5 Key Features of a Modern Digital Asset Management System

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Digital Asset Management System

Digital asset management systems are the future. Businesses of all kinds can enjoy benefits that are not offered by other solutions to keep their digital assets safe and accessible. Many companies have all of their digital assets spread out across various storage methods and databases.

A modern digital asset management system can centralize all of your business assets and make them accessible to the right people when they need them. No more struggling to find things, no more lost assets, and no more worrying about the security and safety of your business materials and property.

Key Features of a Modern Digital Asset Management System

A digital asset management system, or DAM, will offer you a variety of benefits. These are the most important features you need to have in mind when picking a solution for your needs.

1.       Automatically Add Keywords

Digital assets need to be structured. Everyone has experienced the irritation of forgetting a file’s name and having to sift through all of their saved data to retrieve it. Descriptive names and keywords that come with a good DAM take the tediousness out of doing this.

Companies that must manage numerous shared schedules, sophisticated routing, or fleet tracking cannot do without a digital asset management solution. The ability to find items quickly when you need them is incredibly useful..

2.       Easy Downloads

Storing digital assets is not enough. You need to be able to use them as well. Your quality DAM system will let you download your assets in the right file format and with the right resolution to be useful right away. This is a key aspect of any DAM solution for your business, and you should not cut corners where this part of the system is concerned. The time savings offered by this part of the storage features of this system cannot be overstated.

3.       Version Control and Version History

When you have lots of people using your digital assets, things can get changed or altered in ways that were not intended. Having access to versioning as well as version history can help you to fix, copy, or duplicate information and assets as needed. This also allows you to see who is using which assets and for what processes. Being sure about how an asset is being utilized can be helpful for so many reasons, and having control of the state of your digital property is key.

4.       Easy Sharing

Collaboration is a big part of the process of using a digital asset management system. If you work with other users, agencies, or vendors, you need to be able to send files, share files, and create files together. You can easily store and make accessible any digital assets that you wish with a DAM. This allows you to share what needs to be public and keep private what does not need to be accessed with ease. Basic databases are not usually able to create permissions and protections for unique users, but a DAM can handle all of these demands.

5.       Access Controls

When you work with outside parties or have staff who work from home, you need to be sure that you are giving the right access to the right people. You will be able to set permission and security levels for each of the assets within your DAM and make sure that the right groups of people have access to these items. Security has never been more important these days, and no matter what industry you work in, you need to exercise caution when sharing and to utilize digital assets.

Allowing vendors and other users to upload content into the system is easy as well, with a DAM in place. This storage structure will verify the safety and security of the files being uploaded so that your network and your database are never threatened. Access controls are a key aspect of the DAM that you select for your business, and you need to keep this requirement in mind when looking for the right storage solution for your needs.

Digital Asset Management Systems Are Key to Easy Business Management

Digital asset management is one of the key ways that you can control the security of your business and protect your digital assets from being lost or damaged. You can also ensure that everyone who needs to have access to business assets can get it with ease. Storage that allows for easy downloads and uploads, as well as sharing functions that are straightforward, can save your business so much time every day. Getting a quality digital asset management system in place for your business is key, and you will need to keep these features in mind when you are looking for the right solution for your company.