14 Tips to Pass the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam in 30 Days

Editorial Team

PRINCE2 is a well-known qualification in the project management industry. It is specified mostly for project management job vacancies that make them highly desired. The PRINCE2 Foundation qualification is the most ideal for project managers, project team members, and individuals in project support roles. This demonstrates that they have an understanding of the most popular project management methods in the world. If you are already working in project management or you are in search of a project management job, then passing the Foundation exam can be a vital step towards boosting your career. This qualification exam contains all the information regarding project management and not only helps you in boosting your general knowledge about it but also assist you in your professional work at your organization. You get hands-on knowledge of all that you will need at work to do project management.

The PRINCE2 Foundation requires a thorough knowledge of the PRINCE2 as well as a robust technique of solving the exam questions. A wide range of people in the world appear in the PRINCE2 exam and are performed by those who wish to prove that they have a sound understanding of how PRINCE2 works. Some of the candidates pass the exam as they need the PRINCE2 method for the day to day processes in their workplaces. At the same time, others want to update their CVs with the PRINCE2 Foundation qualification, which strengthens their project management job applications. The PRINCE2 Foundation exam costs around $380, including the cost of sample paper and memberships. It contains 60 multiple choice questions in total, and it continues for 1 hour. 

Passing a PRINCE2 Foundation exam will make you able to appear in the next step that is the Practitioners exam. It is a great option for people who are Member of a Project Board, Product Delivery Manager, Project Assurance Group Member, and Project Office or a Project Management Office personnel. The requirements for both the exams vary. The Foundation is slightly easier than the Practitioners exam.

Following are some tips you can follow to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam:

1.    Understand the requirements

The prerequisite certification requirements needed for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam are as under:

  • Foundation is a basic course; hence there are no entry conditions for it. You can aim for getting into the PRINCE2 Foundation exam as long as you are interested in learning PRINCE2 using the suggested PRINCE2 study guide. 
  • As per suggestions, it is better to have a basic knowledge of what the project is and how one can manage projects when it isn’t compulsory. Even if you don’t know, the PRINCE2 study guide will give you the required inputs.

2.    Build case studies

You should have practical applications of the seven principles, processes, and themes in the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. Hence building case studies will help you understand these concepts better. You will also be assessed for your practical and theoretical knowledge; hence a good PRINCE2 study guide will help you get better as they have already built case studies in them. 

3.    Appear in practice tests

You must take practice tests to see where does your preparation of the PRINCE2 Foundation exam lie. The study guides will have practice tests in them, and you can also find several PRINCE2 Foundation exam practice tests. You can build up the confidence level and know the depth of your knowledge and preparation about the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. The questions you seemed to solve difficultly in the practice tests are the ones that need proper attention for preparation. Appearing in mock exams for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam will help you assess yourself for different areas. You will know which parts of the course need more attention and which of them you have a good grasp on. Find some of the best mock tests online and learn through practice.

4.    Make a project plan

Understand the scope of the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. This will assist you in understanding the quantum of work needed for the exam. The syllabus tells you what you are expected to know about the exam. You can learn the outcome for Foundations through:

  • Basic concepts of project and PRINCE2
  • How the principles of PRINCE2 help in implementing the PRINCE2 method
  • The themes underlying the PRINCE2 and how they help in the management of projects
  • Get an understanding of different processes in PRINCE2 and see how they are implemented in projects

5.    Have the pre-course books

We all don’t quite like the idea of reading about a book even before we have started reading the actual book. But reading about the PRINCE2 Foundation study guide will bring you great rewards. The recommended book you must study for the preparation of Prince2 Foundation exam are PRINCE2 Foundation Study Guide by Author Frank Turley PRINCE2 Study Guide by David Hinde. You will understand what you are getting into, and you will be able to go through each lesson better while absorbing the most knowledge. This way, you will be able to mark out the topics that you feel like being lacking incompetency. You should also keep making summary notes so that they can be used for ongoing reviews and revisions. Also, keep an eye if your course provider is giving any pre-books or manuals or not.

6.    Master the PRINCE2 Manual

You might be thinking that you will have plenty of time to solve all the questions in the Foundation exam. No, you won’t. You will only have less than a minute per question, and you will have to get every question right to be able to score high and pass the exam. Hence you must master the PRINCE2 Manual and try eating, sleeping, and breathing in it. 

7.    Think out of the course box

You must not only rely on the immediate course for the Foundation exam. Try consulting professionals and fellow students so that you may find new opportunities and ways to get better at what you are studying and what you need to study. You can find many professionals online as well in study forums and groups. Many groups are specified to talk and provide preparing materials for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam on Facebook and  LinkedIn. You can join these groups and get a ton of knowledge and information base from around the world.

8.    The Foundation exam facts

To be able to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, you will be required to demonstrate that you understand all the aspects of the subject. You must have a sound knowledge of the terminologies and principles of the project management method. You must also know that which of the management products are input to, and output from, the eight processes, the main purpose of the top contents of the fundamental management products. You also must be able to initiate a relationship between processes, the deliverables, roles, and the management dimensions of the project.

9.    Do not employ your additional knowledge

The understanding and knowledge you have of the PRINCE2 methodology is the main point of meeting the expectations of the Foundation Examination. In case you have some additional knowledge about other project management practices in your organization, then do not write about them in the Foundation Exam. This additional knowledge may prove to be irrelevant and will not be of any advantage to you. 

10.  Keep appendices in mind

You can get quick information about the terms and their definitions through appendices. You will get essential appendices all in the Manual. Always be sure about where you will be able to find the appropriate information, especially in:

  • Appendix A: Product Description outlines
  • Appendix C: Roles and responsibilities

You will find the appendices of great help while appearing for the Foundation exam.

11. Mind maps

Mind maps can help retain the information about anything for longer times. When you learn something in the manual and try connecting it to something logical, you get to remember all the details for longer times. You can create mind maps for every theme and process. Mind maps are also provided in the pre-course material, but try making ones of your own. This will assist you over the long term and will help you relate yours with the ones provided in the pre-course material.

12. Set up your schedule

You will not be able to cover the bulk of course material you will be required to prepare for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. Hence to fully master the course books, you need to devise out a schedule. Divide the entire course material on days and focus on one thing per day. Leave enough time for revisions as revisions will be the only thing that will be a deal maker or breaker for you. 

13. Understand the background

To pass the Foundation exam, you must have a good knowledge of the background of the course material. You must know the following few things:

  • Processes: make sure you know in which sequence are the processes used, who is responsible for the activities in each process, and who else is involved in the whole process. 
  • Themes: You must know about what each theme is for and what it holds in it for the Foundation exam. You should be familiar with the ‘purpose’ statements at the beginning of each theme and the process chapter in the Manual.
  • Principles: You should be clear about what each principle means and see if you know how each is built into a method.
  • Management products: Have a clear understanding of what each product is used and when and who produces it. Also, in what sections each one is all about.

14. Have a clear understanding of perspectives

While preparing for the Foundation exam, make sure that you know about all the different roles and responsibilities also all the duties of every unique position in the project management team. You should also know about the sequence of all the processes. It means that you get a clear understanding of who is in charge and held accountable for every specific activity in a project. You can find many themes covered in the PRINCE2 Manual. 

You must be clear about all the purpose statements given at the beginning of each process or theme. How a principle is utilized in a specific method should also be clear to you. You will find diagrams and product descriptions under product planning. You should have proper knowledge about them as well. Though you will not be required to draw diagrams in multiple-choice questions, it will be easier to solve the problems if you can draw diagrams neatly and efficiently.


The high or low you will score in your PRINCE2 Foundation exam will majorly be dependent on how you prepare for it. The tips and tricks mentioned above will help you clearing and memorizing the information in the coursebook far better than doing it in any other way. All the preparations will need some time devised out clearly. You need a sound mind and body to focus fully on the preparations and hence to score higher in the exam. Many online platforms offer a ton of knowledge and information about the preparation and then passing of the Foundation exam. Best of luck to all the candidates appearing this year in the PRINCE Foundation exam. PRINCE2 Foundation exam can boost your career, give a salary hike, bless you with a professional recognition in the industry, you get to know all of the best practices of managing projects and applying them to manage projects in your organizations successfully. After appearing in this exam and clearing, it will make you a valuable asset to your company, and the certification will add value to your individual as well.