6 Tools To Improve Project Communication

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Tools To Improve Project Communication

Whether you’re a project team manager or one of the members, you know how crucial communication is to establish an organized workflow and collaboration. It’s like the secret recipe to understand each other and be on the same page together. The goal of communication is established, yet it’s no surprise how difficult it can be.

Hence, the use of applications, software, and programs is necessary to aid project communication. There’ll be an enclosed list of the tools you need to function effectively as a team.

Here are some invaluable tools that can go a long way in making the project communication clearer and more organized:

1.    Electronic Fax 

With the advent of technology in current times, faxing can already be done through electronic means. A secure online portal, an email address, or a mobile device can send and receive faxes electronically. The entire team can utilize this tool for receiving documents that need to be signed, edited, and organized. Furthermore, this ensures the proper sending and segregation of such important documents. 

Depending on your industry, client relationships are essential to maintain. It’s imperative that you and your staff can respond to time-sensitive documents and client requests as quickly as possible. Mobile faxing through platforms such as Metrofax gives you the ability to provide your clients with quick and easy service from anywhere. Mobile fax capabilities on a smartphone, tablet, or website empower your team to meet client needs at any time and from anywhere. 

2.    Chatting Tool 

Dispersed teams can have short, informal meetings using this chatting tool. And, some of these tools come with a recording feature so that the agenda can be documented and saved for later use. A nice feature of the chat platform is that it archives conversations so that teammates who were not involved in real-time can still read what was discussed. This effortless feature enables everyone in the project team to keep up and stay updated with all activities, decisions, and meetings. 

3.    Project Board 

There needs to be a way for project teams to track their planned, in-progress, and completed tasks. There are many tools wherein this function is included. With a project board, everyone can follow and learn how the project is progressing and moving. They also allow you to have conversations about individual tasks. The team can quickly see how things are going by looking at updates and comments from members. 

4.    Daily Huddles Or Meetings 

This tool is quite traditional, yet remains effective all the time. No matter how busy the entire team can be, nothing can ever replace the efficacy of real-time and face-to-face morning or afternoon huddles. These meetings won’t have to be long.  

There’ll be some topics that need to be discussed in person. You can conduct these small huddles with anyone in your project team. It doesn’t have to be formally planned and prepared. 

5.    Email And Project Integrations Tool 

There’s a tool or application designed to manage and communicate projects. Users can communicate internally, as well as externally, via a messaging system. Customer relationship management strategies can be applied while ensuring that communication can be a smooth process. With this integrated tool, you can attach images and files to streamline workflow, and make messages public or private as needed. 

You can integrate your existing email with this tool’s comprehensive messaging features, too. Replies are added to the discussion within the project as recipients respond through their email clients. Apps for smartphones and tablets can offer core features, such as notifications, notes, internal project requests, and free access to clients and contractors. Employees can also use an email-to-SMS gateway to communicate with customers and colleagues by simply sending an email from their computer, tablet or phone, and have it received as a text message. They can send SMS texts from email applications on their devices to interact with customers and staff using a channel that’s guaranteed to be read, since text messages have guaranteed open rates of 98%.

6.    Video Messaging Tool 

Another project communication tool to incorporate into your project is to use a video messaging tool. Teams can communicate faster and more effectively with a video messaging communication method instead of just text alone. In fact, some projections forecast the use of video meetings as a default setting for business communications.

You can find video messaging tools specifically designed for teams that collaborate remotely. Your team can easily create channels and have conversations with one another through a workspace that you can invite them to. 

Teams and project managers can use video messaging tools to do various things, like sending a video clip at the beginning of meetings, reviewing strategies, explaining concepts on a whiteboard, and praising clients. 


During a campaign or project, and even afterward, communication is vital. Communication is critical, and you should always apply the tools applicable to achieve effective project communication. In addition, workflow, innovations, and creativity should constantly evolve, so it’s good to discuss what might need to be changed next time while ensuring the energy is positive and appreciative. 

You can always increase your marketing team’s communication skills, even if you’re doing it already quite well. You can effectively communicate and manage projects by implementing the above applications, processes, and tools.