for enhanced clarity. The screenshot button is also available. To end your recording, simply click the red square button.

Step 6: Preview, Edit, and Save Your Recorded Videos

Once you’re done recording, the software navigates you to a preview window. Here, you can trim out any unwanted sections of your video. When satisfied, click ‘Save‘ to export your recording. You’re now free to share your videos on various social media platforms or save to local.


In summary, the FonePaw Screen Recorder, arguably the best free screen recorder for Mac, provides a robust set of features designed to meet your needs. Whether you are recording tutorials, webinars, or gameplay videos, it offers multiple functions such as customizable settings and annotation tools. With powerful features, FonePaw Screen Recorder is definitely worth trying. Don’t hesitate to give it a go – download and see how it boosts your screen recording on Mac!