30 Interesting Blue Collar Business Ideas You Can Start Right Now

Interesting Blue Collar Business Ideas

Have you been thinking of an additional revenue source? Do you need something simple and easy to manage? We have something for you. Blue-collar businesses are local, service-based businesses that provide manual labor. They mostly revolve around doing chores in people’s homes, surroundings, or workplaces for pay. Demand for blue-collar services has steadily risen over the years, making it a good time to start such a business. With the right skills and expertise, here are 30 well-paying blue-collar businesses worth considering:

1. Knife Sharpening

Knives are used for cooking, hunting, self-defense, and multiple other purposes, which makes them important tools to have. Since everybody requires them, a huge market exists that can be tapped into with the right business plan- knife sharpening. How do you get into it?

You only need to obtain a great knife sharpening kit, teach yourself how to sharpen knives by watching online videos or through apprenticeship, and then offer your services to family and friends as you hone your skills. Once you are good enough, find paying customers and earn some money.

2. Lawn Mowing

Everybody loves a neat and well-manicured lawn, but making one can be daunting and intensive, which makes lawn mowing one of the most viable blue-collar businesses worth pursuing. There are two options to consider for this particular business, i.e., you can either do it the traditional way by physically walking up to customers in households or starting your lawn mowing service.

Companies such as Emerald Lawn have made lots of money over the years by offering lawn mowing services, a market you can also get into and make money.

3. Pressure Washing

Even though people love to get their items pressure-washed, a large percentage do not own a pressure washer. Also, as much as they can rent one, they may lack time to pressure wash, which explains why a pressure washing business can be lucrative with the right marketing and customer service.

You can buy or rent a pressure washer, build a physical or mobile business, and take several orders that guarantee you some money even after settling your rental fees if you go with the second option. Option one would be great for the long term since some pressure washers cost less than $200.

4. Flea Market Flipping

Everybody loves a good deal. Getting a highly functional item that would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars at an extremely low price is thrilling. If you are good at fishing out such items, you can start a business. By flea market flipping, you will buy things cheaply and sell them for more. There are several upsides to this business venture, such as low start-up costs. If done right, you can expect to record monthly sales of up to $10,000.

5. Gutter Cleaning

Have you ever thought about cleaning gutters for others and getting paid? You definitely should. Most households can’t get the right people to clean gutters for them and would therefore appreciate someone nearby who can offer the service. All you need are the necessary tools and skills, such as hanging and cleaning gutters, and you can easily make as much as $2,000 a month. A good idea would be to have a recurring plan for your customers that guarantees repeat business.

6. Pool Maintenance

Do you know you can make tons of money by maintaining other people’s pools? People love to have pools in their backyards where they can relax or throw parties over the weekend but detest the work it takes to keep them in good condition. Offering pool maintenance services at a fee will enable pool owners to enjoy using their pools regularly.

 You have to understand the ins and outs of this business, such as ensuring the right pH levels in the water. Sometimes, you may be required to have the right industry certifications. The bright side is that you can earn as high as $60 an hour by offering such a service.

7. Pest Control

Pest control is an area that lots of people are not skilled in, and therefore, building a business that focuses on it can be an excellent way to make some money. The only downside to such a business if you are planning on large-scale operation may be the start-up costs since you will need chemicals, tools, a team, and even a means of transport. Like gutter cleaning, you can offer a recurring plan for your customer, given that most households require pest control services every 3-4 months. With proper planning, you can make up to $80,000 a year.

8. Gardening

You can also use your love for gardening to make some money on the side. Even though lots of people love having a well-done garden, not everyone can afford to spare the required attention. Starting a business focused on garden upkeep ensures that garden owners wake up to beautiful gardens without doing the work themselves. Once you build a customer base, you can make up to $50 an hour, which is more than most white-collar jobs pay.

9. Carpet Cleaning

Almost every household has a carpet, which means a ready market for your services if you start a carpet cleaning business. You will need a carpet cleaning machine (which you can buy or rent) and many cleaning solutions. Depending on your scope of services, you may also need an extra hand or two. An upside to starting such a business is that you get to pick a cleaning option that works for you, given that there are several ways of cleaning carpets.

10. Window Washing

Not everybody can clean windows, which is good since you can earn lots of money by charging them for such a service. This is a low-cost business idea that both commercial and residential property owners require. You can charge your services by the hour, pane, or window. You can also have flat-rate pricing per window. Most people who charge per hour make up to $75 an hour. However, note that this can be quite a dangerous venture, especially in extremely tall buildings, meaning that you may have to take time to hone your skills before accepting some jobs.  

11. Van Renovation

Many people are taking up camping as a hobby, which means increased demand for camping vans. Road trips have also been on the rise recently due to limited air travel and environmental issues, which makes it a good time to offer camping van renovation services at a fee. These vehicles guarantee people the comfort and space they need while cruising around.

Your business will be focused on helping people customize their camper vans to fit their travel plans and lifestyle. If you are a mechanic or a constructor, this is a great option to make money.

12. Junk Hauling

One of the best ways to create extra revenue is by offering home services. Junk hauling is a type of home service which involves picking and transporting away unwanted junk from a home or business. The best way to start and run such a business is to get or rent a truck and then let people know you are offering junk hauling services. You can either have your phone number on the side of your truck or approach different estate or business groups and sell your services.

13. Painting

How about turning your passion into a business and making money from it? Painting is a low-cost business that can give you decent money if done correctly. You only need talent and tools such as brushes, pans, and rollers to get started. A sprayer is also necessary for exterior work. Depending on your preference, you can look up residential or commercial opportunities or advertise your services on platforms for people who need painting services.

14. Handyperson Business

Do you enjoy fixing things, or have you been a handyperson before? A good idea would be starting a handyperson service or business. This will only be possible if you have all the requisite tools or can get new ones. You can use applications such as Thumbtack to reach people in your area who require repairs or maintenance around their houses or market your services through different avenues. If you settle for apps, please ensure you can set your rates and get paid.

15. Moving Service

People move from place to place because of several reasons. This is a demanding task that most prefer not to do but rather get professionals to handle. The best way to get into this business is to get a truck and advertise your business using apps like Dolly to get through to customers. Your start-up costs will be way lower if you have the truck already, which is a good thing. If done right, you can earn up to $50 an hour, which is commendable. Also, note that you don’t have to own a truck to get into the moving business since a pick-up can also support small-scale moving.

16. Pallet Flipping

Do you know that you can easily make money by flipping pallets? You don’t have to take up a hammer and some nails, create appealing furniture or structures, and sell them to others for profit when you can source cheap pallets and sell them to others. To succeed, you need a network of buyers and sellers dealing with and interested in pallets respectively. With the right marketing initiatives, you will be shocked by the number of people interested in pallets.

17. Cleaning Services

Many people make money by offering cleaning services in residential and commercial settings. This essential activity can be turned into a business without huge investment capital. You will need cleaning equipment, products, and a dedicated team to start and operate such a business. It is imperative to focus more on customer satisfaction to generate repeat business. You can easily earn up to $50 hourly by offering such a service to customers.

18. Trash Bin Cleaning

Do you know that you can make money cleaning people’s trash bins? Most residential properties have trash days when garbage gets picked up and disposed of. However, this normally leaves people with smelly garbage bins that they may not be willing to clean. By investing in a well-functioning pressure washer, you can clean all their trash cans and help them avoid the different types of pests, rodents, and germs associated with smelly bins. You can also combine trash bin cleaning services with junk hauling if you have enough capital.

19. Pet Waste Removal And Disposal

Most households have pets, a fact that can be easily turned into a business idea. Pet owners may not have the time or even drive to properly dispose poop from their pets- a gap worth taking advantage of. You can reach out to such households and charge a given monthly amount (even up to $25 per yard) to remove and dispose of their pet wastes. Even though this doesn’t sound like an attractive or glamorous business idea, it can be a good revenue source. It can also be done part-time and serve as a side venture.

20. Grout Cleaning

Everybody loves a clean space. However, they can be lazy or too busy to dedicate several minutes or hours to cleaning their spaces, whether homes or businesses. Grouts are also generally difficult to clean; therefore, starting a grout and tile cleaning service may be a great way of making money, especially if you enjoy cleaning. There are several online sources and platforms, such as YouTube, where you can learn to clean and protect grout. Once you have the requisite skills, get all the required supplies and market your business to inform people about your services. You can make up to $50 an hour offering this service.

21. Car Detailing

Several car owners haven’t had their cars detailed and may therefore need such a service. This is a great business idea if you are a car enthusiast or owner who loves polishing cars and making them look good or sparkling. Most detailers are hobbyists who turn their hobby into a business, with some making up to six figures a year. To stand out from detailing companies, offer a mobile detailing business where the car detailing service is done at the customer’s location. Also, doing a great job will market you, helping you attract several customers.

22. Begin A Recycling Business

You can make tons of money with a recycling business. This venture may require a huge investment, but it is lucrative and helps in environmental conservation, which we should all strive to promote. You can decide on two options when starting a recycling business, i.e., either create a physical facility where people will drop off items or offer dumpsters where they can leave their products. Note that you must register such a business with the local government and obtain the right equipment.

23. Build A Pet Sitting Business

Why not turn your love for pets into a business? People who work 9-5 jobs may not be around to spend and take care of their pets, which a pet lover can turn into an opportunity. They can drop off their pets at your house or facility, where you will care for them in exchange for an hourly or monthly payment. Your duties will include preparing special meals per the pet owners’ instructions, reporting behavioral issues, and encouraging the physical and mental stimulation of the pets by regularly playing with them. You get to earn some money while enjoying your time.

24. Build A Packing Lot Business

The demand for parking spaces has been growing rapidly owing to the increasing number of car owners. Offering a safe parking lot can be a good way of creating money as it takes advantage of this increasing demand. However, it can be expensive as it calls for a surveillance system, parking attendants, enough space, and payment collection software.

The bright side is that the overall maintenance cost is low as you can also choose to fully automate it, making it a self-service business available 24 hours a day. You can also increase your profits by including an electronic vehicle charging station within the facility.

25. Mobile Mechanic Service

You can start a mobile mechanic service as a full or part-time job, especially if you live in a place that needs quick service and repairs, such as near a highway. There are two options here depending on your preferences and level of capital, i.e., run your own business or work for a mobile mechanic service company. If you choose to run your own company/ service, note that you must buy all the necessary car repair tools, which may cost a dime.

26. Meal Prep Service

Meal prepping is one of the most lucrative services you can offer, especially if you love cooking. You will prepare and even deliver prepared meals to clients. Such a business can only work if one has excellent meal preparation and communication skills, both required to attract and retain customers. You also have to plan your deliveries early enough or get reliable transportation such as a motorcycle to ensure that deliveries reach customers on time. If done right, you can make as much as $100,000 monthly.

27. Motorcycles Part Business

Do you know that you can make tons of money selling motorcycle parts and get the chance to meet interesting people? Motorcycle parts are not expensive to purchase, meaning anybody genuinely interested in motorcycles can begin a lucrative business buying and selling these parts at a profit. Also, there are several parts and accessories that one can choose to sell to customers. You can start small by buying and selling a few parts before investing more into the business. Take some time to find out more about this business model before investing in it.

28. Jewelry Making Business

The jewelry-making business is quite lucrative, which makes jewelry-making a great investment. You don’t have to make items made of extremely valuable stones such as emeralds and Diamonds that require heightened technical know-how to make money off this business. As a blue-collar entity, products such as beads can work just fine. Your customers can be family, friends, neighbors, or even local jewelry businesses. You can then expand your operations as time passes and, if possible, directly conduct business with suppliers.

29. Electronics Repair Business

You can make over $50,000 yearly operating an electronics repair business if you have the technological know-how. The biggest upside to such a venture is that you can start with little to no money, provided that you have the right equipment and skill for the job. If you are operating on a tight budget, obtaining used or refurbished equipment such as wire cutters, soldering irons, and screwdrivers will do the trick.

A good maintenance specialist should have an excellent understanding of how electronics operate. Requisite skills include troubleshooting and fixing problems as first as possible. If you can’t afford regular rent, a mobile business service will come in handy until you can open a physical business.

30. Candle-Making Business

The demand for candles is increasing daily as people try different cozy home ideas and setups. Even though most of the candles in the market are made using machines, it is possible to make high-quality handcrafted candles in the comfort of one’s home.

This is an excellent option if you intend to create surplus income from the comfort of your home. You only need the right skills and equipment to get started and then market your business. The bright side of candle-making is that getting customers won’t be a struggle once your name is out there and people love your products.


You don’t have to take up two white-collar jobs to boost your income when you can run a blue-collar business on the side, with some options right from the comfort of your home. There are several business ideas that you can explore with minimal investment and make as high as $100,000 annually once they pick up. We hope our article was a starting point to obtaining the financial independence you seek.

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