5 Clever Methods to Improve Your Email Marketing Results

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the crucial and intelligent strategies for managing online businesses. The high-end impact of digitization has caused an influx of competency in the stability and revenue generation of such businesses.

Looking at the market scenario, the role of email marketing is diverse and impactful in attracting and converting potential leads into customers. The results of email marketing in revenue generation are largely unpredictable.

However, some clever ways guarantee a fruitful outcome. The following article talks about the same in requisite detail.

Intelligent Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Results

Email marketing plays a vital role in ensuring the stability and growth of online businesses. Getting remarkable results from the strategy implementation is essential, to say the least.

You can see through some smart methods to improve your email marketing statistics in what follows next:

1.      Design Quality Email Copies

Your email message should be attractive and appealing for the readers to create a rewarding impact. Apart from that,

  • Pay enough attention to the content quality while drafting the emails.
  • Focus on creating compelling email copies by choosing the correct layout.
  • Write in personable and captivating language to hold the reader’s attention.

You can alter the leads to match the subject of your mail. Include clear and precise calls to action. As a general rule, 80% of the mail should focus on value addition. You can use the remaining 20% to pitch your services and products.

2.      Catchy Subject Lines are a Must

Subject lines are the foremost attractions of your email copies. Keeping them catchy and appealing is a must for intriguing your subscribers. There are some sure-shot rules for creating impressive subject lines for driving better engagement.

The best way to capitalize on your leads database is to create short and precise subject lines with subtle personalization. The subject should reflect the personality of your brand. Make sure that the subject line is action-oriented and drives the readers toward a prompt response. Improving the subject of your emails is a strong step towards accelerating marketing statistics.

3.      Create Segmented Email Lists

Scrubbing and segmentation of the email lists are necessary to make sure that they reach the right audience at the right time. You can begin with scrubbing to eliminate inactive subscribers from the current lists. This will make them short, precise, and customer-directed. The idea is beneficial in improving CTR while decreasing unsubscribes and spam complaints.

You can hence, devote your resources and time to genuine subscribers. Segmenting the lists is another way of assuring the above benefits, while additionally increasing the conversion rates. You can work on the strategy to refine and group the email lists for sending personalized emails. You can read more about this in our 6 best practices for email marketing guide.

4.      Take Care of Screen Compatibility

Modern-day viewers are friendlier to mobile screens ahead of PCs and desktops. You can take advantage of this fact and create mobile-compatible emails to ensure better audience engagement. Optimizing the emails is a welcome strategy to connect with existing and potential customers at their convenience.

You can work with simple tactics like reducing the image size to decrease the load time. Try formatting the emails and optimizing the call-to-action buttons for a mobile-friendly viewing experience on touchscreen interfaces. Current market statistics report a much-accelerated reader engagement on smartphones in comparison to desktop viewing.

5.      A/B Tests are Necessary

A/B tests are remarkable strategies to pinpoint subscriber-specific email marketing campaigns. These tests conduct a practical examination of the different components of the emails for selecting what to keep and eliminate. The strategy observes the smallest details, like images and text size to improve subscriber engagement. Fortunately, there are many email marketing tools that make it easy to perform A/B tests.

Following the tests, you can check on the subject line, tone, personalization, word order, etc., of the email copy. The formatting, length, links, CTAs, images, style elements, etc., can also be verified for having the best appeal.

You can use the in-built A/B test tools in the email campaign software to proceed with the process. You should, however, stay away from the common pitfalls of the testing mechanism for affordable results.