15 Etsy Marketing Strategies For New Entrepreneurs

15 Etsy Marketing Strategies For New Entrepreneurs

E-commerce has revolutionized the way people do business across the world. It allows people to sell their products from anywhere and access a global market. Selling your products online is now easier than ever with global marketplaces like Etsy. Using Etsy allows you to maximize sales and profit more than other marketplaces.

You don’t need your eCommerce store if you sell or intend to sell unique crafts, vintage items, and handmade goods. Instead, you can create an Etsy shop that will allow you to sell your unique products. If you are a new entrepreneur, you might wonder how you can run a successful business on Etsy. New entrepreneurs can implement Etsy strategies to run a successful eCommerce business.

1. Budget for Etsy fees

Before starting to sell on Etsy, you must understand the costs involved in creating an all-inclusive budget. It is free to join and start an Etsy shop. Etsy charges three basic fees. These are the listing, transaction, and payment processing fees. A listing is published to the marketplace for USD 0.20. Etsy adds this fee to your payment account once you list an item.

An item is listed for up to four months or until it sells. If you wish, you can remove and replace items that are not selling. Otherwise, there is an auto-renewal fee of $0.20 after the expiry of four months. A 6.5% transaction charge is added to the sale price whenever an item sells. Also, there is a payment processing charge based on PayPal’s cost structure if you accept PayPal payments. You pay an advertising fee based on your total sales if you participate in advertisement services.

2. Optimize Your Products For SEO

No matter how great your product is, it will only buy it if it is visible to potential customers. Etsy sellers should create SEO-optimized listings to help customers find their products. Your sales will increase when your products rank at the top of search results. You must first understand the appropriate keywords to optimize your product listings for search engines. Keywords are the search terms that your consumers will use, and appearing for them can help you increase your sales.

Include your keywords in your product titles, tags, and descriptions. Also, include your keyword in the shop title and information that describes your products effectively. Choose your primary keywords based on the name of your product. Long-tail keywords are very popular with Etsy SEO. These are lengthier and more comprehensive search terms. They make it easier for your product to appear among the top search engine results. You also can pay to have your Etsy or Amazon shop or products appear on top of search engine results. Paid search advertisements come in various forms, such as display ads, responsive ads, and Amazon PPC ads.

3. Create An Email List For Your Etsy Customers

After setting up your Etsy shop, you should keep in touch with your clients to ensure that they return and recommend your business to others. It may seem obvious, but even while you can connect with clients on social media, you can do more. You may want a more direct means to inform loyal customers about special orders, specific discounts, or new products. To do that, make an email list for your Etsy customers.

Your subscribers will know that you care about their interests if you send them helpful and timely emails or newsletters that don’t appear aggressive or desperate. A great place to start building your Etsy email list is to use opt-in forms on your Etsy shop. You can also capture email addresses as customers place orders or make payments. Once you have an email list, reach out to your customers and ensure to keep in touch with them. You can automate your email reach-out efforts to allow you to focus on other core activities and processes.

4. Manage Your Stock

Think about handling all the stock when your goods begin to fly off the shelves. Make sure you have more products available than you are actively selling. Otherwise, you might run out of stock if there is a sudden increase in demand. Creating products after customers place orders will delay the entire process. Developing any product takes effort, time, and money. Thus, making your products beforehand helps to respond quickly to customers and deliver orders on time. For example, you will spend less time making 100 handmade goods at once than making ten daily for ten days.

5. Run Paid Ads

Paid advertising often refers to online strategies businesses employ to attract new clients by running paid ads on search engines, social media, or popular websites. There are many kinds of paid advertising. Paid search is one of the most common. You can pay to have your Etsy shop or products appear on top of search engine results. Paid search advertisements come in various forms, such as display ads, responsive ads, and PPC ads.

Social media advertising is another standard option for paid ads. You can place advertisements on several social media channels that your target customers use often. The format and offerings of paid ads vary from one platform to another. Overall, using paid ads allow you to generate more traffic quickly to your Etsy shop. Through paid advertising, you can get your products to the right people. This strategy also allows you to reach your target audience faster than other methods such as SEO, which might take months to bear results.

6. Look For Positive Reviews.

Positive customer feedback greatly increases your sales. Customers will have a lot easier time believing in your products if your Etsy store has positive ratings. Additionally, a higher Etsy quality score is the outcome of good evaluations. In essence, your quality score will increase the more favorable interactions a client has with your shop. This will make your Etsy shop more noticeable to potential buyers.

It’s always a good move to ask your consumers to post reviews. You can also add thank-you cards to orders and politely request customers to submit reviews if they like the product. Email marketing may also help you reach out to loyal customers and ask them to write reviews. Post positive reviews there and on your social media accounts if you have a website. These will show your positive reputation and encourage potential customers to follow suit and purchase your products.

7. Collect Customer Feedback

By actively seeking out client feedback, you can ensure that, even when the community needs change, you always stay within them. Placing your customer interests at the center of every business choice is the key to expanding your Etsy business and raising your earnings. Obtaining feedback helps to develop a customer experience that provides value to customers and encourages them to return for more.

The growth of any customer-centric Etsy business depends on rich, in-depth consumer feedback. This is because feedback reveals what your consumer needs, wants, and anticipates. With this knowledge, you create and mold your products according to your customer’s interests. You collect direct customer feedback through interviews, surveys, or other methods. You may also receive feedback when you have not explicitly asked for it. This happens through online reviews, social media activities, and so on. Customer feedback helps you to fix problems with your business processes or products. Ultimately, it helps to make improvements that impact your Etsy business positively.

8. Link Etsy Shop To Your Website Or Blog

Do not solely use Etsy as your internet store. Your website, blog, or even Amazon store should all be connected. By linking your Etsy shop to your other platforms, you can increase traffic to and from your stores. Linking your stores is a great eCommerce strategy that helps to build traffic and increase product exposure. So, ensure to add links to your Etsy store so that visitors to your website and other stores can connect to it. This strategy creates a wealth of sales opportunities for your business. Leverage every chance that can make your Etsy business as profitable as possible. Linking your online stores will help you to reach a global audience quickly.

9. Give Away

Running a product giveaway is one of the effective sales-boosting tactics for new entrepreneurs on Etsy. A giveaway is a contest marketing by distributing products with certain conditions. You give by randomly choosing the customer to provide a product. However, the customer must meet basic requirements for you to drive engagement and also sales. A giveaway can help you raise your product awareness, increase social media engagement, generate leads, and eventually increase sales. When you give away your products to some customers, you will likely attract a bigger audience to buy what you are selling.

To increase sales, you can either do a self-giveaway or a giveaway sponsor. New entrepreneurs carry out a self-giveaway through famous entrepreneurs with a vast customer base. A sponsored giveaway is a gift activity performed by a host_ or third party. This giving away will require you to set aside a budget for paying your host. If this is a path, you wish to take, pick a type of contest you would want to run, set rules, and select a prize. Promote your contest to attract a large audience. The aim is to increase your brand awareness and convert prospects to sales.

10. Social Media Promotion

Promoting your Etsy shop on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn can reward you heavily. As a new entrepreneur, think of how to link your social media accounts to your store. If you still need them, register them on their sites and connect them to your store. Networking sites are among the cost-effective marketing options for a new entrepreneur. You can engage with customers, build brand awareness, and win new leads. Each channel has its own advantages and disadvantages – making it suitable for various types of marketing.

Analyze the kind of promotions you want to generate and which channel might be the best fit before conducting a social media campaign. The beginning is the most challenging part; therefore, before diving into Etsy social media marketing, assess your online presence on all relevant networks. Rather than promoting your store across every channel, pick one that works well for your products and appeals to both you and your target market. Use each of the social networks to the best of your ability if you are an experienced social media user.

11. Make Online Tutorials And Informative How-To Content.

Content marketing is one of the successful strategies for expanding your business. It also needs no significant startup budget_ and requires a little creativity and knowledge. Content is an excellent way to persuade consumers to buy handcrafted goods. As an entrepreneur, write informative content introducing your product to your target audience. You can use short videos to convert and convey your marketing content. Start by launching a youtube channel, then make tutorials, and begin to build your audience.

In your tutorials, you can go the extra mile and explain the production process behind your product. Make your content entertaining and educational to attract customers. If your content is attractive, your customers will likely try using your product.

12. Utilize Every Product Tag Option Available

Tags are terms or phrases that characterize your goods and assist buyers in finding them on the Facebook marketplace. As a new entrepreneur, enter many applicable tags while filling in product details. Use every one of the 13 slots that Etsy provides to you. Your product becomes more visible when you use many tags.

Etsy also allows you to employ multi-word phrases or long-tail keywords. Ensure your tags accurately describe your products. If you are more precise, you will be more successful in attracting interested customers to your shop.

Use the most crucial terms that correlate to your goods while filling up your tags.

People shop on Etsy to locate unusual goods unavailable from large online stores. Because of this, be precise with your tags and utilize them to highlight distinctive qualities and special features of products.

13. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing combines traditional and contemporary marketing techniques. A contemporary content-driven marketing campaign, it incorporates the concept of celebrity endorsement. Reaching a larger audience is possible with influencer marketing. They could significantly impact your sales if you identify the ideal influencer who matches your industry and the interests of your target audience. You will need to provide the influencer with some compensation, such as cash or free goods.

The influencer will market your goods and offer applicable social proof. A straightforward strategy is to send a complimentary product to an influencer along with a handwritten message introducing yourself, outlining why you appreciate them, and requesting that they mention your brand on Instagram.

Just be careful to pick the appropriate influencer. You don’t need a person with a large following. You want someone who is supported by the proper kinds of people. These should be real customers who would be attracted in and purchase from you. Use a local ambassador if your Etsy sales are restricted to a certain area. Utilizing micro-influencers can frequently assist in obtaining the most genuine brand advertising, and doing so is simpler for tiny businesses with few marketing resources.

14. Product Descriptions

The marketing copy that describes a product’s features and benefits is called a product description. Its main goal is to persuade people to buy by giving them crucial details about the elements and major advantages of the product. An entrepreneur must understand that a well-written product description compels customers to move through your sales funnel.

The pages describing your product pages will instantly become more attractive if you incorporate some originality, increasing the number of casual consumers who convert. To write compelling product descriptions, you must respond to buyers’ queries about your items. A good product description explains the issues addressed by your product, its benefits, uniqueness, and satisfaction to your target audience. The explanation must be satisfying and exciting to grab your customers’ attention.

15. Create A Killer Etsy Shop Title

When people search for Etsy stores, among the first things they will notice is your title. Because of this, it’s essential to ensure it accurately represents your items and shines out from the competition. An entrepreneur must be aware that having a title for your shop with a lot of keywords is one of the fundamental components of Etsy marketing.

When working on your shop’s title, ensure it’s short and eye-catching. Use every word count properly because Etsy only allows titles of 140 characters! Also, elect keywords carefully. Pick phrases that appropriately describe your goods and can be used by prospective customers to find your Etsy store. Your shop title should also be unique and must provide room for updating as your brand grow.


With the above 15 Etsy Marketing Strategies, it should be easy for you to break through in entrepreneurship. Ensure good communication with your client before trying to grow your Etsy shop. It will be possible to establish good communication if you use social media. Aim at making a brand that buyers can rely on and be visible across many platforms.

Your clients will enjoy the experience you create for them based on the quantity and quality of online posts, the appearance and your website’s language, social media account, and Etsy store.

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