5 Top Tips When It Comes To Marketing Your Independent Business 

Editorial Team

Marketing Your Independent Business 

Making any business successful is hard work. But making an independent business successful can be even more challenging.

These 5 top tips will make marketing your organization less overwhelming, so let’s get reading! 

1. Make Your Brand Name Visible 

The not-so-secret secret is that a flourishing company hinges on its ability to market itself. You’ve got to get your brand out so that more customers know who you are, why you’ve come to be, and why they should choose your organization. 

You don’t need billboards to tell your story. You can make your brand visible through smaller touches, which might suit your smaller company better. 

Custom key chains can be a great way to get your brand on an item that will travel with a customer everywhere. When a friend, family member, or colleague sees the key chain, word of mouth will no doubt spread.

2. Get Involved in Podcasts 

Podcast popularity is only growing, and the statistics speak for themselves. While starting your own podcast might not be the right move for your company, finding opportunities to sponsor a podcast could hold the answer!

Podcasts, like most businesses, need sponsorship to pay the stars, guests, and production teams. Finding a podcast to sponsor that aligns your values with theirs would be a great way to get a shout-out. 

3. Engage With Social Media 

Social media is a fantastic promotional tool, not just because millions of people use it, but because you can choose the platforms that best suit your brand.

Social media marketing is particularly crucial to businesses trying to reach young people, with statistics showing that social media use is more popular than ever. It’s also great for: 

  • Selling your products 
  • Creating online networks
  • Increasing brand visibility online

4. Encourage Customer Participation

If your company matters to people, they want to see you thrive. So check in with them.

You could: 

  • Hold a festive party—online social media events are great for this! 
  • Survey your customers online, in person, or take advantage of a QR code
  • Talk to them! Make your organization personal.
  • Get your customers to be a part of your social media presence and create a personalized hashtag for them to use in their posts.
  • Partner with a local charity so that you are truly a part of the community

5. Network

Networking can sound like a daunting task, but talking to people is all it is. Networking with other independent companies presents opportunities for professional growth. Plus, it allows you to connect with others who know and can empathize with the challenges an independent business faces. 

Why not collaborate and hold the festive party together? Your customers can sample their company, and you will likely get more clients as a result!

Get Marketing!

Whether you pick one of these five tips to start with or throw yourself into all of them, these steps will get your company’s name out into the world, bring you more loyal customers, and see your organization thrive.