20 Unique Cleaning Business Ideas You Can Start Today

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Unique Cleaning Business Ideas

You can make tons of money running a cleaning business. However, you first need to find a market gap in your locality and then consider your preferences. Figuring out the cleaning business you would enjoy running will dictate its overall success. You can try out many unique ideas and create a consistent customer base with lots of repeat business.

Our article will help you build a profitable cleaning business by exploring different ideas worth trying. Let’s get started.

1. Residential Cleaning

This is the most common cleaning business you can start and run. Residential cleaning encompasses basic and deep house cleaning in residential properties. Expect to regularly clean areas such as living spaces, shared spaces, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

It is estimated that you can easily make $60,000 a year running a solo cleaning business. However, if you want to drive in more profits, we suggest getting a bigger crew to deal with multiple orders and offer additional services such as vacuuming and carpet cleaning. Also, learn how to charge for your services, and you will be good to go.

2. Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a lucrative field that enjoys a huge market. Almost every household has a carpet that should be regularly cleaned and aerated. Busy households need regular carpet cleaning because their carpets get dirty fast as they are regularly stepped on.

Once you learn how to clean carpets and use the requisite tools, such as a pressure washer, you can choose to either go solo or start a company with a full crew. To widen your customer base and make more money, offer additional services such as emergency carpet cleaning, where people are assured of same-day cleaning. Solo cleaning can guarantee up to $50,000 a year, while a company can easily make you twice the amount.

3. Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning takes the same approach as residential cleaning, just that it is done in a different setting. Once you start such a business, your main customers will be schools, business facilities, offices, and commercial spaces. You may even be lucky enough to clean places such as airports. Commercial cleaning is usually more intensive than residential as it covers a relatively large area and may involve several machines and equipment.

You must have a team to run a commercial cleaning business successfully. Remember to market your business and get a few contracts for your team, guaranteeing you repeat business. It goes without saying that your team members must be highly skilled to make the most out of your business.

4. Pool Cleaning

You can make a fortune running a well-equipped pool cleaning business. Several wealthy people have pools in their backyards that they enjoy hanging around on during sunny days or whenever they throw parties. However, pool maintenance is usually a daunting task they would rather delegate to professionals. As a professional pool cleaning service entrepreneur, your work is to ensure that all pumps and filters are well maintained, the pool is cleaned regularly, and the water has a proper chemical balance.

Most pool cleaners earn up to $60 an hour and upwards of $200 whenever pumps and filters must be maintained. One of the advantages of starting such a business is its low initial investment. On the other hand, its biggest disadvantage is its seasonal nature, as most people use their pools during summer. All in all, widen your customer base, do an excellent job and enjoy repeat business.

5. Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a lucrative job that can bring in tons of money with the right execution. It doesn’t require a huge investment since you only need a little equipment and technical know-how at the start. One doesn’t need much experience unless when handling risky projects such as skyscraper window cleaning. You can start with residential window cleaning and later go commercial once you are confident. It would be best to market your business far and wide to get clients and beat the competition.

If done right, you can’t fail to get a few repeat clients who will give you consistent business. It is essential to have a team for commercial window cleaning, especially if you will be taking up big projects. A good service will earn you up to $70 an hour, which is quite lucrative.

6. Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is not as easy as it sounds. Most people view it as a tedious and dirty job and don’t mind finding the right people to do it for them at a fee. Luckily, the market is quite huge, given the number of homeowners with rain tanks next to their houses. One advantage of running a gutter cleaning service is that you don’t have to travel too far to find business-you can begin with your neighborhood.

Even though your primary customers will be homeowners, you should also target restaurant owners, private businesses, and hospital administration. Let people know about your services and the benefits they stand to get by hiring you, and then do an excellent job once you get the chance. You can easily earn up to $100 for a 200-foot-long gutter, meaning you are bound to get more if you have a well-skilled team.

7. Garden Cleaning

When brainstorming the best cleaning business ideas to execute, most people don’t normally think of garden cleaning. Starting a garden cleaning agency can be a great investment owing to the number of people with gardens who may not have adequate time to cater to them. Since such people understand the benefits of a neat and well-maintained garden, they are always willing to outsource professionals who can help them.

Some tasks garden cleaning agencies do include clearing fallen leaves, helping garden owners weed their farms, and properly disposing of twigs. A passion for gardening is a plus since you will do something you love. A gardening agency can earn up to $150 an hour, which is quite lucrative, especially with a swelling network of loyal clients.

8. Crime Scene Cleaning

This cleaning business is not for everyone as it can get ugly; by ugly, we mean bodily remains and lots of blood. Crime scene cleaning is a lucrative business that is best done by those who are fascinated by the whole concept of crime and can stomach visiting a crime scene. This is a specialized cleaning job that mostly comes after investigations are complete. It involves removing and disposing of bodily remains after a natural occurrence or violent death. Crime scene cleaners are normally called during suicides, drug busts involving lots of shootings, and places with decaying bodies.

Such cleaning activities normally require a team, meaning you should be prepared to put together a skilled and courageous group of cleaners. It may require a modest investment, given that you must acquire a truck or van, cleaning equipment, protective clothing, and powerful chemicals usually needed for decaying bodies. You can make lots of money in crime-infested regions owing to less competition.

9. Roof Cleaning

Have you ever thought of roof cleaning as a unique business idea you can try? We guess that you haven’t. Most people require roof cleaning services more than they know, given that no roof is immune to discoloration and clogging caused by debris gathered over time. You can earn up to $50 an hour offering such a service if you have the right skills, balance, and dexterity.

Your initial investment doesn’t have to be huge since all you need at the start are a good pressure washer, bleach, and some detergent. It would help if you also market your business in your neighborhood. Expand your service area over time and hire more professionals to make more money. To get more roof cleaning contracts, we urge you to partner with local organizations, create a functional website, offer exceptional service, and, if possible, consider starting a referral program.

10. Air Duct Cleaning

You can make money cleaning almost everything in establishments, including air ducts. Building an air duct cleaning business means clearing all the dust and dust found between air ducts and furnaces. Without regular cleaning, such dust and dirt attract germs and allergens that spread easily, negatively affecting room dwellers. Most people, especially in households, do not know about this and will therefore appreciate an air duct cleaning service.

Apart from households, it would be best to consider contacting private businesses, restaurant owners, and IT companies who may need your services more than they think. If you maintain excellent service, then be prepared to earn up to $50 per hour. Consider adding more personnel as your business grows bigger.

11. Trash Bin Cleaning

Do you know that you can make lots of money cleaning people’s trash bins? Not everybody loves the smell of their bins after emptying them whenever they take out their trash. Even so, the bins must be cleaned as they can act as a breeding ground for bacteria. You can take advantage of that by starting a trash bin cleaning service and marketing it so that whoever finds it difficult to clean their bin reaches out to you.

This business idea doesn’t need a huge investment since all you need are some detergents, bleach, and for better results, a pressure washer. Cleaning 25 bins a day for $10 each can guarantee you $60,000+ a year, which not many people working 5 days a week in offices make. Once you market your services and get regular and repeat business, you can bring in a few other professionals to increase your earning potential.

12. Boat Cleaning

If you are passionate about boats and live near a water body, this might be your perfect business idea. You can offer to clean people’s boats at a price. Having your own boat is an added advantage since people will trust you more. The good thing about running a boat cleaning business is that you can offer additional services to increase your revenue, i.e., apart from regular washing, clients can have their boats detailed and regularly checked at a fee. You can also offer bottom cleaning and haul-outs services.

However, you must have some industry knowledge and experience to run such a business successfully. Luckily, there are lots of online resources that can help you get started. Look up how to protect the fiberglass, glass, and teak finishes; offer proper and consistent wash downs and perform all activities involved in vessel servicing, maintenance, and care.

13. Shoe Cleaning And Restoration

This old cleaning business still shows no sign of going away. People buy shoes daily, and with that comes the need for maintenance. Others also collect shoes as a hobby, including a few models that may need to be cleaned and restored. As a shoe cleaner and restorer, your services will help bring people’s shoes back to life. What does that mean? You will do away with any yellowing, creasing, paint flaking, or glue deterioration that people want to remove in their favorite pairs of shoes.

However, such a business requires learning and skill that can be obtained through training and experience. You also need to know what works for different pairs since shoe cleaning and restoration is not a size fit all type of business. Investing in specialized tools and working on your precession is necessary if you intend to experience success. This can be a full-time job if done well.

14. Laundry Delivery Service

You must have taken your clothes to the laundromat at one point to get them washed and ironed at a fee. Why not do the same for others? A laundry business is one of the best cleaning ideas that does not require a huge investment. It’s also easy to start since you can use your washer and drier at the beginning. You can even cut a deal with your local laundromat.

Your focus must quickly shift to getting clients once you have started such a service. You must also put in lots of time and effort to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and get as many referrals as possible. You should thoroughly wash, dry, hang or fold clothes depending on your customers’ preferences. Also, offering additional services such as dry cleaning would be an excellent idea.

If you have ever thought of running such a business, this may be the best time to learn about softeners and detergents.

15. Disaster Cleaning

This is one of the most profitable cleaning businesses you can run. In fact, you can survive with only one job a month since disaster cleaners earn up to $3,000 a job. However, it requires lots of effort and skill, as it is not as easy as it sounds. You will also need specialized equipment and tools to handle different disasters.

You will be called upon to clean up after flooding, fire, and natural disasters have damaged properties but not destroyed them. Most cleaners also handle mold, which can push people away from their homes. Your job will be to remove debris, if any, and allow people to move back into their establishments. For better results, you should put up a highly skilled and experienced team of disaster cleaners.

16. Chimney Cleaning

Several houses in your neighborhood or community have chimneys that haven’t been cleaned for years. In fact, most people don’t think about cleaning their chimneys when determining their cleaning needs. You can turn this negligence into a profit-making venture by starting a chimney cleaning business to allow people to enjoy clean and well-maintained fireplaces and chimneys. Additional services worth offering to increase your income while running such a business are regular inspections and repairs.

To gain more insight into how such a business operates, consider learning from other established businesses, such as Patriot chimney, that have been doing extremely well over the years. Start with your neighborhood and get yourself noticed through door-to-door marketing before moving to other places. Consider building an able team if orders keep piling up.

17. Green Cleaning

Some people have resorted to green cleaning services to conserve the environment and combat the ominous global warming. A green cleaning business uses eco-friendly and reusable cleaning supplies that have minimal or zero environmental effects. It differs from other cleaning businesses owing to the recyclable and non-toxic nature of the detergents or cleaning supplies.

If marketed well, such a business can attract many customers concerned about the environment and willing to pay more. Some of the best eco-friendly cleaning products you should be ready to use are eco-friendly multi-surface cleaners, compostable cleaning wipes, free and gentle liquid laundry detergents, and green disinfectants. All your cleaning methods and procedures must also be geared towards preserving human health and improving the quality of the environment. However, note that such a business may be relatively expensive to start, given the cost of the cleaning supplies used.

18. Mattress Cleaning

Have you ever had your mattress cleaned? Many people spend up to 8 hours daily on their mattresses but have never thought of having them cleaned. Even though mattress covers can be used to keep mattresses free from dirt, it’s sometimes necessary to clean them, just like you do to other surfaces in your home.

A mattress cleaning business vacuums, steams, clean, and flips mattresses, allowing customers to enjoy a better night’s sleep. Note that such a business will have limited competition since a few entities offer this type of service. You can either start your own business or find a good franchise to get you started. Your pricing should vary according to the mattress size and accompanying factors, but on average, you should make $100 a mattress.

19. Upholstery Cleaning

This lucrative business idea can easily be turned into a cash cow. However, it may require a huge initial investment, given that it requires specialized steam cleaning equipment. An upholstery cleaning service deals with chairs, couches, curtains, and fabric-covered items, allowing homeowners to enjoy a comfortable and rich-looking surroundings. Your job will be removing stains, freshening the items up, and generally improving the smell of the entire space.

Whether you go solo or get a team, you must first note any tears or damage before vacuuming, conditioning, rising, and vacuum-drying the fabric. You can also use steam cleaning, which is a hot-water extraction method. Once you set up your business, market yourself far and wide and do an excellent job to generate repeat business. Remember to reach out to other customers, such as hotels, lounges, and guest houses.

20. Closet Organization

This is one of the most outstanding cleaning business ideas you can consider. Even though it may not be apparent, many people have difficulty keeping their closets, cupboards, and cabinets clean and organized. Offering them such a service for a few dollars can earn you a decent amount of money, especially if you manage to retain them. You have to know how to fold, hang and arrange different types of clothing and shoes to do an excellent job and impress your customers, who mostly want a little help to get them back on track.

How To Promote Your Cleaning Business

Now that we have given you several ideas to turn into profitable ventures, let’s see how you can promote your business.

Have an Excellent Marketing Strategy

You ought to know your target market and what you need from them. To successfully market your goods, set marketing goals, find out more about your competitors, decide on your ideal client, pick a proper marketing channel, and set a flexible budget.

Build a Brand

Building a brand for your cleaning business entails choosing a name, designing a logo, adding your logo to everything the client can see, and locally promoting your brand by leveraging the community.


You will only get referrals if you offer excellent service, track your results and make improvements, and set up a referral program.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Create a business profile on different social media channels, post engaging content, use paid to advertise, and use captivating ads.


We have covered a few unique cleaning business ideas that you can consider. Note that they differ in investment, working capital, and effort; therefore, pick something that fits your preferences. Also, remember to use the right channels to market your business.