5 Reasons You May Lack Inspiration for Writing Essays

Editorial Team

Inspiration for Writing Essays

Even true fans of creative writing can get tired of it and decide to take a break from time to time. It helps them recharge, gain new experience, and get back with fresh ideas. However, students don’t have such a luxury – they have deadlines.

When you don’t know what to write about in an essay that is supposed to be five-page long or even more, there is a chance to start panicking, especially if you have a few days left for the assignment. However, with the hints below, you may discover what happened to your inspiration and how you can restore it.

1. You Ran Dry

How many essays and papers did you have to write for the past several months? In case at least 50% of your workload is about writing different types of assignments, it’s no wonder you lack inspiration. The presence of the latter can be guaranteed only when you have regular breaks between writing sessions and work on something else. A totally different activity is a good recharger, so consider switching to

  • going to a gym or having a walk around the campus;
  • doing some chores;
  • going to the movies;
  • crafting something with your hands.

If you don’t have time for this but need to complete more creative assignments, like a presentation, do them between the essays. One of the latter can be delegated to Domyessay as well, and you can deal with something less monotonous. Even a business plan would do since it requires activating planning skills.

2. You Are Distressed

If you haven’t had a proper sleep for a while or are going through a stressful period in your life, inspiration may be absent for a long time. It’s okay because you’ve got other needs to be addressed, and essays are definitely not among them.

Yet, not being able to handle studies can cause even more stress. So, make sure that the disturbing situation is resolved before you come back to your studies in full. Otherwise, you’re free to ask for help from online services or your loved ones.

3. You Don’t Read Enough Literature

Didn’t read the novel the essay is about? Trying to develop a line of thought based on the summary or criticism of a book? Sometimes, that works, indeed. Yet, don’t expect a high grade for such writing. You may get a pass – if you’re lucky enough, a B. However, without a proper and original analysis, there are more chances of getting an F.

The thing is, although inspiration is powered by fantasy, the latter is nothing without enough background knowledge. It may be good for free writing but not for academic assignments like essays. Reading at least half of what your teachers recommend expands your knowledge, and you start noticing connections between schools of thought and allusions to other works. Only based on these observations can you unwrap a several-page essay.

4. You Haven’t Been Taught the Main Writing Techniques

To handle writing, one needs to be prepared. In case you are not informed about what is expected of you, it’s okay to be confused – you just don’t have the tools yet.

Be on the lookout during the term. For instance, you may have some lectures dedicated to writing techniques. Maybe there are some tips like a list of undesired words or a specific structure suggested to you.

Sometimes, all these tips are given during the course. The problem is, they are not always evident, especially if you’re a freshman. So, whenever you feel that you’re lost and don’t have an idea where to start, go through the materials of the course. There may be some hints, and if there is none, ask your teacher for advice. It will help you craft an essay according to the specific criteria of the course.

5. You Don’t Celebrate Your Achievements

People tend to disregard their own achievements (or lessen their value) and consider even slight reluctance to do something a failure.

Remember the last time you truly celebrated a particular milestone in your life. It doesn’t have to be something huge like moving to another country. Both passing a test and finishing knitting a scarf are a result of your effort, developed skills, and expanded knowledge. Be proud of that!

Call your friends for a small celebration or go with your classmates somewhere to relax after a stressful exam. Such events are less easy to forget, and they can boost your motivation as well as inspiration.

Final Words

Remember that it’s totally okay to struggle with academic writing. The key is to focus on the solutions and not on the fact that you can’t do something. Inspiration can be restored in numerous ways. Whether it’s small talk with someone you haven’t spoken to for a long time or hiking on weekends, the point is to give your mind a break. After that, if you read enough material and ask questions whenever you’re confused, everything will be great!