4 Best Features To Look for In Call Center Software

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4 Best Features To Look for In Call Center Software

However good technology gets, some customer issues can only be remedied through a phone call. Call centers will always require a team of skilled agents and the best software to make their work easier.

If you run a call center but don’t know which could be the best software to improve your staff’s performance, you’ll need to pay attention to what it offers – and what that means for your company. Here are a few features you should always look for.

1. Cloud-Based

This is a great feature that good call center software should offer to make life easier for everyone. Cloud-based systems are managed, stored, and processed on a network of remote servers that are hosted on the web rather than on personal laptops or computers and local servers.

In the case of software, this means that it will allow users to access its applications via the internet, including disk storage, memory, and even processing power. This enables seamless remote agent working, which is quite important in the wake of the global pandemic.

Another advantage of cloud-based applications is that they’re much easier to recover than systems using traditional servers. If you experience technical difficulties or worse, a hack or data breach, you’ll have a much better chance of restoring your systems. You should also check with your cloud-based software provider to ensure that you’ll have great customer support if the worst happens – as a call center owner or manager, you know how important this is!

2. IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a program that has been trained to recognize words and phrases and give a response. It’s used in high-volume call centers to reduce traffic and answer simple queries. Also, the IVR allows incoming callers to use menu options through voice recognition, so they can have their call routed to a specific specialist or department.

This feature is important since it helps a call center agency to increase customer satisfaction and even improve contact center operations. The IVR will come in handy on days when you experience a high call volume since its voice response system will help customers avoid holding time and allow them to find quick answers and perform simple tasks themselves.

3. On-Premise Solution and On-Demand Cloud Center

These are two great features that make everything easier for call center agents. The first one usually has two different variants, Agile and Enterprise, which are designed for a site with up to 100 and 1500 concurrent agents per system, respectively.

On the other hand, the on-demand cloud center is handy for those types of call centers with significant peaks and troughs in demand, allowing them to adapt to demand in real-time.

4. Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring employs different tools and applications so you can track and record continuous snapshots of the network’s performance. We’re talking about a feature that almost every call center software application uses to track its network activity, improve security, and even determine potential issues as soon as they appear.

We’re talking about a feature that every call center software should have, considering that real-time monitoring will always come in handy in case you feel you need to check how well your agents are performing.

Final Thoughts

Software providers always talk about how their tech will make life easier for call center owners – the trick is to prioritize the most important features to help you improve handling times and stay within your budget. Of course, it will all depend on your specific needs and the areas you think need some improvements: choose wisely.